Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

What are your store hours and location?

The Wet Spot Tropical Fish is located at 4310 NE Hancock Street in Portland, Oregon. Our 5,000 square foot retail store houses over 400 individually-filtered freshwater tanks, and is home to more than 500 different species! Feel free to drop by during our normal business hours:

Monday- Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Sunday: 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

How long has The Wet Spot been in business?

The Wet Spot has been in business since 1999! Check out our About Us page to learn more.

I LOVE The Wet Spot! How can I spread the word?

We love you too! Here are a few places you can let the world know how we did:

I LOVE your hold music, who is it?

We’re so glad you like our hold music! The song is called “Underwater Cavern” and it’s by Purrple Cat. You can find more information on their website at

I've never had an aquarium before. Where do I start?

Check out our beginner checklist for a brief overview of what you’ll need to get started.

Livestock Guarantee

Do your fish come with any kind of guarantee?

We do everything in our power to ensure your fish are ready to go to their new home, but not every fish tolerates relocation well. That’s why The Wet Spot offers a Livestock Guarantee for nearly every species we carry.

Are there any fish which are not covered by a guarantee?

Through experience, we have found there are a few species which are more prone to having an adverse reaction to relocation. Even when moved to identical conditions, tragedy can still sometimes strike. It is for this reason that we are unable to apply our Livestock Guarantee to some of the fish we offer in the store. A list of these fish can be found on your receipt or by calling the store for more information.

How do I take advantage of The Wet Spot Livestock Guarantee?

Should your fish perish within 24 hours of purchase, our Livestock Guarantee has you covered. Simply bring in the remains for our staff to examine, as well as a separate water sample for testing. This must be done within 24 hours of the original purchase to be eligible for store credit.

Classes, Tours, and Events

Does The Wet Spot offer classes?

We’re proud to offer educational seminars and workshops at our Portland location. To see all of the upcoming classes The Wet Spot has to offer, check out our Events Calendar.

Can I set up a field trip or tour of your store?

The Wet Spot has always been a popular destination for fish enthusiasts, both young and old. We often get requests for tours, field trips, and other functions. While we’re often quite busy, we’re happy to make the store available for these functions where possible. Please Contact Us if you’d like to set up a tour or field trip, or for more information.

Can I host my private party or event at The Wet Spot?

We’re flattered you’d like to host your event in our store! While we don’t typically make The Wet Spot available for such events, we’re certainly willing to hear your proposal! Please Contact Us with any pertinent details.

What trade shows/conventions/events is The Wet Spot attending this year?

We’re excited to meet you! To see when and where you can meet up with The Wet Spot staff, check out our Events Calendar.


What services does The Wet Spot offer?

The Wet Spot Tropical Fish has a variety of services available to our local customers. From fish relocation to aquarium maintenance, we are here to help you achieve your aquatic dreams. Visit our Services page for more details.

Do you offer moving or shipping services?

We offer local tear-down, transport, and set-up of tanks, as well as shipping services to help keep your aquatic family together.  See our Services page for more information or to request a quote.

I am a current client. How do I pay my services bill?

You can pay your bill by credit or debit card over the phone by calling our maintenance team at (503) 709-0871. You can also mail a check or money order to 4310 NE Hancock St. Portland, OR 97213. Thank you for your business!

Special Requests

Can you special order a particular species for me?

The Wet Spot is proud to have access to many rare fish, and we’re often asked to keep an eye out for special requests. If you’d like us to notify you when we obtain a certain species, you can click the “email me when in stock” option on the fish and we’ll contact you as soon as they arrive. If you’re looking for a fish we haven’t ever had before, send us a request using the contact us form.

Can I request a specific gender or gender ratio for “unsexed” fish?

We will always try to accommodate your sexing requests when picking out your fish. However, we are not able to offer sexing guarantees on any fish listed as “unsexed”. Please see our Sexing Policy for more details.

Will The Wet Spot carry Paroon Sharks/Pangasius/Tank Buster fish?

Paroon Sharks, Pangasius, and other “tank buster” fish are not something we carry or condone in the aquarium trade. These fish are often recommended for small aquariums, and then frequently “set free” into local waterways. They can decimate native species and ruin ecosystems. Paroon Sharks in particular can grow up to 6 feet long! Even in a public aquarium setting their size is considered massive. The Wet Spot would strongly urge you to reconsider looking for and purchasing this and other tank buster fish.

Discounts and Donations

Does The Wet Spot offer bulk discounts?

We are unable to offer discounts on bulk purchases at this time.

Can I donate my fish/aquarium/equipment to The Wet Spot?

While the Wet Spot does accept donations of most fish and supplies, not all donations will be suitable for our store. Please Contact Us with more information about your donation so we can determine if we are able to assist you. We are unable to offer store credit for donations.

Can I request a donation for my fish club, auction, or fundraiser?

The Wet Spot is proud to provide donations to worthy causes upon request. If you’d like us to consider your organization for a donation of goods or services, please contact us at

Payments, Credits, and Returns

What payment methods do you accept?

The Wet Spot retail store accepts all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We also accept Apple Pay and Google Pay, in addition to The Wet Spot Tropical Fish gift cards.

We are unable to accept checks, money orders, bank transfers, PayPal, Venmo, crypto-currencies, or payments via other platforms at this time.

I was issued store credit. How do I use it?

Store credit is good for 1 year from the date of issue and can be used toward any purchase. When checking out, mention your credit to the cashier so that it can be applied for you.

What is your return policy on items other than fish?

We know sometimes it can be difficult to find exactly the right product for your tank. The Wet Spot offers store credit for returns made within 30 days of the original purchase, provided products are unopened and undamaged.


Is The Wet Spot currently hiring?

The Wet Spot is always accepting resumes from qualified candidates. Visit our hiring page to see currently available positions and to learn more about the application process.

Is The Wet Spot environmentally conscious?

With today’s ecological concerns, we understand the delicacy of carrying wild fish, threatened species, and those at risk of total habitat destruction. To ensure fish are transported, caught, and sourced ethically, The Wet Spot does not and will not ever transship fish.

We also do not promote the keeping, sale, or purchase of fish known as “tank buster fish”. These fish are often recommended for small aquariums, and then frequently “set free” into local waterways. They can decimate native species and ruin ecosystems.

Lastly, we have specialized breeding programs in place for some species which are heavily threatened due to habitat destruction. Our efforts aim to help ensure these species never face extinction.

Where can I read all of The Wet Spot’s terms and conditions?

All of our Policies and Terms of Service can be found here.

My question wasn’t covered here. Who can I contact for more information?

We’re happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Please Contact Us via email, telephone, or live chat so we can assist you.