Aquascaping and Tank Design

Personalized Aquascaping

Are your plants out of control? Often, despite having a clear vision of what one wants their tank to look like, the execution can turn out to be a bit lackluster, with plants suddenly having a mind of their own. For this reason, we offer custom aqua-scaping services, including consultation, installation, and maintenance. Our plant experts will walk you through each step of the process, helping you select appropriate substrate, plants, supplements, and lighting.

Custom Tank Design and Hardscaping

Do you have a magical idea, but find yourself in the dark about how to design your tank around it? You don’t have to come unglued! The Wet Spot sets the standard for personally designed, custom-constructed hardscapes! Do you have visions of a tundra, taiga, savanna, or volcanic island? Whatever plane you’re chasing, our designers can install gorgeous and imaginative landscapes, bringing your tank out of the ice age. Tap us to give you a mulligan on your tank, and we’ll even handle the upkeep!

Customized to Your Tastes




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