Parachromis managuensis

"Jaguar Cichlid"


Please note that the fish shown in the photo is not the exact fish you will receive and is only a representative of what an adult specimen will look like.

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Parachromis managuensis is a large species of cichlid native to freshwater habitats in Central America where it is found from Honduras to Costa Rica. The scientific name refers to Lake Managua in Nicaragua. Males grow to a total length of 14 in and females to 12 in. These fish are large and heavily built cichlids who are aggressive and highly territorial. It is highly advisable that a breeding pair of jaguar cichlids, or any other member of the Parachromis, are kept singularly, with the exception of very large aquaria, as a breeding pair will become hyper-aggressive, and pose great danger to any other fish in the tank.

Decor should be kept to a minimum in such an aquarium and sand or fine gravel should be used as the main substrate. Many pieces of flat slate or rock should also be included if your purpose is spawning. hese cichlids will readily accept most food substances offered. Diet should be varied however. Offer a variety of insect, including blood worm, earthworm, mysis, crickets (for larger specimens). Chopped meat can also be offered along with beef heart (offer very sparingly due to its high fat content) along with prawn and fish (live/frozen). Frozen fish is a much preferred method of feeding fish as many “feeder fish” carry the risk of the introducing disease into your aquarium, possibly harming your fish.

Ideal parameters are pH of 7.0–7.8 preferably. Temperature of 77-80 °F.

Diet: Carnivore
Temp: 70-82°F
Hardness: Hard
Fish size: 12″
Min tank size: 120 Gallons

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