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My first time every purchasing anything online, let alone live fish. They answered all my questions when I called in and made me feel so safe. I got my fish the next day and they were all in their own bags of clean water in a styrofoam box packed nice and snug. It also came with a slip of paper that said each dish was triple checked to make sure they were happy and healthy before the fish even left the ware house. Great experience from start to finish and I can’t wait till next time!! Thanks so much to the staff at the wet spot! 1 Fahaka Puffer, 3 Silver Arowana, and 3 Frontosa. And a plant~read more
Jason Koger
I just received several pairs of emerald green rainbows. Beautiful healthy fish. Personal caring staff always willing to help with your order. Not being local this is important to me. THANKS AGAIN for the beautiful fish and awesome customer more
Steve Hendershot
Amazing place for freshwater fish!!! The only place I will ever buy fish from, great friendly staff and very helpful!!
Patrick Pimentel
The Best Fish store in Portland !!! Staff know fish and are very helpful. Very friendly to local breeders and always have something rare and cool I love this Place!!!!read more
Ken Edwards
Great selection of healthy fish and plants. Also a great place for advice.
Gordon Mallon
everything's . from the difference of species, to the tank arrangement . to the selection of everything you need
Jim Burgoyne
These guys are great!!! They stand behind what they sell and are super easy to work with not to mention how awesome their store is!!!read more
Michael Fugle
I absolutely love this store. I live in Arizona, so I have to have fish shipped, but it's completely worth it from The Wet Spot! The fish are always healthy, well-packed, and beautiful. 10/10read more
Mandi DeLange
just got a fantastic of the best pack jobs I've seen in decades/ever! A+++Super fast queries answered, quote, pack, delivery. Could not be happier. Thank more
Anthony Rosario Calfo
This was my first experience with Wetspot and I could not have been happier with their communication and service. The fish was shipped the day following the order and received next day. They made sure the delivery day would work with my schedule. The packaging was also top notch and fish arrived alive and in good shape. I will buy from them again with more
Gene Yuger
Was so glad to be able to visit this wonderful aquatics store today. Staff was exceptionally welcoming, friendly and very knowledgeable. Tanks were spotless and provided for great viewing of a wonderful selection of beautiful, unusual and healthy fish. Keep up the great work! Was well worth the trip while visiting from Seattle. What a gem of a place to have in your backyard if you reside in the area. Will definitely be back 👍read more
Deenah Bobeenah
Greatest selection of healthy fish I have ever seen.
Joseph Scanlan
Best staff and selection of freshwater tropical fish in the northwest!
Ben Losinger
got my fish and they are exactly as stated. customer service is amazing💯would deff order again an recommend💯
Ronin Diesel
Great store with a huge selection of aquatic plants!
Matt Survilo
Got my 2 sickle fin barbs today from them and they arrived in great condition. Packaging is great. Awesome fish!
Noriel Tafalla
Whelp! I owe your company a huge apology! I've been messing with Live Aquaria for the last few years. It's been dead shipment after dead shipment! Or the survivors are sick and die within the first weekYour fish arrived 100% alive, healthy, and don't even appear to be that stressed! They are all in their QT tanks happily acting normal already! THANK YOU!!! I promise to order from you next time and no where else. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! These fish are better quality than I can even get locally!read more
Jessica Jameson Short
Ordered some fish from them and they all arrived healthy. A week later they are all still doing good. Packaging was great to keep them insulated and warm during transport. Also awesome customer more
Amber Thompson
The Wet Spot mail order operation is first rate. Great fish, great service. I have never had a negative experience. Never even had a reason to ask them to fix a problem, because I have never had a problem with them. You can buy with confidence from their awesome stock list. And if you are ever in Portland, make sure to stop by their store. It will knock your eyes more
Stephen Perkins
Excellent communication and customer service! My fish look great and are already settling in with their new buddies in my community more
Amy Armstrong Thames
great customer service quick to act and very informative on what stock is in and where they come from
Brad Syms
Excellent selection of plants, healthy fish and quality supplies.
Jean-marc Jalbert
large selection with fair prices and quality fish. It is a high volume store, so the workers are always on the run.
Richard Gomes
Plenty of fish and people who know what they’re talking about.
Popz Ito
everything knowledgeable, great you with a hello and a smile. They actually smile at you and help you through out your visitread more
Jane Rich
I just had fish shipped to me, they look to be of great quality already. huge selection, fast response costumer service, couldn't be happierread more
Trevor Humphrey
Huge variety of fish, plants. Fish and tanks are well taken care of. Staff are knowledgeable and generally friendly.
Henley Black
The wet spot has one of the best selection of cichlids. I always end up buying new ones when I can make the drive from more
Charles Hyte
The Wet Spot is my favorite place to find everything I need! The store has an endless selection of fish in a variety of tank sizes that fill two large rooms as well as a small sitting room to enjoy. The staff is courteous, knowledgeable and friendly. They greet me by first name, and each one of them have their own specialty of interest to share. The fish are well cared for and acclimated for a successful purchase and introduction to their new home. The store boasts an extremely large selection of aquariums, filters, pumps and accessories along with everything else you need. For a new hobbyist or for the seasoned fish keeper, the Wet Spot delivers. Their checkout system using plastic bins on the counter to collect your finds is brilliant, and helps immensely with having a relaxed shopping experience. I highly recommend the store, and look forward to every chance I am able to visit!read more
Julie Cudahy
Greatest staff members I’ve encountered in a very long time
Dave Cicero
The online store staff were very helpful and went out of their way to make buying from this store an great experience. The fish I order was in excellent health when I received more
Rich Pharo
The best place I have ever ordered fish from. Very friendly and cooperative staff to help you as much as they can! I've ordered from them multiple times and can say I've never been disappointed in the quality and care they put into packaging the fish for live arrivals of the more
Koda Ziegert
I have ordered from Wet Spot for the last several years. I have never had a problem with them or with their fish. In fact they have ALWAYS gone above and beyond to help me out and give me suggestions and support. They get a A+++++++++read more
Leanne Peltier Miller
4 healthy plecos just arrived in Ohio. I have gotten fish from many vendors - none packed for shipping as nicely as this shipment. Thanks for some nice L129s!read more
Charles Tuttle
online ordering always goes well. they even call back when they had eyes on the fish i ordered. they shipped to me in cincinnati ohio and the fish always arrive healthy and happy. this is where you get hard to find tropics. my apistos and pygmy cats are to die more
Mark Mateikat
The Wet Spot shipped me some beautiful pseudophromenus dayi in perfect condition, and even took on the difficult task of sexing immature fish to try to give me the male to female ratio I wanted. They also picked out a fantastic female betta that met my ambiguous requirements of "personable, fiesty, and not necessarily the prettiest fish," when I honestly expected them to just give me any old female. They took all of the stress out of my first time ordering fish online with excellent communication, and flexibility with shipping schedule. I would 100% recommend Wet Spot to anybody looking to purchase a fish. The selection is great, the fish are healthy, and everyone arrived at my house all the way on the other side of the country with minimal more
Alyssa Lappert
Just ordered a batch of multies and daffodils! Excellent service and amazing fish , all arrived safe and sound , packed very well ! 24 out of 24 are doing great ! Eating and thriving almost instantly ! Very happy with my purchase and you guys will definitely be stocking the rest of my tank. Thank you !read more
Brian Jones
I ordered 12 fish online from them and had a great experience! Prices were made clear, email was answered quickly with friendly staff, we arranged shipping based on my wants. Fish shipped yesterday and arrived today packaged wonderfully, healthy, and exactly what they were advertised as! Highly recommend and I will definitely be ordering from them again! Thank you!!read more
Amber Marie Purvis
I love it there so much I go every Sunday! The only thing I hate is the small isles and there's usually only one person ringing people up even when it gets pretty busy but I get almost all my fish from them! I'd say my room mates and I easily have dropped a good 1,200$ there over the span of 6 months all togetherread more
Rose Zangana
Just placed my first order this weekend and they arrived happily this morning. Fish look great, a little time to adjust and they started eating right away. Can't say a bad word about this company. Thanks for the fish and I'll order again soon. Definitely want more flag more
Joel Oden
I have ordered several times, and have never been disappointed. Great quality fish, fast shipping, healthy stock. Couldn’t recommend them any higher.My 6-rainbow snakeskin guppies are hanging out in their QT tank, eating and being patient before being added to their display tank. No signs of illness. Ate within 5 minutes of arrival. Colors are more
Allison Stenbeck
Awesome selection of freshwater fish & great customer service!
Kevin Reitsma
The very best in pet shops that require safesearch when Googling...I've ordered online and visited the store when I was staying in town. They've always been super professional, helpful, and often have rare fish I haven't been able to find ANYWHERE else including rare puffers, cories, and more
Bobby J. Bee
All fish arrived happy, healthy, and colorful. Could not be more pleased.. customer service is lovely and prices are the best. 5 stars all aroundread more
Oscar Jones
Always a great experience with these guys! Excellent customer service, and healthy, beautiful fish!
Jennifer Root
I love this store and my experience with the staff has been excellent. Unfortunately, the most recent fish I brought home (3 Otos, 5 Neon Tetras and 2 Nigerian Red Kribs) must have been carrying a bacteria as their introduction to my tank caused a mass die-off. All of my fish died in the span of a few days including the fish that were inhabiting my tank before the new fish were more
Stephen Kick
I ordered some hard to find loaches to be shipped all the way to nc.They arrived early, healthy, and exactly what I ordered. Fantastic customer service. Will definitely be ordering from these guys in the future!read more
Trisha McDowell CF
They have a vast variety of fish and very knowledgeable as well.
Devern Andrew Pinnock
I bought two Apistogramma Borellii last week from The Wet Spot online. The transaction was fast and easy! I was worried at first because this was my first time ordering fish online and having them shipped. Both my new babies showed up healthy beautiful and adorable. They are happy in their new home. The Wet Spot has very reasonable price and a huge variety! I will definitely be ordering more fish from them in the very near future! Thank you guys I love my fish!!!read more
Sara Leggett
Had 8 fish shipped to me in western Kentucky. The fish was in great shape and looked good. Great place to do business. Joe was very helpful. Thanks for everything. Will be purchasing more soon!read more
Eugene Payne
Best place to order from online! Ordered some fish yesterday. They shipped them out that day and arrived at my door 10:15 this morning even with being on the east coast. Highly recommend them for online orders. Staff was quick to answer calls, place order, respond to emails. Fish came in great healthy with high quality packing. Thanks more
Jon Mendillo
Debra Hansen
Bryan Paasch
Anna Galvez
** Updated 03/21/2018 **Nine Corydoras Eques arrived in South Dakota today. Without exception, all 9 are vigorous, inquisitive and healthy thanks to the good care they received prior to and during their shipping. Safely and cozily packed up, with a well-done page of instructions for proper acclimation upon arrival. I'll absolutely be back!!read more
Susi Schuchard
Sandy MacArthur
Nothing but good things to say about this place. Everything I have bought there has done well. Prices are very competitive and Alex is the best if you need advice! Highly recommended �read more
Susie Barker Sonderen
[Update: March 4th, 2018]It's been some time since my last orders, but I just wanted to update my review and say that the last couple orders I placed were taken care of perfectly! No issues with communications, payments, shipping, or packaging. Fish both came in healthy and intact with heat packs still warm. When I have some tank space open again, I'll definitely be checking your stock list again and placing some more orders! Thank you guys![Original]I would give it a 4 or maybe even 5 star rating, BUT the online ordering lately has been off. I have ordered online twice before with absolutely no issues. I call Friday when they open, place my order over the phone, quick and easy, fish are delivered next day Saturday in good shape. All was good both times. This week however, I called Friday to place my order only to be told that they are not doing online orders over the phone and I would have to email them. So I emailed them my order the very second I hung up the phone. My email was not responded to for another 4 or 5 hours. I was at work when I got the email and responded as quick as I could to try and get my fish Saturday like I have before, but that email was never responded to. Even today, the Monday after, my email was still not responded to. I called to finalize my order to receive my fish tomorrow, but was then told I was passed deadline for shipping today and would have to wait to ship my order tomorrow for Wednesday delivery. If I was able to place my initial order over the phone like I usually do, I would have got my fish Saturday like usual and all would be good. Your email responses are not reliable. For people like me who have hectic and busy schedules, being able to order on the phone is really the only way to go. I typically don't even like ordering fish online, but this place is one of very few who get the fish I'm looking for at decent prices, even with shipping. I'd like to change my review because I've had good experience before and you guys really do have a great selection for great prices, but I'll have to wait and see when/if I order more
Chris Krabbe
This was my first online fish purchase and it went very smoothly. Drayden in Online sales was very helpful and followed up with all the information I needed. My fish arrived by 10am via UPS overnight as promised. 6 Parkinsoni Rainbowfish and a Lemon Spot Long Fin Bushynose Pleco were alive and safely packaged. Clear instructions were provided to acclimate. The fish ate right away once they were in the quarantine tank and already some of their color is showing. Will certainly buy from here more
Brett Ian
Very happy with the customer service. Fish arrived healthy and active.
Bryan Manzola
I really enjoyed buying from The Wet Spot. The fish arrived in great condition, and were packaged very well and professionally. The communication from them was very prompt and accommodating. I will not hesitate to buy more fish from this more
Rick Renfro
Scott Gillenwater
I have purchased from these guys twice now, and I think they are great! I love the personal service you get with the online orders. They are very quick to respond and great about answering questions. With my first ordere there was a problem with the shipping, UPS didn’t get the package and the delivery was a day late. (This was during the holidays when UPS must have been slammed) the fish arrived a day late. The staff at The Wet Spot was very responsive and friendly about communicating during this issue. The fish all arrived alive and did very well even though they were packaged up an extra 24 hours. I will be ordering from them again!read more
April Yates
I just bought 4 South America Puffers and they all arrived in a well packed box. I will be buying from them in the more
Colleen Filo
I can't say enough good things about Wet Spot Tropical Fish. I have ordered fish from them twice, once through Aquabid and once through their online site. Both times the fish arrived in excellent condition. The first order was for twenty fish, and all the fish are doing well and have never shown any sign of disease in the three months that I have had them. The second order was for 56 fish. The second order arrived eight days ago. These fish are all doing well and are very active and healthy. The two associates that I dealt with at Wet Spot were both very professional. And my fish were expertly packaged on both occasions. I feel that Wet Spot's pricing is very fair and affordable. And paying the extra for overnight shipping was worth it. Thanks for two very pleasant transactions, Wet Spot!!!read more
Sarah Smith
I received my fish today (10 saulosi) and was disappointed to not get a couple ink pens like my previous order. Packaging was perfect, fish are swimming, looking great, but again, I was hoping for a few wet spot ink pens. ( :read more
Greg Egg
Spot on 😉 Exactly the fish I was looking for, plus some I wasn't and was thrilled to find!
Stu Wobbe
Such a great knowledgeable staff! Amazing selection of all fish.
Connie Nolte Scott
Jason Ball
FeTina LeAnn Britten
I absolutely adore this fish store. The staff are smart and I made a special trip from the Seattle area to acquire new plants for my vivarium. I haven’t been here in 10yrs. I love itread more
Ashley Kirkpatrick
My husband and I love the store! They have put up with us through so much. We totally messed up the first tank we had and had to purchase all new stuff. They were so awesome with helping us understand what we did wrong the first time. Michelle, Brandon, and Luke are some of the best ones there! Don't forget about Matt he's a really great person as well! It's such a wonderful thing to see a group of people care about every single little fish in the whole store. Thank you so much Wet Spot! If it wasn't for you guys we wouldn't have such a healthy and beautiful tank. Can't wait to post pictures to your Facebook!read more
Jodie White Shield
This place is amazing! Very happy we came from Tacoma to check out the wet spot! Picked up some awesome fish at great prices! Huge shout out to Matt super knowledgeable took his time and explained everything this is my go to fish store!read more
Austin Ashby
They shipped like pros and the fish are beautiful.
Justin Briard
I had a great experience ordering my Red Hook silver dollars. The staff was knowledgeable and thorough to get me my order. The fish showed up looking great and professionally packed. Thank you We Spot!read more
John Morris
The store front itself is amazing with a huge number of fish and inverts. I recently placed my first online order and was impressed with the ease and communication ordering the fish I wanted, and as expected all fish arrived alive and healthy with excellent packaging. Will be ordering from again!read more
Josh Kull
Joe Eckroth
Jarrod White Shield
Friendly, helpful staff and very healthy fish. Staff that helped me were very knowledgeable about their fish and answered all my more
Natasha Eshoo
I received 13 wild hard-to-find wild Severums today from Wet Spot. Very positive experience dealing with Joe as he was very responsive to communications. Excellent packaging and they all arrived alive and healthy. Will shop and buy more
Bob Keeton
I was looking for specific African Cichlids that I could not locate locally. I found Wet Spot via a Google search. They have a really wide assortment of fish and their prices, even factoring in shipping are quite competitive.I don't live in Portland and actually had the fish shipped to me. This was probably more stressful to me than the fish. All 10 arrived the next day via UPS in a nice insulated shipping box. The temperatures in my area were between 65(low) and 100 (high) and the fish transported fine.Drake at Wetspot did a great job accomodating my more
Bobby Jordan
Jillian Echlin
Mark Purpel
Justin Fuller
Nick Fukuda
Great store with great selection. The staff were very knowledgeable about the specific species of fish I was looking for(pleco).read more
Mario Moriarty
Clint Hare
We had our very first visit here on April 4 2017. I am still talking about this place two weeks later. We could have spent all day inside just taking in all the fish and the beautiful tanks. The staff was very friendly and extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They do everything the right way and it shows. Thank you for having such an awesome store. We will return again the next time we are in Portland !!read more
Ryan Laney
Multiple orders have been made with great experiences every time. Fish always arrive in excellent health, well packed, and on time. I will use more
Matthew Proctor
These guys are great. Second time ordering from them and more than satisfied both times. If your looking for quality hard to find fish, these guys are the place to more
Peter Rockefeller
Fast responses, excellent packing, excellent fish. I literally can't say enough good things about them, I'm jealous of you local people!read more
Greg Myers
Alejandro Martinez
John Krepper
I ordered 9 juvenile cichlids by email and they responded quick and were courteous. All the fish I ordered arrived healthy and alive and were even eating after they were released from bag. I'm happy with my purchase and would buy from wet spot againread more
Nick Hanan
Probably the best place for fresh water aquarium hobbyists.Great selection of plants and fish! reasonable prices. I love this place!!!JMJread more
Jean-marc Jalbert
I spend way too much money there... 😀 See you Thursday!!! That's when new plants arrive right?
Debbie Foster
Great service and quality fish!!! Packaging was flawless with step by step instructions on how to properly acclimate your fish!! Email responses were fast!! looking forward doing more business with them in the future!read more
Bogdan Vinesar
Knowledgeable staff, Reasonably priced fish.Told them what I needed and they took me right to it. Dropped $60 on six fish including an 8-inch Pleco. Very pleased. Will definitely visit them more
Tye Grimes
Been ordering from here for a few years now. Excellent service.
Carl Olszewski
I had a blast. Went to the store for the first time. Excellent selection, general health of the animals looked great, and the service was perfect. Only 4 stars because I'm 5'1" and I missed a lot of fish in the 3rd tier of tanks. Give a girl a boost? 😉 Thanks Wet Spot! I will definitely be a repeat more
Aria Calise
Sue Moore
First time customer and i'm extremely pleased with their selection and how clean their tanks are! Wide range of live plants, fish food and accessories. Definitely will go back for my aquarium needs in the more
Stacey Marie
Jeff Hostetler
Very professional staff. Very organized. Huge selection of fish. Will continue to do business with them in the future.
Sal Coniglio
Kristen A Quiggle
Sean Wiese
First time with them. Website was easy to navigate and email responses were quick and courteous. I found the exact fish and size fish I was looking for that other sites did not have or my local fish stores could not get. Ordered online and very happy overall. Fast shipping and very impressed with the packaging. Inside the cardboard box was a styrofoam box, packaging paper, heat pack, and fish was double bagged with a labeled sticker. Service and quality was top notch. The fish arrived alive and healthy looking. So far so good I must more
Joseph Le
Excellent service. Awesome Fish. I have ordered a few groups of cichlids, Parachromis motaguensis, Cryptoheros nanoluteus, Cryptoheros panemensis, among others from them and they are all beautiful and healthy fish. Recently had some bad weather and the whole shipment perished. They called to apologize after I sent the pictures in. They immediately sent another batch that all survived and made it on time. Great service, they email back immediately, hassle free. Definitely recommend more
Yale Davis
Shannon Wineland
I have had many great experiences with this store in the past.
Kevin Reiten
Fantastic service! I live in east Tennesse and couldn't find the species of betta I was looking for anywhere near me. I contacted the online sales department here when I found that they did. They were very knowledgeable about their stock and quickly answered all of my questions. All of my fish arrived healthy and quickly. The box well packed and protected the fish from the cold. I couldn't be happier! I just wish there was a place like this closer to where I live!read more
Arielle Dolan
Viral Surati
Like visiting Disneyworld ! Lol...never seen such a great selection of fish
Dave Walker
I am patience I wanted to give you guys another five Starr but it will only let me do it once from my account so I am doing from my daughters best store ever my spotted Congo came I am happy with them you guys are the best thanks againread more
Destiny Love
GREAT place. Worth the day trip to get there from near Bremerton WA
Jan Elliott-Goin
One of the best places to get quality Cichlids in the country.
Fish Henley
Always great service and knowledge. Oh also great looking Fish for great price
Victor Jr Cornejo
Robert Cummings
Bryan Castleberry
Sierra Naylor
This was my first order from The Wet Spot after finding them through a Google search for normal otocinclus catfish. After excitedly browsing their stock list and sending an email inquiry, a very friendly Katie Hall gave me all the info I needed and more to place an order for normal and zebra otos. I found their prices reasonable, they seem to care about the health of their stock, they accommodated any changes I wanted, and I received happy, healthy fish all the way in Texas. I definitely recommend them and will definitely order from them again as I get deeper into my more
Monisha Ford
This is such a great store and the staff was so knowledgable and helpful! Totally check it out if you get a chance!
Brittany Drake
I've ordered fish online through the Wet Spot before. Nothing but quick service and prompt replies. Fish all arrived alive and well at the door. Would purchase through them in the more
Chad Yang
Love these guys!! service is excellent and the selection just keeps getting better and better!! i wont buy my fish anywhere else!!read more
Chris Peischl
Made an order through email and everything was perfect. Fish came very healty.
Chiemeng Cha
Very good quality fish, all arrived alive, feeling OK.Special thanks to Katie, there were some problems with delivery, she solved them immediately.Looking forward for futher cooperation,read more
Bella Karpovich
David Rykken
Misty Sonnenburg
Great experience buying fish from The Wet Spot. They were very helpful, went out of their way to help me, had what I wanted and the fish arrived healthy and happy. Thank you!read more
Kelly Cavett
I got a nile puffer (same as frank!) Who in a month has grown almost 2 inches, is now eating out of my hand, doing tricks like spitting water, playing tag, and gives kisses. She is the most interactive fish I have (I have trained oscars who do anything by hand signals) im now coming back from the oly/tumwater area to get a few pea puffers in my boys 55 gallon, and am on the list for a red congo puffer (my personal fav before my experience with a big puffer)read more
Lelia Fyfe
They know how to empty my wallet, very knowledgable staff and an overwhelming amount of freshwater plant and fish supplies as well as a massive selection of practically any freshwater life!read more
Brandon Brinley
Kyle Hebb
Received our 10 Saulosi this morning, everyone seems happy and healthy after their journey. Very pleased!
Stephanie Place
Buy all my African Cichlids here. Worth the 2 hour drive from Eugene.
Ryan Toy
Friendly helpful not your ordinary Place to buy fish
Lynne Pohrman
Dave Lemon
It's the best of the best tropical fish store that I know by far ! I'm from Montreal,Canada. The selection of tropical fishes (especially the american cichlids and oddballs) is poor. I'm been searching of some fishes for a long time in my city but cannot find anything interesting. I just found "wet spot tropical fish" by google a few days ago and I was so glad to see that they have almost everything that I want, with reasonnable price! I ordered 10 fishes without hesitation. The communication with the online sales stuff was delightful. She's very polite and friendly,always reponded to my questions with great patience.My fishes arrived in perfect health. I'll certainly come back again when I want to add some new fishes !Thank you!read more
Kan Chen
First time customer, I can confidently say that they have exceeded my expectations! The fish were VERY healthy and had excellent coloration. I ordered several Megalodoras Uranoscopus (I hard fish to find in the pet trade industry) as well as some synodontis variety catfish. The staff, Katie Hall in particular, did an excellent job at answering any questions I had and responded very quickly to emails. Thanks for the awesome fish! I will be a repeat customer, no doubt about more
Adam Mellen
Onepiece Figurines
just getting started on my first tank ever, and they've been really helpful and thorough! excited about building a new little fish community!read more
Eliot Altschul
This store was the one that got me really interested in setting up a planted aquarium. Awesome variety of all sorts of rare and unique fish, I could spend hours just looking at their tanks. Nice plants selection, too. They're always ready to answer any questions I have, and my tank has never been healthier or happier. Thanks again!read more
Nicole Zephier
Got 2 rare types of geophagus from these guys ship to me in Florida... I've been trying to get local pet stores to ship these to me for about 6 months and its always next week next week... These guys are awesome... Fish came in vibrant lively and colorful... Thank you very much wet spot I will be ordering from you guys againread more
Jose Luis Rivera
Robert Cummings
Stella Wizzard Spracklin
I love coming here monthly!!! This is where I get all of my awesome catfish for my collection. Everyone is super knowledgeable and very friendly. I've never had a bad customer service here and doubt I ever will. All of fish have happy healthy and thriving from here and I won't buy fish anywhere else!read more
Whitney Govan
Marlowe Conde
Sarah Palmquist
Freddie Caoile
Dustin Sturges
Zach Dunford
Ron Williams
Isaac Cervantes
Had a motoro stingray shipped to Alabama, they kept in contact the entire time and its been almost a year and he's growing great. Will do business again!read more
Joey Butts
Laura House
Teri Rea
John David Jewett
Kon Navarrete
Ordered 10 Micro Rasboras and 10 Boraras urophthalmoides. They arrived active and everyone was alive 🙂 Great packaging, even with the fish being in the box an extra over night. Will recommend you guys to friends and I will be ordering from you in the more
Alexis Feagin-Perez
Shannon Watkins Sweitzer
Misty Mckee
Nick Hansen
The best place in Portland for an incredible freshwater fish assortment of options. Very knowledgeable staff specially travisread more
Steve Ham
Duncan McKockiner
Kathryn Mason
Dennis Montoya
Awesome Fish store! Great friendly staff that is always willing to answer any questions about tanks, fish and aquatic the display tanks! Makes me want a 300 gallon tank!read more
Steve Pipoly
Jessica Allen
Great selection and great customer service!
Melissa Adamski
The reputation of this place extends beyond its retail reach! That is a great accomplishment!
Sam Scālz
Yes it's more expensive then Walmart.But....The tanks don't leak,The lights stay on,And the people are really into their jobs.Five well earned stars, this is easily the best fish store I've ever been more
Matthew Gray
Ashley Grover
Daniel Hernandez
Shawn Scarborough
Alyessa Ng
Jacob Borja
Alex Engelhardt
Hands down the best! I don't buy my fish anywhere else!
Hank Meritt
Loving our fish from the Wet Spot! The staff really knows their fish and have been very helpful while we've been in the process of setting up our new tank. Totally worth the drive from WA! We now have 23 happy, healthy fish in pristine water. The store has some amazing pieces of driftwood and other functional visual interest pieces like the crystals that I picked up today along with some plants and even a glass cylinder for the new Paradise Fish that we just more
Janet Knight
Sarah is awesome! She is not only helpful but knows everything I need and want!
Amy Hoyt
Nathan Eckrich
James Bishop
Love these guys... always helpful
Lindsey Klein
Good place for planted tank lover and freshwater fish enthusiast!Big variety of brands and species that most places won't more
Zayden Bui
Amazing store, great variety of fish and knowledgeable staff. Will differently shop there again.
Addie Gram
Kelley Brewer
Brian Compton
Dakota Tumlinson
Drew Finck
Amazing selection of fish at great prices. Plus wood that is affordable! Diffenatly going back!!!
Jennifer Patterson
Trevor Phillips
I live in TN so have only purchased online but so far am very happy with my fish. I have only bought Loaches from WS and I really like the variety of Loaches offered for sale. Keep 'em coming!!read more
Shannon Mobley
Sue Schuchman
Pedro Jorge
Shawn Myers
Albert Chiang
Erica Hochhalter
Sarah Larson
Nicole Michael Mcbride
Kyle Lam
Rachel Barrett
Jaymes Ladd
Casey DeWitt
Jonathan W. Kylmala
Brolin Calvin
John Malpass
Jim Driehorst
Darin Olney
i ordered 2 pairs of flamebacks as my first purchase here, great customer service. and very beautiful healthy fish that shipped to my door hassle more
TJ Tucker
this is an excellent place to order the fish online, the package is nice and very professional
Jin Zeran Hideaki
John Trierweiler
After seeing your post about Malawi lake cichlids my son and I decided to convert our tank over. We stopped in yesterday and were helped by Travis. He was so helpful and friendly! Can't say enough about the Wet Spot. I've been shopping here for years and you guys are awesome!read more
Travis Whitmore
Oisín Mac Suibhne
Tara Huber
Sirous Barjasteh Baf
Ahmed Nizar
Marvin Njootli
Hussein Al Eissa
Species Art
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Jessica McGrattan
Keoni Kingery
Todd Reynolds
Sara Noturbussiness
David Ballas
Andrew Im
Michael Gaines
Amanda Frost Grape
Jeremy Basch
David Schnacky
Deb Nicol
Sumer Tiwari
Bobbie Lee Meyer
Jessica Lundgren
Val Crismore
Seth Knipe
Hannah Smith
Lea Matthews McKnight
Norvin Gamboa Caoile
Danny Edwards
Kenneth Stone
Lisa Zalewski
Mike Castrillo
Derrick Pacheco
Kovács Jozsef
Thomas Perrin
Michael Price
James Robinson
Alvaro Tovany
Kurt Wilke
Dave Connors
Denise Gail Bacon
Shaun Szwarz
HUGE selection of fish, aquarium doo dads, and whatnots. Average time spent there just to run in and grab something really quick- 1 hr. At least. It's kind of like the TARDIS. Way bigger on the more
Clint Kirkton
Esther Espinoza
Erik Kovar
Jim Cheney
Ilia Whitney
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