Metriaclima lombardoi


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Please note that the fish shown in the photo is not the exact fish you will receive and is only a representative of what an adult specimen will look like.

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Also known as Maylandia lombardoi, Metriaclima lombardoi is a freshwater fish from the family Cichlidae that is 5.1 inches long. It is endemic to the rocky shores of Mbenji Island, Lake Malawi in east Africa. The species is highly sexually dimorphic, females and juvenile males are pale white-blue with several blue-black vertical bands extending into the dorsal fin. Adult males turn bright yellow with faint brown bars crossing the body; fins are plain yellow with egg spots on the anal fin.

Like most mbuna cichlids, this species is a maternal mouthbrooder. When mouthbrooding, females may defend a small territory and assume the colouration of males.

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