Aquarium Services

The Wet Spot Tropical Fish has a variety of services available to our local Portland Metro customers.
From fish relocation to aquarium maintenance, we’re here to help you achieve your aquatic dreams.

Aquarium Maintenance

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It’s a dirty job… but we’re happy to do it! It can take a lot of time and effort to maintain a sparkling clean tank, and even the most diligent aquarists sometimes need a little help. Not to worry! Our maintenance experts are well versed in every aspect of fresh and saltwater fish keeping, and are ready to tackle any problem, large or small. From water changes and algae control, to filter upkeep and medication, we’re here to help you with your aquarium-related tasks.

We happily provide services for:

The Wet Spot offers weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly maintenance visits built around your schedule to keep your tanks looking great.
We also provide emergency assistance should you need help quickly, easily accommodating businesses and private aquaria alike. We provide services to locations within 25 miles of our store location in NE Portland, which include: Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tigard, Milwaukee, Lake Oswego, Gresham, Troutsdale, Vancouver, and many other cities and suburbs!  

Aquascaping and Tank Design

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Personalized Aquascaping

Are your plants out of control? Often, despite having a clear vision of what one wants their tank to look like, the execution can turn out to be a bit lackluster, with plants suddenly having a mind of their own. For this reason, we offer custom aquascaping services, including consultation, installation, and maintenance. Our plant experts will walk you through each step of the process, helping you select appropriate substrate, plants, supplements, and lighting. We’ll help you tame “Audrey II” before suppertime.

Custom Tank Design and Hardscaping

Do you have a magical idea, but find yourself in the dark about how to design your tank around it? You don’t have to come unglued! The Wet Spot sets the standard for personally designed, custom-constructed hardscapes! Do you have visions of a tundra, taiga, savanna, or volcanic island? Whatever plane you’re chasing, our designers can install gorgeous and imaginative landscapes, bringing your tank out of the ice age. Tap us to give you a mulligan on your tank, and we’ll even handle the upkeep!

Fish Relocation and Moving Assistance

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Moving is stressful! Give yourself one less thing to worry about and let us help your fish arrive at their new home safely. Whether you’re moving just a few miles away or several states, The Wet Spot Tropical Fish is here to make sure your finned friends have a safe journey. 

For those staying close to the Portland Metro area, we offer tear-down, transport, and set-up of tanks regardless of size or quantity. One (or more) of our experienced staff will come to your home, and carefully break down your existing setup. We’ll proceed to expertly pack your fish and transport everything to its new location. Upon arrival, we’ll set everything up to your specifications, either replicating your previous tank aesthetics or providing a complete design overhaul. Your fish will be unpacked long before you are!

Leaving Oregon behind? While The Wet Spot does accept fish as donations (for those who are unable to take their companions with them), we offer shipping services to help keep your aquatic family together. Simply arrange to drop off your fish off at our Portland store on your way out of town. We will carefully pack them for an overnight trip and ship them to your new location, ensuring they arrive shortly after you do! With your fish taken care of, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is who gets to pick the radio station.

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Store Hours: Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm, and Sunday 11am – 6pm. We recommend shopping during the week to avoid long wait times that occur during the weekend! Please note our safety protocols are as follows: Proper masks are required and to be worn correctly the entire time you are shopping with us, as is the use of hand sanitizer upon entry.

Questions for the store? Call 503-287-3339.