Microsorum pteropus var. ‘Thor’s Hammer’


Leptochilus sp. Formally Microsorum sp. Are a very hardy genera of aquatic plants, they work great in many types of setups and are a must have plant in the low light aquarium. Hailing from all over the north and south eastern hemisphere of the globe ; they make perfect additions for the specific biotopic environments trying to be recreated. Though they can be slow growing , it is very rewarding to watch them fill the aquarium and give cover for the inhabitants. These plants should be grown on rocks and wood as they are lithophytic.

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Leptochilus pteropus var. ‘Thors Hammer’ is a crazy variety of Java Fern having the ability to section off its own leafs into two or even three sections! Giving this weird fern a very unique look that always catchs the eye of the aquarist. 

Care Level: Easy

Growth Rate: Slow

Max size: 8.5” (9″ including rhizome)

Water parameters: 66°F – 87°F, pH 6 – 9, dGH 3 – 8° 

Lighting: Low

Propagation: Rhizome division

Placement: Background

Co2 needed: No


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