Wallaceochromis signatus


Please note that the fish shown in the photo is not the exact fish you will receive and is only a representative of what an adult specimen will look like.

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Discovered in 2004, Wallaceochromis signatus was originally classified in the genus Pelvicachromis, and can still be found in the aquarium trade under the guise of ‘Pelvicachromis sp.’. The easiest way to distinguish them is by a large black spot at the base of female’s caudal fin. Endemic to West Africa, there are only 3 species in this genus. Reaching up to 5 inches in length, these dwarf cichlids are pale flesh toned in color with dark vertical banding, shiny blue-green cheeks, and black and white spotted fins tipped with red. Well known as digging fish, they require sandy or fine gravel substrate, and lots of various hiding places. The addition of aquatic plants to filter sunlight is also encouraged. For optimal health, coloration, and personality, Wallaceochromis cichlids should have diets largely comprised of live and frozen foods, though they will accept high quality dried foods. Regular incorporation of vegetal foods in their diets is also encouraged in the form of blanched spinach or spirulina flakes. A very robust species, these dwarf cichlids can be kept alongside many African fishes including larger tetras, loricariids, and butterfly fish. Optimal water conditions include temperatures between 75 and 81°F, pH of 5.0 to 7.0, and hardness between 35 and 86 ppm.

PH: 5.0-7.0
Hardness: Very soft
Fish size: 5″
Min tank size:50 Gallons

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