Lepidarchus adonis signifer


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Adonis Tetra (Hyphessobrycon sp. “Adonis”) is a stunning and sought-after freshwater aquarium fish. Here’s a summarized bullet point list of care tips for Adonis Tetras:

Tank Requirements:
– Tank size: A minimum of 20 gallons for a small group (6-8) of Adonis Tetras.
– Filtration: Use a reliable filter to maintain water quality and ensure proper circulation.
– Water parameters: Temperature 72-79°F (22-26°C), pH 6.0-7.5, hardness 2-10 dGH.
– Substrate: Provide soft sand or fine gravel to mimic their natural habitat.
– Plants and hiding spots: Include plenty of live or artificial plants and driftwood for shelter and to create a natural environment.

– Offer a varied diet: Feed them high-quality flake or pellet food supplemented with live or frozen foods like brine shrimp, bloodworms, and daphnia.
– Feed small portions multiple times a day to prevent overeating and to maintain water quality.

– Adonis Tetras are peaceful and can be kept with other small, non-aggressive fish.
– Avoid housing them with larger or aggressive species that may bully or stress them.

Water Maintenance:
– Perform regular water changes (20-25% weekly) to keep the water clean and stable.
– Use a gravel vacuum during water changes to remove debris and uneaten food.

– Adonis Tetras are shoaling fish, so keep them in groups of at least 6-8 individuals for their well-being and to display their natural behavior.
– They are generally peaceful and will thrive in a peaceful community tank environment.

– Regularly monitor water parameters using test kits to ensure ideal conditions.
– Quarantine new fish before adding them to the main tank to prevent potential diseases.

– Breeding Adonis Tetras in a home aquarium can be challenging and requires specific conditions and attention.
– Provide a separate breeding tank with fine-leaved plants and gentle filtration for the breeding pair.
– Remove the adult fish after spawning to prevent them from eating the eggs.

Observation and Enjoyment:
– Spend time observing and enjoying the vibrant colors and behavior of Adonis Tetras.
– Provide a calm and well-maintained environment to encourage their natural beauty and schooling behavior.

By following these care guidelines, you can create a thriving and visually striking aquarium for your Adonis Tetras, and they will reward you with their captivating presence.

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