Hypsibarbus wetmorei


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Hypsibarbus wetmorei, also known as the Golden Belly Barb:

**Max Size:**
– Can grow up to around 7.8 to 10 inches (20 to 25cm) in length.

**Tank Requirements:**
– Needs a large aquarium of 100 gallons or more.
– Provide ample swimming space and hiding spots with rocks and driftwood.

**Water Parameters:**
– Temperature: 68°F – 79°F (20°C – 26°C).
– pH: 6.0 – 8.
– Hardness: Soft to moderately hard water.

**Tank Setup:**
– Incorporate large rocks, caves, and driftwood for naturalistic environment.
– Use a sandy substrate to mimic riverbeds.
– Ensure strong filtration and water movement.

– Omnivorous.
– Offer high-quality pellets, live or frozen insects, and vegetables.

**Behavior and Compatibility:**
– Active and ferocious eater; avoid keeping with smaller tankmates. Small fish may be expensive snacks!
– Best suited for a single-species setup or large community.

**Water Maintenance:**
– Perform regular 20-30% water changes to maintain water quality.
– Monitor water parameters closely and maintain stability.

– Breeding is challenging and rarely achieved in captivity.
– Requires large tanks with ideal water conditions and meticulous care.

**General Tips:**
– Research extensively before attempting to keep Golden Belly Barb.
– Provide a spacious and stimulating environment to prevent stress.
– Regularly monitor health and behavior due to their specific requirements.

Please note that caring for Hypsibarbus wetmorei can be quite demanding due to their size and specific needs. Be sure to gather thorough information and be prepared for the commitment required to provide suitable care for this species.

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