Bucephalandra cf. ‘diabolica’ ‘Paris’ – Pot 1.5in


Bucephalandra cf. ‘diabolica ‘Paris is currently one of the few truly described species of Bucephalandra; ‘ Paris’ being its common name. Bucephalandra cf. ‘diabolica’ is only known from the Raya National Park, Bukit Baka in Indonesian Borneo, Kalimantan Barat. 

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Bucephalandra diabolica can be differentiated from other Bucephalandra spp. by its inflorescence . From Greek, diabolos (the Devil), gives us the name diabolica. With triangular staminate flowers and erect thecae resembling the head and horns of the Devil (note you can only see these horns if you remove the modified ‘closed’ petal around the spathe).

Bucephalandra sp. is a rheophytic genus of plant endemic to the island of Borneo. As a whole Bucephalandra is an endangered species, however farm raised specimens are available, sustainable, and far preferred than wild collected specimens. Bucephalandra sp. can be identified primarily by their inflorescence (flower) and very few species of this genus can be identified by leaf shape alone – Those that can tend to be the larger species of Bucephalandra, like B. kishii and B. goliath.  


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