Anubias barteri var. ‘nana’ ‘Thicc Leaf’ Pot 1.5in


Anubias are a hardy and reliable genera of aquatic plants that work well in just about any aquarium, including African setups (which is their natural habitat)! Low light and nutrient requirements, a wide range of accepted temperatures, and waxy leaves make this plant a perfect starter for those just entering the planted tank hobby, or for experienced hobbyists. Anubias can be grown both partially and fully submerged, as long as the rhizome is above the substrate. 

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Anubias ‘Thicc Leaf’ is a dwarf species with small, “thick”, dark green, and undulated leaves. A true tiny beauty, it looks great attached to wood or rocks in your aquarium!

Care Level: Easy

Growth Rate: Slow

Max size: up to 4”

Water parameters: 70°F – 87°F, pH 6 – 9, dGH 3 – 8° 

Lighting: Low

Propagation: Rhizome division

Placement: Foreground 

Co2 needed: No


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