Dear Catfish Lovers,

Be still, your beating heart – I’ve found the most beautiful cory cat in all of the land, just for you! The Leopard Cory is a breath-taking bottom dweller with a unique pattern and a lovable personality. They are at their happiest in groups of 5-6 or more; they very much enjoy company of their own kind, and can you blame them? They have a very sweet temperament and make perfect tank mates for just about anything that won’t try to eat them! They’re quite an uncommon fish and a real treat to see in your tank. 

While Leopard Corys prefer a carnivorous diet of black worms, bloodworms and brine shrimp, they will also snack on algae pellets and other sinking foods. They’re very opportunistic eaters – which will better ensure you have a clean substrate at the end of the day (hopefully sand, which is the general preference of corys)! These cuties are a night owls dream and will be mainly active after dark, so be sure to keep an eye out before bed time to watch them glide around the tank. 

Just like other corys, the leopardus enjoy a planted tank and will not uproot or damage any of your hard work! Some suitable plants to include in a tank with your Leopard Cory would be: Cryptocoryne parva, Amazon Sword and Java Fern. 

These little sweeties are absolutely adorable; you may even see them blink at you in amazement from time to time – as it turns out, they’re just as amazed by you as you are them! What are you waiting for? Add these cool cats to your tank ASAP!

The Wet Spot®