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On March 23rd at 10 a.m. the State of Oregon enacted a Shelter-In-Place order for all non-essential business. Pet stores, like veterinary clinics, are critical to keeping our animal companions happy and healthy. As a result, Online Sales will be remaining open during normal business hours to better serve those in need. Store hours can be found under the “Hours and Location” heading.

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The Wet Spot Tropical Fish 

 Please select from the drop-down menus below to view our current stock. Each category has a built in search bar as well as the ability to be filtered by column. This list is updated every Friday to give you the most up-to-date information. 

Species in bold font are available for purchase, but are located at our holding facility. To purchase these fish locally, please contact our Online Sales Department to schedule an in-store pick-up. Customers who are placing an online order may disregard bold font.  Sale pricing is not available for in-store pick-ups. 

Please note that “TR” under the “Origin” heading indicates that the fish was captive bred. The “Size” heading notes the size of the fish currently, not how big the fish will be once full-grown.  

For information on how to place an online order please click here. Please be aware that there is a $24.00 order minimum for online orders. Before placing an order, be sure to read our Policies and Terms of Service


Aulonocarahansbaenschi “Cobue”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00MALE
Aulonocarahueseri “Midnight”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00MALECE
Aulonocarasp. “Maulana Bicolor”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.00MALESCE
Aulonocarastuartgranti “Ngara/Mdoka”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.00MALECE
Metriaclimacallainos “Cobalt Zebra”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Metriaclimasp. “Elongatus Chailosi “Chitande Island”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$6.00CE
Otopharynxlithobates “Red Top Aristo”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00MALESCE
Otopharynxsp. “Spots”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00MALECE
Neolamprologusmarunguensis “Blue Fin”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$15.006 ONLYCE
Amatitlaniananolutea “Gold Convict Cichlid”1″TR$8.00CE
Amatitlaniasajica “T-Bar Cichlid”1″TR$8.00CE
CribroherosrostratusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00CE
Parachromismanaguensis “Jaguar Cichlid”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
WILD AngelfishPterophyllum scalare “Peru”Lg.WILD$28.00CE
Apistogrammapanduro “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$25.00**Unsexed PairCE
Crenicichlasp. “Venezuela” Black Stripe Pike” “Colombia”3″WILD$10.00
Geophagusbrasiliensis “Pearl Eartheater”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00CE
GymnogeophagusbalzaniiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00CE
Herossp. “Rotkeil” “Red Head Severum” “Peru”5″+WILD$60.00CE
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Green Discus” “Peru”3″WILD$70.00CE
BrochismultiradiatusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$25.00
Corydorassp. CW027 “cf. Brevirostris”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$15.00CE
Corydorasagassizi “Spotted Cory” “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$7.00
Ancistrussp. “Albino Bushynose Pleco”4.5-5″TR$40.00MALESCE
Ancistrussp. “Long Fin Albino Bushynose Pleco”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$40.001 MALE ONLYCE
Hypoptopomasp. “Peru(1)” “Orange Otocinclus”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$15.00
Pimeloduspictus “Pictus Cat” “Peru”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$10.00CE
Hair Band Kuhli LoachPangio shelfordiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$4.00CE
Bleeding Heart TetraHyphessobrycon erythrostigma “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.50CE
Glo SkirtGymnocorymbus ternetzi “Assorted Colors”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00
Marble Hatchet FishCarnegiella strigata “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.50CE
Pygmy Hatchet FishCarnegiella myersi “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.25CE
Brown Tailed PencilfishNannostomus eques “Peru”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$3.00CE
Red Arc PencilfishNannostomus mortenthaleri “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$12.00
Three Line PencilfishNannostomus trifasciatus “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.50
Black Ruby BarbPethia nigrofasciataExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$3.00CE
Filament BarbDawkinsia filamentosaLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$10.00
Glo-BarbPuntigrus tetrazona “Red or Green”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00
Sickle Fin BarbPuntioplites falciferExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$50.00SALE $30.00
Roseline Shark – Golden FormSahyadria denisoniiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$25.00CE
Siamese Algae EaterCrossocheilus oblongusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00No Minimum
Celebes RainbowMarosatherina ladigesiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.50
Kamaka RainbowMelanotaenia kamakaLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$14.00
Parkinsoni RainbowMelanotaenia parkinsoniLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.00PAIRCE
Trifasciata RainbowMelanotaenia trifasciata “Goyder River”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$12.00CE
Turquoise RainbowMelanotaenia lacustris2″TR$12.00CE
South American Leaf FishMonocirrhus polyacanthusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$20.00
Senegal BichirPolypterus senegalus2″TR$8.00CE

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Aulonocarabaenschi “Sunshine”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Aulonocarabaenschi “Sunshine”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$20.00FEMALESCE
Aulonocarasp. “Blue Neon Tanzania” “Undu Point”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$6.00CE
Aulonocarasp. “Blue Neon Tanzania” “Undu Point”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$10.001 FEMALE ONLYCE
Aulonocarasp. “Chitande Type Masinje”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.00MALECE
Aulonocarasp. “Chitande Type Nkhomo”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$35.00MALECE
Aulonocaraethelwynnae “Chitande”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Aulonocaraethelwynnae “Chitande”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$10.00FEMALESCE
Aulonocarasp. “Eureka”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Aulonocarasp. “Eureka”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.002 ONLY
Aulonocarasp. “Eureka Albino”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$9.00
Aulonocarasp. “Fire Fish”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$12.00
Aulonocaragertrudae “Jumbo Blue”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00CE
Aulonocaragertrudae “Jumbo Blue”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$40.00MALESCE
Aulonocarahansbaenschi “Cobue”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00MALE
Aulonocarahansbaenschi “Cobue”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$10.00FEMALESCE
Aulonocarahansbaenschi “Red Shoulder”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Aulonocarahansbaenschi “Red Shoulder”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$60.00MALES
Aulonocarahansbaenschi “Red Shoulder”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$10.00FEMALESCE
Aulonocarahueseri “Midnight”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00CE
Aulonocarahueseri “Midnight”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00MALECE
Aulonocarakandeense “Blue Orchid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Aulonocarakandeense “Blue Orchid”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.001 MALE ONLY
Aulonocarakandeense “Blue Orchid”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$10.00FEMALESCE
Aulonocarasp. “Lwanda”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Aulonocarasp. “Lwanda”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.00MALECE
Aulonocarasp. “Lwanda”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00FEMALECE
Aulonocarasp. “Lwanda”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$60.00MALES
Aulonocarasp. “Lwanda”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$10.00FEMALESCE
Aulonocarasp. “Maleri” “Albino”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Aulonocarasp. “Maleri” “Chipoka”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)F1$6.00
Aulonocarasp. “Maleri” “Chipoka”Large (2″+ to 3″)F1$25.00MALESCE
Aulonocarasp. “Maleri” “Rubin Red”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Aulonocarasp. “Maleri” “Rubin Red”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$40.00MALES
Aulonocarasp. “Maleri” “Rubin Red”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$60.00MALES
Aulonocarasp. “Mamalela – Lemon Jake”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Aulonocarasp. “Mamalela – Lemon Jake”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$60.00MALES
Aulonocarasp. “Maulana Bicolor”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Aulonocarasp. “Maulana Bicolor”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.00MALESCE
Aulonocarasp. “Maulana Bicolor”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$60.00MALES
Aulonocarasp. “Maulana Bicolor”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$10.00FEMALESCE
Aulonocarasp. “OB”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00FEW
Aulonocarasp. “OB”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.001 MALE ONLY
AulonocararostratumExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$60.004 ONLYCE
Aulonocarasp. “Sanga Bay”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Aulonocarastuartgranti “Chilumba”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Aulonocarastuartgranti “Ngara/Mdoka”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Aulonocarastuartgranti “Ngara/Mdoka”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.00MALECE
Aulonocarastuartgranti “Ngara/Mdoka”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$60.00MALES
Aulonocarasp. “Usisya Type Tanzania”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$6.00
Aulonocarasp. “Usisya Type Tanzania”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$50.00PAIRCE
Aulonocarasp. “Usisya” “Flavescent”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00PAIRCE
Aulonocarasp. “Trematocranus Masinje”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00CE

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
AbactochromislabrosusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$20.00German BredCE
Astatotilapiacalliptera “Blue” “Chizumulu Island”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Astatotilapiacalliptera “Blue” “Chizumulu Island”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$80.001 M, 5 FMCE
Buccochromisrhoadesii “Yellow Leptura”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$12.00
BuccochromisspectabilisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00CE
Champsochromiscaeruleus “Trout Cichlid”3″$16.00
Champsochromiscaeruleus “Trout Cichlid”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.001 ONLY
ChindongodemasoniSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
ChindongoflavusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$9.00
ChindongosaulosiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
ChindongosocolofiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Chindongosocolofi “Snow White”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
CopadichromisazureusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
CopadichromisazureusExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00MALES
CopadichromisazureusExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$10.00FEMALESCE
Copadichromisborleyi “Namalenje”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Copadichromisborleyi “Red Fin”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Copadichromiscyaneus “Zimbawe Rocks”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00CE
Copadichromiscyaneus “Zimbawe Rocks”2″+TR$20.00German Bred
Cynotilapiasp. “Lion” “Lion’s Cove”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Cynotilapiasp. “White Top Hara/Gallireya”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Cyrtocaramoorii “Blue Dolphin”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
DimidiochromiscompressicepsMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
DimidiochromiskiwingeLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$10.00
DimidiochromisstrigatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00CE
ExochochromisanagenysLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$16.00
Fossorochromisrostratuslarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$10.00
Iodotropheussprengerae “Rusty”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Labeotropheusfuelleborni “OB”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00CE
Labeotropheustrewavasae “RT x OR”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Labidochromiscaeruleus “Yellow”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Labidochromissp. “Hongi”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Labidochromisjoanjohnsonae “Exasperatus”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Labidochromissp. “Perlmutt”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Labidochromissp. “Perlmutt”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$15.00FEMALESCE
Lethrinopssp. “Kande”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00CE
Lethrinopssp. “Kande”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)F1$40.00TRIOCE
Lichnochromisacuticeps “Malawi Gar”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$20.00
MelanochromisauratusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
MelanochromischipokaeMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Metriaclimacallainos “Cobalt Zebra”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Metriaclimasp. “Elongatus Chailosi “Chitande Island”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$6.00CE
Metriaclimasp. “Elongatus Chewere”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Metriaclimaestherae “Red Zebra”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
Metriaclimaestherae “Red Zebra” “Cherry Red”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Metriaclimaestherae “Red OB Zebra”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Metriaclimalombardoi “Kenyi”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Metriaclimasp. “Mbweca” “Green Afra”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Metriaclimasp. “Msobo Heteropictus” Chinula/Lundo IslandMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Metriaclimasp. “Zebra Long Pelvic” “Mdoka”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.004 ONLY
Mylochromissp. “Lateristriga Makanjila”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$7.00
Mylochromissp. “Lateristriga Makanjila”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)F1$20.00FEMALES ONLYCE
NaevochromischrysogasterMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
NimbochromisfuscotaeniatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$12.00
NimbochromislivingstoniiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00CE
NimbochromispolystigmaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
NimbochromisvenustusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Otopharynxheterodon “Big Spot Tanzania”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00CE
Otopharynxlithobates “Red Top Aristo”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Otopharynxlithobates “Red Top Aristo”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00PAIRCE
Otopharynxlithobates “Red Top Aristo”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00MALESCE
Otopharynxlithobates “Yellow Blaze” “Zimbawe Rocks”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00MALE
Otopharynxsp. “Spots”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Otopharynxsp. “Spots”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00MALECE
Otopharynxsp. “Torpedo Blue”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
Placidochromiselectra “Deep Water Hap”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Placidochromiselectra “Deep Water Hap”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00
Placidochromissp. “Jalo”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$7.00
Placidochromisphenochilus “Mdoka”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$16.00
Protomelassp. “Steveni Taiwan Tanzania”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Protomelastaeniolatus “Fire Blue” “Ndiwe” REALSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
Protomelastaeniolatus “Red Empress”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Protomelastaeniolatus “Tangerine Tiger” LikomaMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Pseudotropheussp. “Acei”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Pseudotropheuscrabro “Bumble Bee”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Pseudotropheuscyaneorhabdos “Maingano”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Pseudotropheussp. “Elongatus Ornatus”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
PseudotropheusjohanniiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
PseudotropheuspolitSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Pseudotropheusperspicax “Red Top Ndumbi”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Pseudotropheussp. “Williamsi North” “Makonde”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$11.00
Sciaenochromisfryeri “Electric Blue”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$8.00
Sciaenochromisfryeri “Electric Blue”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Sciaenochromisfryeri “Electric Blue”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00MALES
Sciaenochromisfryeri “Electric Blue”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$10.00FEMALESCE
Tropheopssp. “Olive” “Checked Mac”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Altolamprologuscalvus “Black”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$14.00
Altolamprologuscalvus “White”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$14.00
Altolamprologuscompressiceps “Gold”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$14.00CE
Altolamprologuscompressiceps “Gold Face”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$10.00FEW
CallochromismelanostigmaMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$15.00
Cyathopharynxfoai “Kachese”2″TR$20.00CE
Cyathopharynxfoai “Sibwesa”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$20.00
Cyphotilapiafrontosa “Mpimbwe Blue”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$22.00
Cyphotilapiafrontosa “Seven Stripe”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$25.00
Cyphotilapiafrontosa “Six Stripe”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$16.00
Cyprichromisleptosoma “Kerenge Island”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$22.00
Cyprichromisleptosoma “Tri Color” “Chaitika”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$22.00
Cyprichromisleptosoma “Mamelesa”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$22.00
Enantiopussp. “Kilesa”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$28.00
EnantiopusmelanogenysLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$20.00
Eretmoduscyanostictus “Kipili”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$20.00
Eretmoduscyanostictus “Congo”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$20.00
JulidochromisdickfeldiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$10.00CE
JulidochromismarlieriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
JulidochromisornatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$10.00
Julidochromisregani “Zambian”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00FEWCE
Julidochromistranscriptus “Bemba”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.007 ONLY
“Lamprologus”ocellatus “Gold”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$22.00
Lepidiolamprologusattenuatus “Yellow”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
LepidiolamprologuskendalliSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$20.00
Neolamprologusbrevis “Katabe”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
Neolamprologusbrevis “Sunspot”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.001 ONLY
NeolamprologusbrichardiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$5.00
Neolamprologusbrichardi “Albino”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Neolamprologusbrichardi “Kiku Blue Face”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00CE
Neolamprologuscaudopunctatus “Red Fin”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
NeolamprologuscylindricusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
NeolamprologusleleupiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$9.00
Neolamprologusmarunguensis “Blue Fin”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$15.006 ONLYCE
NeolamprologusmultifasciatusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$14.00
NeolamprologusprochilusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.001 ONLY
Neolamprologuspulcher “Daffodil”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Neolamprologussexfasciatus “Gold”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$15.00
Neolamprologussexfasciatus “Gold”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$20.001 ONLY
NeolamprologussignatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$17.00CE
NeolamprologustetracanthusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$20.001 ONLY
NeolamprologustretocephalusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
Ophthalmotilapiaboops “Mpimbwe”2″TR$20.00
Ophthalmotilapianasuta “Tiger”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$20.00
TelmatochromisvittatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Tropheusduboisi “Maswa”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$13.00
Tropheusmoorii “Cherry Spot” “Bulu Point”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$20.00
Tropheusmoorii “Ikola Kaiser”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$20.00
Tropheusmoorii “Moliro”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$20.00
Tropheusmoorii “Orange Flame” “Bemba”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$20.00
VariabilichromismooriiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Xenotilapiapapilio “Sunflower” “Zambian”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$30.00FEW
Xenotilapiapapilio “Sunflower” “Zambian”Large (2″+ to 3″)F1$40.00FEWCE

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Astatotilapialatifasciata “Zebra Obliquidens”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$15.00PAIR
Enigmatochromislucanusi “Blue Fin Roloffi” “Friya”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)F1$12.00CE
Enterochromiscoprologus “Mwanza Gulf”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$15.00CE
Enterochromiscoprologus “Mwanza Gulf”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)F2$30.00CE
Haplochromissp. “All Red” “Kioga Flameback”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Haplochromissp. “Fire” “Uganda”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$20.00PAIR
HaplochromismicrochrysomalosMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$20.008 ONLYCE
HaplochromisthereuterionSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$15.00CE
“Haplochromis”sp. “Thickskin” “Obliquidens”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$17.00PAIR
Hemichromiselongatus “Five Star General”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$20.00
Hemichromisexsul “Turkana Jewel”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$15.00
HemichromisfrempongiExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$35.00
Heterotilapia (Tilapia)buettikoferiLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$6.00FEW
Lipochromissp. “Matumbi Hunter”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$10.001 FEMALE ONLYCE
Nanochromisnudiceps “Mbandaka”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$25.001 MALE ONLY
NanochromisparilusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$9.00CE
Nanochromisparilus “Inga on the Congo River”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$14.00
NanochromistransvestitusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$16.00
OrthochromisstormsiLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$12.008 ONLY
Paragobiocichlairvinei “Blue-Lipped Buffalo Head”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00CE
Paralabidochromischromogynus “Black OB”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
Paratilapiableekeri “Large Spot Starry Night Cichlid” “Maralambo”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$13.00
Pelvicachromispulcher “Albino Kribensis”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Pelvicachromispulcher “Common Kribensis”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
Pelvicachromisroloffi “Kolente”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$20.002 MALES ONLYCE
Pelvicachromissilviae “Affin Subocellatus”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$16.00MOSTLY FEMALES
Pelvicachromistaeniatus “Nigerian Red”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Pseudocrenilabrusmulticolor victoriaeMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Ptyochromissp. “Hippo Point Salmon”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00CE
Ptyochromissp. “Hippo Point Salmon”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$25.00MALE
Pundamilianyererei “Mwanza Gulf”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00FEW
Pundamiliapundamilia “Makobe Island” “Zebra Nyererei”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$15.00CE
Pundamiliapundamilia “Makobe Island” “Zebra Nyererei”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.006 ONLYCE
Pundamiliapundamilia “Makobe Island” “Zebra Nyererei”3″TR$30.00CE
Steatocranuscasuarius “Buffalo Head”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$15.00FEW
Steatocranustinanti “Slender Buffalo Head”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$14.003 ONLY
Tilapiadiscolor “Lake Bosumtwi”1″WILD$10.001 ONLYCE
Tilapiadiscolor “Lake Bosumtwi”3-3.5″WILD$30.00CE
Wallaceochromishumilis “Friya”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$20.00FEMALES ONLYCE
Wallaceochromishumilis “Kindia”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$45.00PAIR
Wallaceochromisrubrolabiatus “Dikya”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$22.00FEMALESCE
Xystichromissp. “Ruby Green”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Amatitlaniasp. “Honduran Red Point” “Danli”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Amatitlaniamyrnae “Topaz Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$9.00
Amatitlaniananolutea “Gold Convict Cichlid”1″TR$8.00CE
Amatitlanianigrofasciata “Convict Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Amatitlaniasajica “T-Bar Cichlid”1″TR$8.00CE
AmphilophussagittaeLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$8.001 ONLY
Chiapaherosgrammodes “Sieve Cichlid”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$8.00
Cincelichthysbocourti “Chisel Mouth Cichlid”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$15.00CE
CincelichthyspearseiLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$7.002 ONLY
Cribroherosrobertsoni “Emerald Cichlid”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
CribroherosrostratusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00CE
Herichthyscarpintis “Green Texas Cichlid” “Escondido”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
HerichthystamasopoensisMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.003 ONLY
Herotilapiamultispinosa “Rainbow Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
HypsophrysnicaraguensisMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Maskaherosargenteus “Platinum Cichlid”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
Maskaherosregani “Regan’s Cichlid”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00FEW
Nandopsishaitiensis “Black Nasty”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.003 ONLYCE
Nandopsistetracanthus “Cuban Cichlid”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00CE
Nandopsistetracanthus “Cuban Cichlid”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$35.00MALES
NeetroplusnematopusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
OscuraheterospilaMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Panamiuspanamensis “Rosy Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Parachromisdovii “Wolf Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Parachromismanaguensis “Jaguar Cichlid”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Peteniasplendida “Bay Snook”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.005 ONLY
Rheoheroscoeruleus “Rio Bascan”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$20.00
Rheoheroslentiginosus “Rio Chacamax”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$16.00
Rociooctofasciata “Electric Blue Jack Dempsey”1″TR$20.00
Rociooctofasciata “Jack Dempsey Cichlid”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$4.00
Talamancaherossieboldii “Rio Garaiche”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Thorichthysaureus “Gold”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Thorichthysmaculipinnis “Spot Cheek Cichlid”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Thorichthysmeeki “Firemouth Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
Trichromissalvini “Yellow Belly Cichlid”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Viejamaculicauda “Black Belt”2″+TR$6.00
Viejamaculicauda “Black Belt”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$20.00
Viejasynspila “Red Head”2″TR$8.00
Viejasynspila “Red Head”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$25.00

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Assorted AngelfishPterophyllum scalareSmallTR$6.00
Assorted AngelfishPterophyllum scalareSmall/MediumTR$10.00
Marble AngelfishPterophyllum scalareSmallTR$6.00
WILD AngelfishPterophyllum scalare “Peru”Lg.WILD$28.00
Acarichthysheckelii “Thread Fin Acara”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$10.00FEW
Andinoacarasp. “Electric Blue Acara”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$10.00
Andinoacarapulcher “Blue Acara”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$5.00
Andinoacararivulatus “Green Terror”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Andinoacararivulatus “Green Terror” “Ecuador”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$25.00
Apistogrammaagassizii “Double Red”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$35.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammaagassizii “Fire Red”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$45.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammabaenschi “Inka”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$35.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammabitaeniata “Tefe”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$45.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammaborellii “Blue”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$30.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammaborellii “Opal”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$30.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammasp. “Breitbinden”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$40.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammacacatuoides “Orange Flash”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$35.00**Unsexed Pair
ApistogrammaelizabethaeSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$65.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammaerythrura “Rio Mamore”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$40.00**Unsexed Pair
ApistogrammahongsloiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$40.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammamacmasteri “Red Neck”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$35.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammamacmasteri “Red Neck Gold Form”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$40.00**Unsexed Pair
ApistogrammanijsseniSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$35.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammapanduro “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$25.00**Unsexed Pair
ApistogrammatrifasciataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$30.00**Unsexed Pair
Astronotusocellatus “Red Oscar”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00
Astronotusocellatus “Albino Red Oscar”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00
Astronotusocellatus “Tiger Oscar”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00
Astronotusocellatus “Long Fin Tiger Oscar”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$15.00
Astronotusocellatus “Lemon Oscar”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$17.00
Astronotusocellatus “Oscar” “Colombia”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$12.00
Cichlaocellaris “Peacock Bass”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$12.00
Cleithracaramaronii “Keyhole Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00FEW
CrenicarapunctulataLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$10.00FEW
Crenicichlasp. “Belly Crawler” “Colombia”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$15.00
Crenicichlasp. “Orinoco Dwarf”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$35.001 PAIR ONLY
Crenicichlasp. “Venezuela” “Black Stripe Pike” “Colombia”3″WILD$10.00
Dicrossusmaculatus “Spadetailed Checkerboard Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$22.00
Geophagusabalios “Colombia”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$10.00
Geophagusabalios “Colombia”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$15.00
Geophagussp. “Alto Sinu”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$25.00
Geophagusbrasiliensis “Pearl Eartheater”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00
GeophaguspellegriniSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
Geophagussp. “Red Head Tapajos”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$40.00
Geophagussteindachneri “Red Hump” “Colombia”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$8.00
GeophagussveniSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$15.00
GymnogeophagusbalzaniiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
Herosliberifer “Red Belly/Eye Spot Severum”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)F1$10.001 ONLY
Herossp. “Rotkeil” “Red Head Severum”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Herossp. “Rotkeil” “Red Head Severum” “Peru”5″+WILD$60.00
Herosseverus “Red Tiger Severum” “Rio Curare”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)F1$16.00
Hoplarchuspsittacus “True Parrot Cichlid” “Colombia”3-4″WILD$50.00
Hoplarchuspsittacus “True Parrot Cichlid” “Colombia”Extra Extra Large (5″+)WILD$60.00
Hypselecaratemporalis “Chocolate Cichlid”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Ivanacaraadoketa “Zebra Acara”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$40.00
Mesoherosfestae “Red Terror”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Mesoherosfestae “Red Terror” “Ecuador”3-3.5″WILD$30.00
Mesoherosfestae “Red Terror” “Ecuador”4-5″WILD$40.00
Mikrogeophagusaltispinosus “Bolivian Ram”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Mikrogeophagusramirezi “German Blue Ram”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Mikrogeophagusramirezi “German Gold Ram”2″TR$15.00
Mikrogeophagusramirezi “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$7.00
Nannacaraanomala “Golden Dwarf Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Satanopercadaemon “Colombia”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$12.00
Satanopercalilith “Brazil”2.5″WILD$40.00
Satanopercamapiritensis “Jurupari Colombia”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$12.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Blue Cobalt Discus”2″TR$40.00
Symphysodonaequifasicatus “Blue Diamond Discus”2″TR$40.00
Symphysodonaequifasicatus “Blue Diamond Discus”3″TR$70.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Leopard Discus”3″TR$80.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Leopard Snakeskin Discus”3″TR$90.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Red Melon Discus”2″TR$40.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Red Melon Discus”3″TR$70.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Red Turquoise Discus”2″TR$35.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Red Turquoise Discus”3″TR$70.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Red White”2″TR$40.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Red White”3″TR$75.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Snow White Discus”2″TR$40.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Tiger Turquoise Discus”2″TR$50.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Tiger Turquoise Discus”3″TR$80.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “White Butterfly Discus”2.5″TR$50.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “White Butterfly Discus”3″TR$70.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Yellow Melon Discus”2″TR$40.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Yellow Melon Discus”3″TR$70.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Yellow White Discus”2″TR$40.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Green Discus” “Peru”3″WILD$70.00
TaeniacaracandidiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$35.00**Unsexed Pair
Uaruamphiacanthoides “Triangle Cichlid”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$14.00

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
AspidorasraimundiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$17.00
AspidorasrochaiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$17.003 ONLY
BrochismultiradiatusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$25.00
Brochissplendens “Emerald Green Cory”2″+WILD$8.00
Corydorassp. CW027 “cf. Brevirostris”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$15.00CE
Corydorasaeneus “Albino”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$3.50Minimum 3
Corydorasaeneus “Bronze Cory”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$3.50Minimum 3
Corydorasagassizi “Spotted Cory” “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$7.00
Corydorascaudimaculatus “Tail Spot Cory”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$20.00
Corydorasconcolor “Slate Cory” “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$8.00
Corydorasdelphax “Piglet Cory” “Colombia”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.00
Corydoraselegans “Elegant Cory” “Colombia”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$5.00
Corydorasgranti “Skunk Cory” “Peru”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00
Corydorasleopardus “Leopard Cory”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00
Corydorasmelanotaenia “Gold Green Cory” “Colombia”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.00
Corydorasmelini “False Bandit Cory” “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$7.00
Corydorasoiapoquensis “Flag Tail Panda Cory”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$20.005 ONLY
Corydoraspaleatus “Salt and Pepper Cory”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$4.00Minimum 3
Corydoraspanda “Panda Cory”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Corydoraspygmaeus “Pygmy Cory” “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00Minimum 6
CorydorassipaliwiniSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$30.005 ONLY
Corydorassimilis “Violet Cory”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$9.00
Corydorassterbai “Sterba’s Cory”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$9.00
Corydorastrilineatus “Reticulated Julii”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
CorydorasvirginiaeMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00
Corydorasweitzmani “Two Saddle Cory”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$13.00
CorydorasxinguensisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$15.00
Corydoraszygatus “Black Band Cory”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$8.00
Dianemalongibarbis “Porthole Cat”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$8.009 ONLY
Dianemaurostriatum “Flagtail Porthole Cat” “Brazil”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$14.00
Megalechisthoracata “Albino Marble Hoplo”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$12.00FEW
ScleromystaxbarbatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
ScleromystaxbarbatusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$30.00

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Ancistrussp. “Bushynose Pleco”1″TR$6.00
Ancistrussp. “Long Fin Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Ancistrussp. “Albino Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Ancistrussp. “Albino Bushynose Pleco”4.5-5″TR$40.00MALESCE
Ancistrussp. “Long Fin Albino Bushynose Pleco”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$40.001 MALE ONLYCE
Ancistrussp. “Blue Eye Albino Bushynose Pleco”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$25.001 ONLY
Ancistrussp. “Long Fin Blue Eye Albino Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$20.00
Ancistrussp. “Green Dragon Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00FEW
Ancistrussp. “Long Fin Green Dragon Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$20.00FEW
Ancistrusclaro “Gold Marble Bushynose Pleco” LDA08Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$24.00
Ancistrusdolichopterus “Blue Seam Bushynose Pleco” L183Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$20.001 ONLY
Ancistrussp. “Super Red Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$15.00
Ancistrussp. “Long Fin Super Red Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$35.00FEW
Baryancistrusbeggini “Blue Fin Panaque” L239Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$40.00CE
Baryancistrusbeggini “Blue Fin Panaque” L239Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00
Baryancistrusxanthellus “Gold Nugget Pleco” L018Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$45.00
Baryancistrussp. “Snowball Pleco” LDA33Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$55.002 ONLY
Chaetostomaformosae “Rubber Lip Plecostomus” L444Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00
Chaetostomaaff. milesi “Spotted Rubber Lip Plecostomus” L445Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$8.00
Dekeyseriasp. “Atabapo Butterfly Pleco” L052Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$30.00
Dekeyseriabrachyura “Butterfly Pleco” L168Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00
Farlowellavittata “Twig Cat” “Colombia”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$7.00CE
Farlowellavittata “Twig Cat” “Colombia”5″WILD$10.00
Hemiancistrussp. “Blue Phantom Pleco” L128Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$40.00
Hemiancistrussp. “Blue Phantom Pleco” L128Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$60.001 ONLY
Hemiancistrusguahiborum “Orange Seam Pleco” L106Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$20.00
Hemiancistrussnethlageae “White Edge Pleco” L141Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.003 ONLY
Hypancistrusdebilittera “Colombian Zebra Pleco” L129Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$24.00
Hypancistrussp. “Orinoco Angel Pleco” L201Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$35.00
Hypoptopomasp. “Peru(1)” “Orange Otocinclus”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$15.00
Hypostomusbasilisko “Basilisk Pleco”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$30.00
Hypostomusbasilisko “Basilisk Pleco”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$40.002 ONLY
Hypostomussoniae “Red Bruno Pleco” L137Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$60.00
Leporacanthicusheterodon “Golden Vampire Pleco” L172aLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$50.00
Otocincluscocama “Zebra Otocinclus”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$15.00CE
Otocinclusmacrospilus “Common Otocinclus” “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00Mimimum 3
Panaquecf. armbrusteri L027 “Xingu”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$60.00
Panaquesp. “Broken Line Royal Plecostomus” L191Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$30.00
Panaquenigrolineatus “Royal Pleco” L190Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$27.50
Panaqolussp. “Candy Stripe” L397Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$75.00
Panaqoluschangae “Iquitos Tiger Pleco” L226Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$25.00
Panaqolussp. “Gold Tiger Pleco” LDA01Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$35.00
Panaqolusmaccus “Clown Pleco” L104Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$8.00
Panaqolustankei “Tiger Stripe Pleco” L398Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00
Parancistrusnudiventris “Xingu Peppermint Pleco” L031Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$45.00
Peckoltiacf. braueri “Wormline Tiger Pleco” L135Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$45.00
Peckoltiavittata “Tiger Peckoltia” L015Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$30.003 ONLY
Pseudacanthicuscf. leopardus “Red Fin Sternella” L114Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$50.00
Pterygoplichthysgibbiceps “Marble Sailfin Pleco”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$7.00
Pterygoplichthysjoselimaianus “Spotted Sailfin Pleco” L001Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$7.00
Pterygoplichthysjoselimaianus “Spotted Sailfin Pleco” L001Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$15.00CE
Scobinancistrusaureatus “Goldy Pleco” L014Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$80.00
Scobinancistrusaureatus “Goldy Pleco” L014Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$90.00
Spectracanthicuspunctatissimus “Peppermint” L030Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$45.00

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Amphiliusplatychir “Kuhli Cat”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$15.00
Bagrichthysmacracanthus “Black Lancer Cat”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$20.00
Bunocephaluscoracoideus “Banjo Cat” “Colombia”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$5.00FEW
Goeldiellaeques “Horsehead Pimelodid”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$30.003 ONLY
Hassarorestis “Black Top Mouse Catfish”5″WILD$40.00
Hyalobagrusflavus “Malayan Yellow Pygmy Cat”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$7.00
Kryptopterusvitreolus “Glass Cat”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$6.00
Microglanispoecilus “Bumble Bee Cat” “Colombia”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$5.00FEW
Microsynodontissp. (1) “Bumble Bee”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$9.00
Mystusrufescens “Meetan Cat”Extra Extra Large (5″+)WILD$50.002 ONLY
Notoglanidiummacrostoma “Dwarf Giraffe Cat”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$17.50
Opsodorasmorrisi “Morris’s Mouse Cat”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$30.00
Pimelodusalbofasciatus “Four Line Pim”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$10.00
Pimeloduspictus “Pictus Cat” “Peru”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$10.00CE
Platydorasarmatulus “Striped Raphael Cat”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
Silurichthysphaiosoma “Featherfin Cat” “Borneo”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$18.00
SynodontisalbertiLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$27.00
Synodontisclarias “Red Tail Squeaker Cat”3″WILD$50.00
Synodontisclarias “Red Tail Squeaker Cat”Extra Extra Large (5″+)WILD$90.002 ONLY
SynodontisdecorusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$30.00
SynodontisdecorusExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$45.00
Synodontiseupterus “Featherfin Squeaker Cat”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Synodontiscf. koensis3″+WILD$15.001 ONLY
Synodontislucipinnis “Dwarf Petricola”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$12.00
Synodontislucipinnis “Dwarf Petricola”3″TR$35.00FEW
SynodontismultipunctatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$22.00
SynodontisorientalisExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$40.00
SynodontissoloniLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$25.00

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Black Line LoachAmbastaia nigrolineataMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$13.00
Borneo Sucker Loach (Assorted)Gastromyzon sp.Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$7.00
Burma Border LoachBotia kubotaiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$9.00
Burmese Rosy LoachPetruichthys sp.Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$5.00Minimum 3
Chinese Kansu LoachSinibotia robustaLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$10.001 ONLY
Clown LoachChromobotia macracanthusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$10.00
Clown LoachChromobotia macracanthusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$20.00
Dwarf Chain LoachAmbastaia sidthimunkiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$14.00
Dwarf White Horseface LoachKottelatlimia hipporhynchosSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$6.00
Golden Zebra LoachBotia histrionica4″WILD$28.00
Horseface LoachAcantopsis dialuzonaMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.00
Black Kuhli LoachPangio oblongaLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$3.50Minimum 3
Hair Band Kuhli LoachPangio shelfordiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$4.00CE
Silver Kuhli LoachPangio anguillarisLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$4.00Minimum 3
Lake Inle Red Tail LoachPetruichthys brevisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$6.00
Serpent LoachSerpenticobitis octozonaMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$12.00
Vietnam Saddled Hillstream LoachSewellia sp. “SEW03”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$15.00
Yellow Fin Hillstream LoachGastromyzon viriosusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$8.00FEW
Yo Yo LoachBotia lohachataMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$5.00

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
African Red Eye TetraArnoldichthys spilopterusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$12.00
Alestes TetraBryconalestes longipinnisLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$10.00
Black Emperor TetraNematobrycon palmeriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Black Fin TetraBryconamericus sp. “Peru”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$8.0012 ONLY
Black Neon TetraHyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$2.50
Black Phantom TetraHyphessobrycon megalopterusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Black Skirt TetraGymnocorymbus ternetziMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$2.00FEW
Bleeding Heart TetraHyphessobrycon erythrostigma “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.50CE
Blue Diamond Congo TetraAlestopetersius smykalaiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$12.00ALL FEMALES
Blue Emperor TetraInpaichthys kerriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Broken Stripe TetraHemigrammus ulreyiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00
Cardinal TetraParacheirodon axelrodiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Cardinal TetraParacheirodon axelrodi “Brazil”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.00
Cardinal TetraParacheirodon axelrodi “Brazil” JUMBO SIZESmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$5.00CE
Cardinal TetraParacheirodon axelrodi “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.00CE
Congo TetraPhenacogrammus interruptusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
Congo TetraPhenacogrammus interruptusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Congo Tetra – MalesPhenacogrammus interruptusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$12.00
Darter TetraCharacidium sp. “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Diamond Head Neon TetraParacheirodon innesiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Ember TetraHyphessobrycon amandaeExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$3.00
Emperor TetraNematobrycon palmeri “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Flame Back Bleeding Heart TetraHyphessobrycon pyrrhonotus “Brazil”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.00
Glo SkirtGymnocorymbus ternetzi “Assorted Colors”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00
Glowlight TetraHemigrammus erythrozonusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Green Fire TetraAphyocharax rathbuniSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00CE
Green Fire TetraAphyocharax rathbuniSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$6.00CE
Head & Tail Light TetraHemigrammus ocelliferSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Lemon TetraHyphessobrycon pulchripinnisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Neon TetraParacheirodon innesiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$2.00
Neon TetraParacheirodon innesi (Large Size)Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Orange Flame TetraHyphessobrycon flammeusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Orange Flash Congo TetraAlestopetersius cf. nigropterusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$20.00CE
Orange Lemon TetraHyphessobrycon cf. pulchripinnisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.004 ONLY
Pantanal TetraHyphessobrycon sp.Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$10.005 ONLY
Penguin TetraThayeria boehlkeiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Pretty/Garnet TetraHemigrammus pulcherSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00FEW
Red & Blue Colombian TetraHyphessobrycon columbianusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Red Cap Moon TetraBathyaethiops breuseghemiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$12.0015 ONLY
Red Congo TetraAlestopetersius brichardi “Blue Form”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$35.002 ONLY
Red Eye TetraMoenkhausia sanctaefilomenaeMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$2.00
Red Phantom TetraHyphessobrycon sweglesiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Rummynose TetraHemigrammus bleheriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.50
Serpae TetraHyphessobrycon equesSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.50FEW
Silver Tip TetraHasemania nanaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Yellow Congo TetraAlestopetersius caudalisMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00FEW
Yellow Congo TetraAlestopetersius caudalisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$10.00CE
Marble Hatchet FishCarnegiella strigata “Brazil”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.50
Marble Hatchet FishCarnegiella strigata “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.50CE
Pygmy Hatchet FishCarnegiella myersi “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.25CE
Beckford’s PencilfishNannostomus beckfordiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Brown Tailed PencilfishNannostomus eques “Peru”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$3.00CE
Dwarf PencilfishNannostomus marginatus “Brazil”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.50
Red Arc PencilfishNannostomus mortenthaleri “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$12.00
Three Line PencilfishNannostomus trifasciatus “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.50
Three Line NeolebiasNeolebias trilineatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$8.00
Yellow Fin ChalceusChalceus erythrurus3″TR$8.00
Red Tail HemiodusHemiodus gracilis “Colombia”3″+WILD$10.00
False/Eartheater HemiodusBivibranchia fowleri “Colombia”3″WILD$18.00FEW
Dwarf DistichodusDistichodus decemmaculatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$30.00
Flagtail ProchilodusSemaprochilodus taeniurus “Colombia”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$30.00
Silver DollarMetynnis hypsauchenSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$6.00
Four Spot HeadstanderPseudanos variiExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$25.003 ONLY
Rocket GarCtenolucius hujetaMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$10.004 ONLY

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Trade Arulius BarbDawkinsia tambraparnieiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Black Ruby BarbPethia nigrofasciataExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$3.00CE
Borneo Bonylipped BarbOsteochilus pentalineatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00
Butterfly BarbEnteromius hulstaertiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$13.005 ONLY
Cherry BarbPuntius titteyaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.50
Clown BarbBarbodes dunckeriMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Filament BarbDawkinsia filamentosaLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$10.00
Glo-BarbPuntigrus tetrazona “Red or Green”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00
Gold BarbBarbodes semifasciolatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Odessa BarbPethia padamyaMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$5.00
Panda BarbHaludaria fasciataMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Red Fin Barb – AfricanEnteromius ablabes “Ghana”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$8.00
Rhombo/Snakeskin BarbDesmopuntius rhomboocellatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.00
Rohan’s Tear-Spot BarbDawkinsia rohani3″TR$10.00
Rosy BarbPethia conchoniusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Rosy Barb – NeonPethia conchoniusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$4.00
Sickle Fin BarbPuntioplites falciferExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$50.00SALE $30.00
Six Banded BarbDesmopuntius hexazonaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.00
Snyder’s BarbBarbodes snyderiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Thai Hi-Fin Headstander BarbOreichthys parvusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.00
Tiger BarbPuntigrus tetrazonaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Green Tiger BarbPuntigrus tetrazonaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Burmese Blood Tail Giant DanioDevario annandaleiLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$7.00
Celestial Pearl DanioDanio margaritatusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$6.00
Fire Line DanioDevario sondhiiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$5.0018 ONLY
Fire Ring DanioDanio kyathitSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$5.00
Glowlight DanioDanio chopraeSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$5.00
Glo-FishDanio rerio “Assorted Colors”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Lake Inle DanioInlecypris auropurpureusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.00
Leopard DanioDanio frankeiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Panther DanioDanio aesculapiiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Purple/Honeycomb DanioDanio sysphigmatusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$7.00
Zebra DanioDanio rerioSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$1.50
Cardinal RasboraMicrorasbora rubescensSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.00
Chili RasboraBoraras brigittaeExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.50
Clown RasboraRasbora kalochromaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$5.00
Emerald Dwarf RasboraDanio erythromicronExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$4.00
Emerald Dwarf RasboraDanio erythromicronExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$4.00CE
Emerald Eye RasboraBrevibora dorsiocellataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$2.00
Exclamation Point RasboraBoraras urophthalmoidesExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$2.00
Green RasboraMicrodevario kubotaiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.50
Harlequin RasboraTrigonostigma heteromorphaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Harlequin RasboraTrigonostigma truncata “Thailand”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00
Narrow Wedge RasboraTrigonostigma hengeliSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Neon Blue RasboraSundadanio goblinusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$4.00
Neon Red RasboraSundadanio rubellusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.50
Phoenix RasboraBoraras merahExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00
Pork Chop RasboraTrigonostigma espeiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Pygmy Spotted RasboraBoraras maculatusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$2.00
Red Fin RasboraRasbora ennealepisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Red Scissortail RasboraRasbora caudimaculataMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00
Somphong’s RasboraTrigonostigma somphongsiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$6.009 ONLYCE
Strawberry RasboraBoraras naevusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00FEW
White CloudTanichthys albonubesSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Gold White CloudTanichthys albonubesSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.50
Long Fin White CloudTanichthys albonubesSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Vietnamese White CloudTanichthys micagemmaeSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Lamta GarraGarra lamtaMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$10.00FEW
Panda GarraGarra flavatraLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$15.00
Spotted GarraGarra spilotaLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$12.00
Apollo SharkLuciosoma setigerum5″WILD$16.00
Arrow SharkLabiobarbus festivusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$8.00
Bala SharkBalantiocheilos melanopterusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$5.00
Rainbow SharkEpalzeorhynchos frenatumMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$4.00No Minimum
Albino Rainbow SharkEpalzeorhynchos frenatumMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$4.00No Minimum
Red Tail SharkEpalzeorhynchos bicolorSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
Hi-Fin Banded SharkMyxocyprinus asiaticusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$12.00
Red Fin Bala SharkCyclocheilichthys janthochirLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$20.00FEW
Roseline SharkSahyadria denisoniiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$15.00
Roseline Shark – Golden FormSahyadria denisoniiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$25.00CE
Siamese Algae EaterCrossocheilus oblongusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00No Minimum
Fish Net Flying Fox/Reticulated SAECrossocheilus reticulatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00No Minimum

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Male Betta “Assorted”Betta splendensMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$5.00
Crowntail Male Betta “Assorted”Betta splendensMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Super Delta Male Betta “Assorted”Betta splendensMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
Female Half Moon BettaBetta splendensSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Api Api BettaBetta sp. “Api Api”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$20.00
Batman BettaBetta persephoneExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$16.00
Blue Firefly BettaBetta dimidiataMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$15.00
Green Mask BettaBetta pugnaxMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$8.00
Red Cherry BettaBetta channoidesMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$50.00PAIR
Red Flame BettaBetta rubraSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$50.00PAIR
Scorpion BettaBetta brownorumSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$14.00
Strawberry BettaBetta albimarginataMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$50.00PAIR
Blue GouramiTrichopodus trichopterusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$4.00
Burmese Mini Chocolate GouramiParasphaerichthys ocellatusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$5.00
Chocolate GouramiSphaerichthys osphromenoidesSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$6.00
Dwarf GouramiTrichogaster lalius “MALE”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Dwarf GouramiTrichogaster lalius “FEMALE”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00FEWCE
Red Flame Dwarf GouramiTrichogaster lalius “MALE”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Red Flame Dwarf GouramiTrichogaster lalius “FEMALE”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00FEWCE
Gold GouramiTrichopodus trichopterusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$4.00
Honey Dwarf GouramiTrichogaster chunaExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$4.00
Sunset Honey Dwarf GouramiTrichogaster chunaMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Opaline GouramiTrichopodus trichopterusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$4.00
Pearl GouramiTrichopodus leeriiLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$8.00
Powder Blue Dwarf GouramiTrichogaster lalius “MALE”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Powder Blue Dwarf GouramiTrichogaster lalius “FEMALE”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
Sparkling GouramiTrichopsis pumilaExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$2.50Minimum 6
Snakeskin GouramiTrichopodus pectoralisMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$4.0012 ONLY
Vaillant Chocolate GouramiSphaerichthys vaillantiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$14.00
Black Tiger DarioDario sp. “Myanmar”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$6.00Minimum 3
Scarlet BadisDario dario Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$6.00MALES ONLY
Banded BushfishMicroctenopoma fasciolatumMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$10.001 ONLY
Ornate CtenopomaMicroctenopoma ansorgiiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$8.00
Petherich’s BushfishCtenopoma pethericiLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$10.00
Peppermint PikeheadLuciocephalus auraLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$16.00

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Boesemani RainbowMelanotaenia boesemaniMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$25.00PAIR
Boesemani RainbowMelanotaenia boesemaniMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$15.00MALECE
Celebes RainbowMarosatherina ladigesiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.50
Checkered RainbowMelanotaenia splendida inornataLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$7.00
Duboulayi RainbowMelanotaenia duboulayi “Oyster Creek”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$12.00
Emerald RainbowGlossolepis wanamensisLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.00PAIR
Forktail Blue Eye RainbowPseudomugil furcatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Gertrudae RainbowPseudomugil gertrudaeMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Irian Red RainbowGlossolepis incisus2″TR$8.00CE
Irian Red RainbowGlossolepis incisusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$25.00PAIR
Ivantsoff’s RainbowPseudomugil ivantsoffiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$8.00CE
Kamaka RainbowMelanotaenia kamakaLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$14.00
Maccullochi RainbowMelanotaenia maccullochiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Madagascar RainbowBedotia madagascariensisMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00CE
Madagascar RainbowBedotia madagascariensisLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$8.00
Millenium RainbowGlossolepis pseudoincisusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$25.00PAIR
Millenium Rainbow “Albino”Glossolepis pseudoincisusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.00PAIR
Parkinsoni RainbowMelanotaenia parkinsoniLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.00PAIRCE
Red Neon RainbowPseudomugil luminatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Skull Creek RainbowMelanotaenia sahulensis “Skull Creek”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$18.003 ONLY
Southern Blue Eye RainbowPseudomugil signifer “Gap Creek”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Thread Fin RainbowIriatherina werneriMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Trifasciata RainbowMelanotaenia trifasciata “Goyder River”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$12.00CE
Turquoise RainbowMelanotaenia lacustris2″TR$12.00CE
Yellow RainbowMelanotaenia herbertaxelrodiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$20.00PAIR
Zig Zag RainbowGlossolepis dorityiLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.00PAIR
Bivittatum KilliAphyosemion bivittatum “Lagos”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$15.00PAIR
Chocolate Australe KilliAphyosemion australeSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$15.00PAIR
Daisy’s RicefishOryzias woworaeSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00Minimum 6
Florida Flag FishJordanella floridaeMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Gold Australe KilliAphyosemion australeSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$15.00PAIR
Gardneri KilliFundulopanchax gardneri P82Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$16.00PAIR
Guenther’s KilliNothobranchius guentheriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$20.00PAIR
Lambert’s KilliRhexipanchax lambertiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$4.00
Moke Lampeye KilliHylopanchax mokeSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$20.00FEWCE
Normani KilliPoropanchax normaniExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$3.50Minimum 6
Pearl KilliAustrolebias nigripinnisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$20.00PAIR
Rancureli KilliAplocheilichthys cf. rancureliExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00
Red Striped KilliAphyosemion striatumSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$18.00PAIR

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Albino Snakeskin GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00PAIR (Min. 3)CE
Blue Neon Male GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Blue Neon GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00PAIR (Min. 3)CE
Flamingo Male GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Flamingo GuppyPoecilia reticulatasmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00PAIR (Min. 3)CE
Flamingo Tux Male GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Green Lace Male GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Green Lace GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00PAIR (Min. 3)CE
Neon Red Dragon Male GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Red Snakeskin Male GuppyPoecilia reticulataMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$4.00
Red Snakeskin GuppyPoecilia reticulataMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00PAIR (Min. 3)CE
Sunset Male GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Assorted Endler’s LivebearerPoecilia cf. wingeiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$5.00PAIR (Min. 3)CE
Hi Red Endler’s LivebearerPoecilia cf. wingeiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$7.00PAIR (Min. 3)
Lime Green Endler’s LivebearerPoecilia cf. wingeiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$7.00PAIR (Min. 3)
Scarlet Endler’s LivebearerPoecilia cf. wingeiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$7.00PAIR (Min. 3)
Tiger Endler’s LivebearerPoecilia cf. wingeiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$8.00PAIR (Min. 3)
Yellow Tuxedo Endler’s LivebearerPoecilia cf. wingeiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$7.00PAIR (Min. 3)
Black Lyretail MollyPoecilia sphenopsMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$3.00
Gold Lyretail MollyPoecilia sphenopsMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$3.00
Blue Tuxedo PlatyXiphophorus maculatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$3.00CE
Bumble Bee PlatyXiphophorus maculatusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$2.00
Calico PlatyXiphophorus maculatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Golden Leopard PlatyXiphophorus maculatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Red Tuxedo PlatyXiphophorus maculatusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$2.00
Red Tuxedo PlatyXiphophorus maculatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$3.00
Red Wag PlatyXiphophorus maculatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Sunset PlatyXiphophorus maculatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$3.00CE
Marigold SwordtailXiphophorus helleriiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00TRIO (Min. 2)
Pineapple SwordtailXiphophorus helleriiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00TRIO (Min. 2)
Red Velvet SwordtailXiphophorus helleriiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00TRIO (Min. 2)
Red Velvet Wag SwordtailXiphophorus helleriiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00TRIO (Min. 2)
Red Wag SwordtailXiphophorus helleriiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00TRIO (Min. 2)CE
Borneo Red-Line Gold Spot HalfbeakHemirhamphodon tengahSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$10.00FEWCE
Fire HalfbeakHemirhamphodon kapuasensisLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$10.0012 ONLY
Metallic LivebearerGirardinus metallicusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$5.00CE
Butterfly GoodeidAmeca splendensSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00CE

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Amano ShrimpCaridina multidentataSmallWILD$4.00
Bloody Mary Sakura ShrimpNeocaridina davidiSmallTR$5.00
Blue Velvet ShrimpNeocaridina davidiSmallTR$5.00
Golden Crystal ShrimpCaridina logemanniTinyTR$7.00
Red Crystal ShrimpCaridina logemanniTinyTR$7.00
Assassin SnailClea helenaSmallTR$3.00Minimum 3
Military Helmet SnailNeritina pulligeraSmallTR$3.00Minimum 3
Olive Nerite SnailNeritina sp.SmallTR$2.00Minimum 3
Red Onion SnailVittina semiconicaSmallWILD$3.00Minimum 3
Sun SnailNeritina sp.SmallWILD$3.00Minimum 3
Yellow Rabbit SnailTylomelania sp.MediumWILD$5.00Minimum 3
Zebra Nerite SnailNeritina sp.SmallWILD$3.00Minimum 3
Zebra Thorn SnailClithon diademaSmallTR$3.00Minimum 3

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
African Dwarf FrogHymenochirus boettgeriMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$3.00
Fire EelMastacembelus erythrotaenia5-6″WILD$22.00
Freshwater Moray EelGymnothorax polyuranodon6-8″WILD$125.001 ONLY
Tire Track EelMastacembelus armatusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$10.00CE
Zig Zag EelMacrognathus circumcinctusExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$12.00
Crocodile Toothpick FishIndostomus crocodilusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$6.00Minimum 3
Blue Cobalt GobyStiphodon semoniMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$12.00
Caledonian Red Nose GobyLentipes kaaeaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$30.002 ONLYCE
Desert GobyChlamydogobius eremiusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
Elegant Algae Eating GobyStiphodon elegansMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$12.00
Glass GobyGobiopterus chunoExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00Minimum 3
Ornate Rainbow GobyStiphodon ornatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$12.00
Tiger GobySchismatogobius ampluvinculusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$8.00
Empire GudgeonHypseleotris compressaMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$15.00
Peacock GudgeonTateurndina ocellicaudaMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
Rainbow GudgeonGirius margaritaceaExtra Extra Large (5″+)WILD$130.00
Black Ghost KnifeApteronotus albifrons3″TR$14.00
Clown KnifeChitala ornataExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$8.00
South American Leaf FishMonocirrhus polyacanthusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$20.00
Dragon PufferPao palembangensisExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$40.00
Nile PufferTetraodon lineatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$15.00
Pea PufferCarinotetraodon travancoricusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$7.00
Faranah BichirPolypterus lapradei faranah10-12″WILD$150.001 ONLY
Ornate BichirPolypterus ornatipinnis3″TR$35.00
Red BichirPolypterus endlicheri3″TR$30.00
Red BichirPolypterus endlicheri endlicheri Volta6″WILD$100.00
Reticulated BichirPolypterus mokelembembe5-6″WILD$100.00
Senegal BichirPolypterus senegalus2″TR$8.00CE
Senegal BichirPolypterus senegalus3″TR$10.00
Albino Senegal BichirPolypterus senegalus3″TR$12.00
Speckled BichirPolypterus polli6″+WILD$55.00
Striped BichirPolypterus bichir lapradei “Koliba”3-3.5″TR$35.002 ONLY
Jardinii ArowanaScleropages jardinii5″WILD$150.001 ONLY
Silver ArowanaOsteoglossum bicirrhosum3.5″TR$40.00

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Red FantailCarassius auratusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$10.00
KoiCyprinus rubrofuscusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$8.00
Butterfly KoiCyprinus rubrofuscusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$10.00

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