Tropical Fish – Current Stock

Please select from the drop-down menus below to view our current stock. Each category has a built in search bar as well as the ability to be filtered by column. This list is updated every Friday to give you the most up-to-date information. 

Species in bold font are available for purchase, but are located at our holding facility. To purchase these fish locally, please contact our Online Sales Department to schedule an in-store pick-up. Customers who are placing an online order may disregard bold font. Sale pricing is not available for in-store pick-ups. 

Scientific NameCommon NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Uarufernandezyepezi “Colombia”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$35.00CE
Baryancistrusxanthellus “Gold Nugget Pleco” L018Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$45.00
Adonis TetraLepidarchus adonisExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$4.00CE
Scarlet Endler’s LivebearerPoecilia cf. wingeiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$3.50Males Only
Turquoise RainbowMelanotaenia lacustrisLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$12.00CE

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginRegular PriceSALE!NotesImage
Altolamprologuscalvus “Black”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.006 for $60
Callochromismacrops “Red”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$15.003 for $40
CallochromismelanostigmaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$15.003 for $40
Cyphotilapiafrontosa “Six Stripe”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$16.003 for $40
JulidochromisdickfeldiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.006 for $40
JulidochromismarlieriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.006 for $40
JulidochromisornatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$10.006 for $50
Julidochromisregani “Zambian”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.006 for $50
Julidochromistranscriptus “Bemba”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.006 for $50
Neolamprologuscaudopunctatus “Red Fin”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.006 for $60
NeolamprologusleleupiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$9.006 for $48
Neolamprologussexfasciatus “Gold”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$15.004 for $50
Hemichromissp. “Moanda”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$12.00$10.00
NanochromissplendensSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$25.004 for $90
Pelvicachromiskribensis “Taeniatus Dehane”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$40.00$35.00PAIR
Pelvicachromissubocellatus “Moanda”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$45.00$40.00PAIR
Steatocranuscasuarius “Buffalo Head”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$15.003 for $40
Steatocranustinanti “Slender Buffalo Head”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$12.003 for $30
Corydorassp. “Laser Orange” CW010Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$15.006 for $75
Black Fin TetraBryconamericus sp. “Peru”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$8.006 for $42CE
Black Ruby BarbPethia nigrofasciataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.0010 for $27
Checker BarbOliotius oligolepisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.0010 for $27
Cherry BarbPuntius titteyaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.0010 for $18
Drape Fin BarbOreichthys crenuchoidesSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.0010 for $27
Fire BarbEnteromius fasciolatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.0010 for $63
Lemon Fin BarbHypselobarbus jerdoni “India”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$12.00$10.00
Lined BarbStriuntius lineatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.0010 for $50CE
Odessa BarbPethia padamyaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$5.0010 for $45
Rhombo/Snakeskin BarbDesmopuntius rhomboocellatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.0010 for $36
Six Banded BarbDesmopuntius hexazonaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.0010 for $36
Burmese Blood Tail Giant DanioDevario annandaleiLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$7.0010 for $60
Burmese Gold Neon RasboraRasbora paucisqualisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.0010 for $36
Cherry Spot RasboraRasbora rubrodorsalisExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.0010 for $27
Chili RasboraBoraras brigittaeExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.0010 for $27
Emerald Dwarf RasboraDanio erythromicronExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$4.0010 for $36
Green RasboraMicrodevario kubotaiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$4.0010 for $36
Harlequin RasboraTrigonostigma heteromorphaExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$3.0010 for $27
Neon Green RasboraSundadanio margaritionExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.0010 for $27
Phoenix RasboraBoraras merahExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.0010 for $27
Pork Chop RasboraTrigonostigma espeiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.0010 for $27
Red Tail RasboraRasbora borapetensisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$2.0010 for $18
Scissortail RasboraRasbora trilineataMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$3.0010 for $27
Sarawak RasboraRasbora sarawakensisMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$5.0010 for $45
Strawberry RasboraBoraras naevusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.0010 for $27
Yellow Scissortail RasboraRasbora rasboraLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$5.0010 for $40
Red Tail Burmese GarraGarra sp.Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$20.00$17.00
Fish Net Flying FoxCrossocheilus reticulatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$5.004 for $18No Minimum

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Aulonocarabaenschi “Sunshine”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Aulonocarasp. “Blue Neon Tanzania” “Undu Point”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$6.00
Aulonocarasp. “Blue Neon Tanzania” “Undu Point”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$75.00PAIRCE
Aulonocarasp. “Chitande Type Masinje”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Aulonocarasp. “Chitande Type Masinje”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$25.00MALECE
Aulonocarasp. “Chitande Type Nkhomo”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00CE
Aulonocaraethelwynnae “Chitande”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Aulonocaraethelwynnae “Chitande”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$12.00CE
Aulonocaraethelwynnae “Chitande”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.00MALECE
Aulonocarasp. “Eureka”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Aulonocarasp. “Eureka”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00
Aulonocarasp. “Eureka Albino”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$9.00
Aulonocarasp. “Eureka Albino”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$75.00PAIRCE
Aulonocarasp. “Fire Fish”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
Aulonocarasp. “Fire Fish”2″TR$30.00MALES
Aulonocarasp. “Fire Fish”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$60.00MALE
Aulonocaragertrudae “Jumbo Blue”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$10.00FEMALES ONLYCE
Aulonocarahansbaenschi “Cobue”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00CE
Aulonocarahansbaenschi “Red Shoulder”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$6.00
Aulonocarahansbaenschi “Red Shoulder”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$20.00FEMALESCE
Aulonocarahansbaenschi “Red Shoulder”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00MALES
Aulonocarahueseri “Midnight”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$6.00CE
Aulonocarajacobfreibergi “Hongi Island”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00MALECE
Aulonocarajacobfreibergi “Makokola Reef”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Aulonocarajacobfreibergi “Otter Point”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$9.00
Aulonocarakandeense “Blue Orchid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Aulonocarakandeense “Blue Orchid”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$15.00FEMALESCE
Aulonocarakoningsi “Mbenji”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00MALESCE
Aulonocarasp. “Lwanda”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Aulonocarasp. “Lwanda”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$60.00MALES
Aulonocarasp. “Maisoni” “Chitimba Bay”Large (2″+ to 3″)F1$30.00MALE
Aulonocarasp. “Maleri” “Chipoka”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$6.00
Aulonocarasp. “Maleri” “Maleri Island”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00CE
Aulonocarasp. “Maleri” “Maleri Island”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$75.00PAIRCE
Aulonocarasp. “Maleri” “Rubin Red”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Aulonocarasp. “Maleri” “Rubin Red”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.00MALES
Aulonocarasp. “Maleri” “Rubin Red”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$25.00FEMALE
Aulonocarasp. “Mamalela – Lemon Jake”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Aulonocarasp. “Mamalela – Lemon Jake”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00MALES
Aulonocarasp. “Mamalela – Lemon Jake”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$60.00MALES
Aulonocarasp. “Maulana Bicolor”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Aulonocarasp. “Maulana Bicolor”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00MALES
Aulonocaramaylandi “Sulfurhead”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00MALES
Aulonocarasp. “Orange Collar” “Tanzania”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Aulonocarasp. “Orange Collar” “Tanzania”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.00MALESCE
Aulonocarasp. “OB”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Aulonocarasp. “OB”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.00MALESCE
Aulonocarasp. “OB”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$40.00MALES
Aulonocarasp. “Sanga Bay”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00CE
Aulonocarasaulosi “Greenface”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Aulonocarastuartgranti “Chilumba”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Aulonocarastuartgranti “Ngara/Mdoka”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Aulonocarastuartgranti “Ngara/Mdoka”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$20.00FEMALESCE
Aulonocarastuartgranti “Ngara/Mdoka”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00MALES
Aulonocarasp. “Usisya Type Tanzania”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$6.00
Aulonocarasp. “Usisya Type Tanzania”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$20.00FEMALESCE
Aulonocarasp. “Usisya” “Flavescent”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$6.00
Aulonocarasp. “Yellow Collar” “Mazinzi Reef”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$6.00FEWCE

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
AristochromischristyiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Astatotilapiacalliptera “Blue” “Chizumulu Island”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00CE
BuccochromisspectabilisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
Champsochromiscaeruleus “Trout Cichlid”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$12.00
ChampsochromisspilorhynchusExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$30.00
CopadichromisazureusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
CopadichromisazureusExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$50.00MALES
Copadichromisborleyi “Namalenje”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Cynotilapiasp. “Lion” “Lion’s Cove”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Cynotilapiasp. “White Top Hara/Gallireya”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Cynotilapiazebroides “Orange Back” “Cobue”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Cyrtocaramoorii “Blue Dolphin”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.004 ONLY
DimidiochromiscompressicepsSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00CE
DimidiochromiskiwingiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
DimidiochromisstrigatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
EclectochromisornatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
ExochochromisanagenysLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$20.00CE
HemitilapiaoxyrhynchusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
Iodotropheussprengerae “Rusty”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Labeotropheusfuelleborni “Katale Orange Side”Large (2″+ to 3″)F1$20.00MALESCE
Labeotropheustrewavasae “Albino”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
Labeotropheustrewavasae “RT x OR”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Labidochromiscaeruleus “White”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
Labidochromiscaeruleus “Yellow”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
LabidochromischisumulaeSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Labidochromissp. “Hongi”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Labidochromisjoanjohnsonae “Exasperatus”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Labidochromissp. “Mbamba”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Labidochromissp. “Perlmutt”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Labidochromissp. “Perlmutt”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$20.00MALECE
Lethrinopsalbus “Kande Island”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$7.00CE
Lethrinopsaltus “Msasa”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$10.00
Lethrinopsaltus “Msasa”5″F1$50.00MALE
Lethrinopssp. “Red Cap”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Lethrinopssp. “Mbasi”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$9.00
Lichnochromisacuticeps “Malawi Gar”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$16.00
MelanochromisauratusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Melanochromisauratus “Albino”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
MelanochromischipokaeMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$5.00
Melanochromisloriae (Formerly parallelus)2″+TR$6.00
Melanochromiswochepa “Dialeptos Blue” “Mozambique”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Metriaclimacallainos “Cobalt Zebra”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Metriaclimachrysomallos “Chiofu”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)F1$8.00
Metriaclimasp. “Daktari”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Metriaclimasp. “Dolphin”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Metriaclimasp. “Elongatus Chailosi “Chitande Island”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$6.00
Metriaclimasp. “Elongatus Chewere”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
Metriaclimaestherae “Red Zebra”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
Metriaclimaestherae “Red OB Zebra”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Metriaclimagreshakei “Ice Blue Zebra”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$5.00
Metriaclimalombardoi “Kenyi”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Metriaclimakoningsi “Membe Deep”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$10.003 ONLY
Metriaclimakoningsi “Membe Deep”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)F1$20.00MALESCE
Metriaclimasp. “Mbweca” “Green Afra”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Metriaclimasp. “Msobo” “Deep”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Metriaclimasp. “Msobo Heteropictus” Chinula/Lundo IslandSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.007 ONLY
Metriaclimasp. “Msobo Heteropictus” Chinula/Lundo IslandExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$80.00PAIRCE
Metriaclimasp. “Zebra Albino”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00CE
Metriaclimasp. “Zebra Gold” “Kawanga”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.006 ONLY
Metriaclimasp. “Zebra Gold” “Kawanga”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)F1$20.00MALESCE
NaevochromischrysogasterMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
NimbochromisfuscotaeniatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
NimbochromislinniSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
NimbochromislivingstoniiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
NimbochromispolystigmaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
NimbochromisvenustusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Otopharynxantron “Modestus Eastern”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)F1$40.001 MALE ONLY
Otopharynxheterodon “Big Spot Tanzania”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$10.00
Otopharynxlithobates “Red Top Aristo”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Otopharynxlithobates “Red Top Aristo”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$10.00FEMALES ONLY
Otopharynxlithobates “Yellow Blaze” “Zimbawe Rocks”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Otopharynxsp. “Spots”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.00MALE
Otopharynxsp. “Torpedo Blue”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Placidochromiselectra “Deep Water Hap”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Placidochromismilomo “VC 10”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$9.00
Placidochromismilomo “VC 10”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$40.00
Placidochromissp. “Jalo”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$7.00
Protomelassp. “Spilonotus Tanzania” “Insignus”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Protomelassp. “Steveni Taiwan Tanzania Albino”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00CE
Protomelassp. “Steveni Taiwan Tanzania”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Protomelassp. “Steveni Taiwan Tanzania”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$40.00
Protomelastaeniolatus “Red Empress”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$30.00
Protomelastaeniolatus “Tangerine Tiger” LikomaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Protomelastaeniolatus “Tangerine Tiger” LikomaExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$30.00CE
Pseudotropheussp. “Acei”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Pseudotropheussp. “Acei” “White Tail”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$9.001 ONLY
Pseudotropheuscyaneorhabdos “Maingano”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$7.00
PseudotropheusdemasoniSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Pseudotropheussp. “Elongatus Ornatus”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Pseudotropheussp. “Elongatus Yellow Tail” “Mbamba Bay”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)F1$8.00
PseudotropheusflavusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
PseudotropheusflavusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$20.00MALESCE
Pseudotropheusgalanos “Mbenji”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
PseudotropheusjohanniiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
PseudotropheuspolitSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Pseudotropheusperspicax “Red Top Ndumbi”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
PseudotropheussocolofiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Pseudotropheussocolofi “Snow White”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Pseudotropheussp. “Williamsi North” “Makonde”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$11.00
Sciaenochromisfryeri “Electric Blue”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Sciaenochromisfryeri “Electric Blue”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$40.00MALES
Sciaenochromisfryeri “Electric Blue”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00
TramitichromisintermediusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Tropheopssp. “Olive” “Checked Mac”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00FEW
Tropheopssp. “Red Cheek”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00FEW
Tropheopssp. “Red Cheek Albino”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Altolamprologuscalvus “Black”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
Altolamprologuscalvus “White”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$14.00
Altolamprologuscompressiceps “Gold Face”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
Altolamprologuscompressiceps “Red Fin”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
Callochromismacrops “Red”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$15.00
CallochromismelanostigmaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$15.00
Chalinochromisbrichardi “Masked”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
CtenochromishoreiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
Cyathopharynxfoai “Sibwesa”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$20.00
Cyphotilapiafrontosa “Mpimbwe Blue”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$25.00
Cyphotilapiafrontosa “Seven Stripe”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$25.00
Cyphotilapiafrontosa “Six Stripe”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$16.00
Cyprichromisleptosoma “Kitumba”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$30.00
Cyprichromisleptosoma “Utinta”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$20.004 ONLY
Enantiopussp. “Kilesa”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$25.00
EnantiopusmelanogenysMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$20.00
Eretmoduscyanostictus “Congo”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$18.00
JulidochromisdickfeldiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
JulidochromismarlieriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
JulidochromisornatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$10.00
Julidochromisornatus “Albino”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$14.00
Julidochromisregani “Zambian”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Julidochromistranscriptus “Bemba”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Julidochromistranscriptus “Gombi”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
“Lamprologus”lemairiiLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$20.00German Bred
“Lamprologus”ocellatus “Gold”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$20.004 ONLY
Lepidiolamprologusattenuatus “Yellow”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
LepidiolamprologuskendalliSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$18.00CE
NeolamprologusbrichardiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$5.00
Neolamprologusbrichardi “Albino”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Neolamprologusbrichardi “Kiku Blue Face”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Neolamprologuscaudopunctatus “Red Fin”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
NeolamprologuscylindricusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
NeolamprologusgracilisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00CE
NeolamprologusleleupiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$9.00
Neolamprologuspulcher “Daffodil”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Neolamprologussexfasciatus “Gold”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$15.00
NeolamprologussignatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$18.00
NeolamprologustretocephalusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
Ophthalmotilapianasuta “Tiger”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$20.002 ONLY
Ophthalmotilapiaventralis “Mpimbwe” “Silver Streak”Large (2″+ to 3″)F1$24.00
TelmatochromisvittatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Tropheusbrichardi “Ulwile”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$20.00
Tropheusduboisi “Maswa”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$13.00
Tropheusmoorii “Cherry Spot” “Bulu Point”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$20.00
Tropheusmoorii “Chimba”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$20.00
Tropheusmoorii “Chipimbi”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$20.00
Tropheusmoorii “Ikola Kaiser”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$20.00
Tropheusmoorii “Moliro”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$20.00
Tropheusmoorii “Orange Flame” “Bemba”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$20.00
Xenotilapiabathyphilus “Yellow Fin” “Kekese”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$20.00

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Anomalochromissp. “Guinea” “African Butterfly Cichlid”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00
Astatotilapialatifasciata “Zebra Obliquidens”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$15.00PAIR
ChromidotilapiaguntheriLarge (2″+ to 3″)F1$10.00
ChromidotilapiaguntheriLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$20.002 ONLYCE
ChromidotilapialinkeiLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$15.001 FEMALE ONLYCE
CongochromisdimidiatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$15.00CE
Enigmatochromislucanusi “Blue Fin Roloffi” “Friya”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$35.00PAIR
Etropluscanarensis “Pearl Chromide”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$40.00
Haplochromissp. “Fire” “Uganda”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Haplochromissp. “Kisuule”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00CE
HaplochromisthereuterionSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$15.00
“Haplochromis”sp. “Thickskin” “Obliquidens”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$17.00PAIR
HemichromisfrempongiLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$13.00CE
Hemichromissp. “Guinea I” “Limbun/Kolente Forest Jewel”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$16.002 ONLY
Hemichromissp. “Moanda”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$12.00
Nanochromisparilus “Inga on the Congo River”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$12.00
NanochromissplendensSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$25.00
NanochromistransvestitusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$16.00
OrthochromisstormsiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00CE
OrthochromisstormsiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$15.002 ONLY
Paralabidochromissp. “Red Fin Piebald”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.001 ONLY
ParananochromislongirostrisExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$50.00MALESCE
Paratilapiableekeri “Maralambo”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$13.00
Pelvicachromiskribensis “Taeniatus Dehane”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$40.00PAIR
Pelvicachromisroloffi “Kolente”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$40.00PAIR
Pelvicachromissacrimontis “Giant Krib”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$13.00
Pelvicachromissubocellatus “Moanda”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$45.00PAIR
Pelvicachromistaeniatus “Nigerian Red”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$40.00PAIR
Pseudocrenilabrusmulticolor victoriaeMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Pundamilianyererei “Mwanza Gulf”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00FEW
Steatocranuscasuarius “Buffalo Head”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$15.00
Steatocranustinanti “Slender Buffalo Head”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$12.00
TeleogrammabrichardiLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$30.001 ONLY
Thoracochromisdemeusii “Inga on the Congo River”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$3.00
Wallaceochromisrubrolabiatus “Dikya”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$45.00PAIR
Xystichromissp. “Ruby Green”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Amatitlaniasp. “Honduran Red Point”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
Amatitlaniananolutea “Gold Convict Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Amatitlanianigrofasciata “Convict Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Amatitlaniasajica “T-Bar Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Chiapaherosgrammodes “Sieve Cichlid”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$7.001 ONLY
Cincelichthysbocourti “Chisel Mouth Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$15.00
Cribroherosrobertsoni “Emerald Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
HerichthysbartoniSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Herichthyscarpintis “Green Texas Cichlid” “Escondido”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
HypsophrysnicaraguensisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
MaskaherosargenteusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Maskaherosregani “Regan’s Cichlid”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
Mayaherosbeani “Green Guapote Cichlid”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
NeetroplusnematopusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00CE
Parachromisdovii “Wolf Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Parachromismanaguensis “Jaguar Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
Rociooctofasciata “Jack Dempsey Cichlid”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$20.00
TherapsirregularisMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$15.00
Thorichthysaureus “Gold”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Thorichthysmaculipinnis “Spot Cheek Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Thorichthysmeeki “Firemouth Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Thorichthyspasionis “Yellow Firemouth Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.001 ONLY
Trichromissalvini “Yellow Belly Cichlid”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$5.00
Viejamaculicauda “Black Belt”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$5.00

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Assorted AngelfishPterophyllum scalareSmallTR$3.00
Blue AngelfishPterophyllum scalareSmallTR$7.00
Gold Blushing AngelfishPterophyllum scalareSmallTR$5.00
Gold Marble AngelfishPterophyllum scalareSmallTR$5.00
Koi AngelfishPterophyllum scalareSmallTR$6.00
Marble AngelfishPterophyllum scalareSmallTR$4.00
Platinum AngelfishPterophyllum scalareSmallTR$5.00
Silver AngelfishPterophyllum scalareSmallTR$4.00
Long Nose AngelfishPterophyllum leopoldi “Brazil”MediumWILD$25.00
WILD AngelfishPterophyllum scalare “Peru”Lg.WILD$25.00
Acarichthysheckelii “Thread Fin Acara”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$12.00
Acarichthysheckelii “Thread Fin Acara”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$20.00
Andinoacarasp. “Electric Blue Acara”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
Andinoacararivulatus “Green Terror”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.50
Andinoacararivulatus “Green Terror”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$7.00
Andinoacararivulatus “Green Terror”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$15.00
Apistogrammaagassizi “Double Red”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$30.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammaagassizi “Fire Red”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$40.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammaagassizi “Flamenco” “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$35.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammabaenschi “Inka”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$35.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammabitaeniata “Tefe”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$45.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammaborellii “Blue”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$25.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammaborellii “Opal”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$25.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammasp. “Breitbinden”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$45.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammacacatuoides “Super Red”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$30.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammacacatuoides “Orange Flash”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$30.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammaerythrura “Rio Mamore”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$40.00**Unsexed Pair
ApistogrammahoigneiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$30.00**Unsexed Pair
ApistogrammahongsloiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$40.00**Unsexed Pair
ApistogrammamacmasteriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$30.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammamacmasteri “Gold”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$40.00**Unsexed Pair
ApistogrammamendeziSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$40.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammapanduro “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$25.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammasp. “Putumayo” “Peru”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$25.001 MALE ONLY
ApistogrammatrifasciataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$25.00**Unsexed Pair
Astronotuscrassipinnis “Big Eye Oscar”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00
Astronotusocellatus “Albino Red Oscar”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Astronotusocellatus “Albino Tiger Oscar”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Astronotusocellatus “Tiger Oscar”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Astronotusocellatus “Red Oscar”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Astronotusocellatus “Oscar” “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$9.00
Biotodomacupido “Cupid Cichlid” “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$10.00
Bujurquinasp. “Tocache” PeruExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$25.002 ONLY
Caquetaiamyersi “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$20.00
Caquetaiamyersi “Colombia”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$25.00
Cleithracaramaronii “Keyhole Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Crenicichlasp. “Atabapo” “Red Pike” “Colombia”Extra Extra Large (5″+)WILD$60.00
Crenicichlasp. “Belly Crawler” “Colombia”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$7.00
Crenicichlaproteus “Anashua Green Pike Cichlid” “Peru”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$10.00
Crenicichlaregani “Tapajos Dwarf Pike” “Brazil”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$25.001 ONLY
Crenicichlasp. “Inirida 3” “Teardrop Pike”Extra Extra Large (5″+)WILD$60.001 ONLY
Crenicichlasp. “Orinoco Dwarf”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$20.003 MALES
Dicrossusmaculatus “Spadetailed Checkerboard Cichlid” “Brazil”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$24.00CE
Geophagusabalios “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$8.00
Geophagussp. “Red Head Tapajos”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$15.00
Geophagussp. “Caqueta” “Colombia”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$28.00
Geophaguspellegrini “Colombia”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$50.00
Geophagussteindachneri “Red Hump” “Colombia”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$10.00
GeophagussveniMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$15.00
Gymnogeophagussp. “Blue Neon”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
GymnogeophagusmeridionalisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.002 ONLY
Herosefasciatus “Gold Severum”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Herosefasciatus “Gold Severum”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$20.00
Herosefasciatus “Green Severum”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$15.00
Herossp. “Iniridae” “Super Severum” “Colombia”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$30.00
Herosliberifer “Eye Spot Severum” “Colombia”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$25.00
Herossp. “Red Tiger Severum” “Rio Curare”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)F1$15.00
Herossp. “Rotkeil” “Red Head Severum”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Hoplarchuspsittacus “True Parrot Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00CE
Hoplarchuspsittacus “True Parrot Cichlid” “Colombia”Extra Extra Large (5″+)WILD$60.00
Hypselecaratemporalis “Chocolate Cichlid” “Peru”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$10.00
Laetacaraaraguaiae “Buckelkopf” “Brazil”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$12.004 ONLYCE
Mesoherosatromaculatus “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$15.00
Mesoherosfestae “Red Terror”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Mesoherosgephyrus “Colombia”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$20.00
MesonautafestivusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$8.00
Mesonautamirificus “Festivum” “Peru”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$14.00CE
Mikrogeophagusaltispinosus “Bolivian Ram”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Mikrogeophagusaltispinosus “Bolivian Ram”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$15.00
Mikrogeophagusramirezi “German Blue Ram”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$9.00
Mikrogeophagusramirezi “Electric Blue Ram”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$20.00
Nannacaraanomala “Golden Dwarf Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Satanopercajurupari “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$8.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Blue Cobalt Discus”2″TR$40.00
Symphysodonaequifasicatus “Blue Diamond Discus”2″TR$40.00
Symphysodonaequifasicatus “Blue Diamond Discus”3″TR$70.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Blue Turquoise Discus”2″TR$35.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Checkerboard Pigeon Blood Discus”2″TR$40.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Checkerboard Pigeon Blood Discus”3″+TR$70.005 ONLY
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Leopard Discus”3″TR$80.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Red Map Discus”2″TR$40.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Red Melon Discus”2″TR$40.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Red Melon Discus”3″TR$70.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Red Snakeskin Discus”3″TR$80.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Red Turquoise Discus”2″TR$35.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Scorpion Snakeskin Discus”3″+TR$85.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Snakeskin Discus”2.5″TR$50.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Snakeskin/Pigeon Blood Discus”2″TR$40.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Tiger Turquoise Discus”2″TR$50.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Tiger Turquoise Discus”3″TR$80.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Yellow Melon Discus”2″TR$40.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Yellow Melon Discus”3″TR$70.00
TaeniacaracandidiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$25.00**Unsexed PairCE
Tahuantinsuyoamacantzatza “Inka Stone Fish” “Peru”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$16.00
Uarufernandezyepezi “Colombia”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$35.00CE

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
BrochismultiradiatusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$20.00
Brochissplendens “Emerald Green Cory”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$6.009 ONLY
Corydorassp. C127 “Cortesi Type”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$12.00
CorydorasadolfoiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$10.00
Corydorasaeneus “Albino”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Corydorasaeneus “Bronze Cory”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Corydorascaudimaculatus “Tail Spot Cory”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$20.00CE
Corydorasdelphax “Piglet Cory” “Colombia”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$5.00
Corydoraselegans “Elegant Cory” “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$5.00
Corydorasgossei “Pale Spotted Cory”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$25.00
Corydorasgranti “Skunk Cory” “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$6.00
Corydorasgranti “Skunk Cory” “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$6.00
Corydorasguapore “Brazil”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$24.00CE
Corydorasharaldschultzi “Mosaic Cory” “Brazil”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$17.00
Corydorashastatus “Black Diamond Cory” “Brazil”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$6.00
Corydorassp. “Laser Green” CW009Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$30.00
Corydorassp. “Laser Orange” CW010Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$15.00
Corydorasleopardus “Leopard Cory”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.00
Corydorasmelanotaenia “Gold Green Cory” “Colombia”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$5.00
Corydorasmetae “Bandit Cory” “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$6.003 ONLY
Corydorasnattereri “Blue Cory”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$15.00
Corydoraspaleatus “Salt and Pepper Cory”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Corydoraspanda “Panda Cory”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
Corydoraspygmaeus “Pygmy Cory” “Colombia”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$2.00Minimum 6
Corydorasreticulatus “Peru”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.00
Corydorasrobineae “Brazil”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$20.00
Corydorassimilis “Violet Cory”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00FEWCE
Corydorassodalis “False Network Cory” “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$5.00
Corydorassterbai “Sterba’s Cory”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Corydorastrilineatus “Reticulated Julii”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
CorydorastukanoMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$30.00CE
CorydorasvirginiaeMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00
Dianemalongibarbis “Porthole Cat”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$5.00
Dianemaurostriatum “Flagtail Porthole Cats” “Brazil”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$14.00CE
Hoplosternumlittorale “Common Hoplo Cat” “Colombia”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.00
Megalechisthoracata “Marble Hoplo”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
ScleromystaxbarbatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
ScleromystaxbarbatusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$30.00

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Ancistrussp. “Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Ancistrussp. “Long Fin Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Ancistrussp. “Albino Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Ancistrussp. “Albino Bushynose Pleco”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$15.00
Ancistrussp. “Long Fin Albino Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Ancistrussp. “Blue Eye Albino Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Ancistrussp. “Calico Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Ancistrussp. “Long Fin Calico Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$17.00
Ancistrussp. “Green Dragon Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Ancistrusclaro “Gold Marble Bushynose Pleco” LDA08Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$24.00
Ancistrusdolichopterus “Blue Seam Bushynose Pleco” L183Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$30.00FEW
Ancistrusmacrophthalmus “Blue Medusa Pleco” LDA74Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$35.00
Ancistrussp. “Rio Tocantins Bushynose Pleco” L180Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$17.00
Ancistrusranunculus “Medusa Bushynose Pleco” L034Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$50.00
Ancistrussp. “Super Red Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$15.00
Ancistrussp. “Super Red Bushynose Pleco”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$25.00CE
Ancistrussp. “Long Fin Super Red Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$35.00
Baryancistrusbeggini “Blue Fin Panaque” L239Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00
Baryancistrusdemantoides “Hi-Fin Green Phantom Pleco” L200 HFExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$50.00
Baryancistrusxanthellus “Gold Nugget Pleco” L018Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$45.00
Baryancistrusxanthellus “Iriri Gold Nugget Pleco” L177Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$50.00
Chaetostomaformosae “Rubber Lip Plecostomus” L444Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$5.00
Dekeyseriasp. “Atabapo Butterfly Pleco” L052Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$17.00
Dekeyseriabrachyura “Butterfly Pleco” L168Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00
Farlowellavittata “Twig Cat” “Colombia”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00
Hemiancistrussp. “Blue Phantom Pleco” L128Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$30.00
Hemiancistrussp. “Blue Phantom Pleco” L128Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.001 ONLY
Hemiancistrussp. “Blue Phantom Pleco” L128Extra Extra Large (5″+)WILD$60.001 ONLY
Hemiancistrusguahiborum “Orange Seam Pleco” L106Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$18.00
Hemiancistrussubviridis “Green Phantom Pleco” L200Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00
Hemiancistrussubviridis “Green Phantom Pleco” L200Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$50.00CE
Hypancistruscontradens “Orinoco Polka-Dot Pleco”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$30.00CE
Hypancistrusdebilittera “Colombian Zebra Pleco” L129Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$18.00
Hypancistrussp. “Gurupa Pleco”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$50.002 ONLY
Hypancistrusinspector L102Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00
Hypancistrussp. “King Tiger/Scribble Pleco” L0665″WILD$60.00
Hypancistrussp. “Leopard Zebra” L174Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$130.00
Hypancistrussp. “Mega Clown Pleco” L340Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$25.00
Hypancistrussp. “Orinoco Angel Pleco” L201Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$25.00
Hypancistrussp. “Queen Arabesque Pleco” L260Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$70.00
Hypancistrussp. “Small Spot/Stardust Pleco” L262Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$25.00
Hypancistrusvandragti “Dwarf Spiny Pleco” L280Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$70.00
Hypancistruszebra L046Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$190.00
Hypoptopomagulare “Giant Otocinclus”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$10.00
Hypostomussoniae “Red Bruno Pleco” L137Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$50.00CE
Lamontichthysllanero “Royal Whiptail Cat” “Colombia”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$24.00
Lasiancistrusheteracanthus “Red Tail”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$20.00
Leporacanthicuscf. galaxias “Vampire Pleco” L240Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00
Leporacanthicusheterodon “Golden Vampire Pleco” L172aLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$50.00
Leporacanthicustriactis “Three Beacon Pleco” L091Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00
Leporacanthicustriactis “Three Beacon Pleco” L091Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$60.00
Otocincluscocama “Zebra Otocinclus”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$13.00
Otocinclusmacrospilus “Common Otocinclus” “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Panaqueambrusteri L027 “Tapajos”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$60.00
Panaquenigrolineatus “Royal Pleco” L190Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$24.00
Panaqolusalbivermis “Pinstripe Panaque” L204Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00
Panaqolusalbivermis “Spotted Pinstripe Panaque” L204aExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$50.00
Panaqolusalbomaculatus “Galaxy Pleco” LDA31Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$40.001 ONLY
Panaqolussp. “Gold Tiger Pleco” LDA01Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$35.00
Panaqolussp. “Lyretail Clown Pleco” L425Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$35.002 ONLY
Panaqolusmaccus “Clown Pleco” L104Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.00
Panaqolustankei “Tiger Stripe Pleco” L398Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$40.00
Parancistrusnudiventris “Xingu Peppermint Pleco” L031Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00
Peckoltiacf. braueri “Wormline Tiger Pleco” L135Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$45.00
Peckoltiabrevis “Spotted Tiger Pleco” LDA78Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$30.00CE
Peckoltiacompta “Leopard Frog Pleco” L134Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$85.00
Peckoltiacompta “Leopard Frog Pleco” L134Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$100.00CE
Peckoltiafurcata “Leopard Peckoltia” “Peru”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$15.00
Peckoltiasabaji “Para Pleco” L075Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$45.00
Peckoltiavittata “Tiger Peckoltia” L015Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$30.00
Pseudacanthicuscf. leopardus “Red Fin Sternella” L114Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$50.00
Pseudacanthicuspirarara “Scarlet Pleco” L025Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$140.001 ONLY
Pseudolithoxusanthrax “Flat Flyer Pleco” L235Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$30.00
Pseudolithoxusanthrax “Flat Flyer Pleco” L235Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$40.00
Pterygoplichthysgibbiceps “Marble Sailfin Pleco”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$7.00
Pterygoplichthysjoselimaianus “Spotted Sailfin Pleco” L001Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Pterygoplichthysjoselimaianus “Spotted Sailfin Pleco” L001Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$15.00CE
Pterygoplichthyspunctatus “Imperial Ranger Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$10.00
Rineloricariasp. “Red Whiptail Cat” L010aMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$17.00
Scobinancistrusaureatus “Goldy Pleco” L014aLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$80.00
Scobinancistrusaureatus “Goldy Pleco” L014aExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$90.00CE
Scobinancistruscf. pariolispos “Golden Cloud Pleco” L048Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$50.00

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Amphiliusplatychir “Kuhli Cat”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$15.00
AuchenoglanisbiscutatusExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$45.00
Auchenoglanissp. “Bouche”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$35.001 ONLY
Auchenoglanissp. “Giraffe Cat” “Congo”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$30.003 ONLY
Bagrichthysmacracanthus “Black Lancer Cat”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$20.002 ONLY
Bagrichthysmacracanthus “Black Lancer Cat”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$30.00
Batasiofluviatilis “Bengal Tiger Cat”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$15.001 ONLY
Brachyrhamdiameesi “Mees’ Antenna Cat”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$9.00
Bunocephaluscoracoideus “Banjo Cat” “Colombia”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$4.00
Centromochlusperugiae “Honeycomb Cat”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$12.00
Erethistesjerdoni “Dwarf Anchor Cat”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$4.00
Goeldiellaeques “Horsehead Pimelodid”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$30.00
Hyalobagrusflavus “Malayan Yellow Pygmy Cat”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$6.00
Kryptopterusvitreolus “Glass Cat”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$6.00
LeiocassispoecilopterusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$25.001 ONLY
Megalodorasuranoscopus “Giant Talking Catfish” “Peru”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$30.00
Microsynodontissp. “Bumble Bee”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$9.00CE
Mystusbimaculatus “Sumatran Two Spot Cat”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.00
Notoglanidiummacrostoma “Dwarf Giraffe Cat”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$15.00
PimelodusornatusExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$35.00
PimelodusornatusExtra Extra Large (5″+)WILD$50.00
Pimeloduspictus “Pictus Cat” “Colombia”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$8.00
Platydorasarmatulus “Striped Raphael Cat”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$8.00
Pseudomystuscf. stenomus “Burmese Chocolate Bumble Bee Cat”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00
Pseudeutropiusbrachypopterus “Mini Shark Cat”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$6.00
Sorubimlima “Lima Shovelnose”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$25.00
Synodontisangelicus “Polka Dot Syno”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$35.00
Synodontisangelicus “Polka Dot Syno”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$40.00CE
Synodontisbatensoda “Giant Upside Down Cat”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$30.00
SynodontisbrichardiLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00
SynodontiscontractusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$25.00
SynodontisdecorusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00
Synodontiseupterus “Featherfin Squeaker Cat”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Synodontisflavitaeniatus “Orange Striped Squeaker Cat”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$30.00
Synodontiscf. koensisLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$15.00
Synodontislucipinnis “Dwarf Petricola”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
SynodontismultipunctatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$20.00
SynodontismultipunctatusExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$35.00
Synodontisnigriventris “Upside-Down Cat”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$6.00
SynodontisnotatusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$30.00
SynodontisocelliferLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$15.00
SynodontisorientalisLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00
SynodontispardalisExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$110.00
SynodontissoloniExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$30.00
Tatiaintermedia “Galaxy Cat”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$15.00CE
Tympanopleuraatronasus “Dwarf Dolphin Cat”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$15.00

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Batik/Zodiac LoachMesonoemacheilus triangularisLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$8.00
Black Line LoachAmbastaia nigrolineataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$13.00
Blyth’s LoachSyncrossus berdmoreiExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$12.00
Burma Border LoachBotia kubotaiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$8.00
Burma Border LoachBotia kubotaiExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$18.00
Burmese Rosy LoachPetruichthys sp.Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$5.00
Chinese Kansu LoachSinibotia robustaLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$10.00CE
Clown LoachChromobotia macracanthusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$9.00
Clown LoachChromobotia macracanthusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$20.00
Dwarf Chain LoachAmbastaia sidthimunkiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$13.00
Forktail LoachVaillantella maassiLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$20.00
Kuhli LoachPangio semicinctaMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$4.00
Black Kuhli LoachPangio oblongaLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$3.00
Mekong Zebra LoachYasuhikotakia sp.Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$7.00
Peacock LoachLepidocephalichthys cf. annandaleiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00
Pygmy Multi Stripe LoachMicronemacheilus cruciatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$5.00
Queen LoachBotia darioLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$9.00
Red Lizard Hillstream LoachHomaloptera parclitellaLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$18.00
Reticulated Hillstream LoachSewellia lineolataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$13.00
Scooter LoachBarbucca diabolicaExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$12.00
Serpent LoachSerpenticobitis octozonaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$10.00
Skunk LoachYasuhikotakia morletiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Spiny LoachLepidocephalichthys thermalisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.00
Splendid LoachYasuhikotakia splendidaMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$20.00
Spotted Hillstream LoachSewellia sp. “SEW01”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$12.00
Spotted Tail Polka Dot LoachYasuhikotakia caudipunctataExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$40.00
Sumo LoachSchistura balteataMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.00
Yo Yo LoachBotia lohachataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.00
Zebra LoachBotia striataMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$8.00

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Adonis TetraLepidarchus adonisExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$4.00CE
African Red Eye TetraArnoldichthys spilopterusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$8.00
Alestes TetraBryconalestes longipinnisLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$8.00
Altus TetraBrachypetersius altusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$12.00
Black Emperor TetraNematobrycon palmeriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Black Fin TetraBryconamericus sp. “Peru”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$8.00CE
Black Neon TetraHyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Black Phantom TetraHyphessobrycon megalopterusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Black Skirt TetraGymnocorymbus ternetziSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.002 ONLY
Bleeding Blue TetraHyphessobrycon margitae “Peru”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$8.00
Bleeding Heart TetraHyphessobrycon erythrostigma “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Bloodfin TetraAphyocharax anisitsiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$3.00CE
Blue Diamond Congo TetraAlestopetersius smykalaiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$12.00
Blue Emperor TetraInpaichthys kerriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Blue Loreto TetraHyphessobrycon peruvianusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.00
Blue TetraKnodus borkiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$2.50
Blue TetraKnodus borkiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Blueberry TetraHyphessobrycon wadaiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$17.00
Broken Stripe TetraHemigrammus ulreyiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00
Bucktooth TetraExodon paradoxusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00FEW
Cardinal TetraParacheirodon axelrodiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$4.00
Cardinal TetraParacheirodon axelrodi “Colombia”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00
Congo TetraPhenacogrammus interruptusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
Congo Tetra – FemalesPhenacogrammus interruptusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$5.00CE
Costello TetraHemigrammus hyanuary “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00FEW
Diamond TetraMoenkhausia pittieriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$5.00
Diamond Head Neon TetraParacheirodon innesiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Ember TetraHyphessobrycon amandaeExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$2.00
Emperor TetraNematobrycon palmeriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Emperor TetraNematobrycon palmeri “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00FEWCE
Emperor Tetra – GoldenNematobrycon palmeriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Fantastique Congo TetraPhenacogrammus sp.Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$30.00
Flag Tetra – PeruvianHyphessobrycon eschwartzaeMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$10.00
Flame Back Bleeding Heart TetraHyphessobrycon pyrrhonotus “Brazil”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.00
Flame TetraHyphessobrycon flammeusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Glo SkirtGymnocorymbus ternetzi “Assorted Colors”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00
Glowlight TetraHemigrammus erythrozonusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Green Fire TetraAphyocharax rathbuniSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Green Neon TetraParacheirodon simulans “Colombia”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$2.00
Imperial TetraHyphessobrycon nigricinctus “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$10.00
Jelly Bean TetraLadigesia roloffiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.50
Junior TetraHyphessobrycon robustulus “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$7.00
Lamp Eye Congo TetraPhenacogrammus aurantiacusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$25.00
Lapis TetraHyphessobrycon cyanotaeniaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$17.00
Lemon TetraHyphessobrycon pulchripinnisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Loreto TetraHyphessobrycon loretoensisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Malinowski TetraSerrapinnus piabaMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.00
Myrmex TetraHyphessobrycon myrmexSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$30.00
Nambiquara TetraHasemania nambiquaraSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$17.00FEWCE
Neon TetraParacheirodon innesiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$1.75
One Line African TetraNannaethiops unitaeniatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$6.00
Orange Flash Congo TetraAlestopetersius cf. nigropterusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$20.00CE
Panda TetraAphyocharax nattereriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Pantanal TetraHyphessobrycon sp.Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$10.00FEW
Penguin TetraThayeria boehlkeiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Phoenix TetraHemigrammus filamentosusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$5.00
Pristella TetraPristella maxillarisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Pretty/Garnet TetraHemigrammus pulcherSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Red & Blue Colombian TetraHyphessobrycon columbianusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Red Cap Moon TetraBathyaethiops breuseghemiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$12.00
Red Cherry TetraHyphessobrycon sp.Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$30.00
Red Congo TetraAlestopetersius brichardi2″WILD$35.00
Red Eye TetraMoenkhausia sanctaefilomenaeSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Red Phantom TetraHyphessobrycon sweglesiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Red Stripe TetraHemigrammus rubrostriatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.00FEW
Red Tail TetraMoenkhausia copeiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00
Reed TetraHyphessobrycon elachysSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Ruby TetraAxelrodia riesei “Colombia”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$2.00
Rummynose TetraHemigrammus bleheriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Rummynose TetraHemigrammus bleheri “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Peruvian Rummynose TetraPetitella georgiaeSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Serpae TetraHyphessobrycon equesSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Silver Tip TetraHasemania nanaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Spotted Splash TetraCopella nattereriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.00CE
Tucano TetraTucanoichthys tucanoExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$12.00CE
Watermelon TetraHemigrammus coeruleusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$17.00
White Fin Tetra (HY511)Hyphessobrycon rosaceusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Yellow Congo TetraAlestopetersius caudalisMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Zig Zag TetraHyphessobrycon hexastichosMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$20.00
Marble Hatchet FishCarnegiella strigata “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Platinum Hatchet FishThoracocharax stellatus “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Pygmy Hatchet FishCarnegiella myersi “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Brown Tailed PencilfishNannostomus eques “Peru”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$3.00CE
Dwarf PencilfishNannostomus marginatus “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Purple PencilfishNannostomus rubrocaudatus “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$12.00
Red Arc PencilfishNannostomus mortenthaleri “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$12.00
Three Line PencilfishNannostomus trifasciatus “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Ansorg’s NeolebiasNeolebias ansorgiiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$5.00
Axelrod’s NeolebiasNeolebais axelrodiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$6.00
Three Line NeolebiasNeolebias trilineatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$8.00
Yellow Fin ChalceusChalceus erythrurusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$7.00
Banded DistichodusDistichodus sexfasciatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$30.00
Dwarf DistichodusDistichodus decemmaculatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$30.00
Green Dwarf DistichodusDistichodus teugelsiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$30.00
Long Nose DistichodusDistichodus lusossoLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$30.00
Watermelon DistichodusDistichodus sp. “Red & Black”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$40.00
Silver DollarMetynnis hypsauchenMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.00
Black Banded Silver DollarMyleus schomburgkiiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$20.00
Red Hook Silver DollarMyloplus rubripinnis “Colombia”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$20.00
Four Spot HeadstanderPseudanos variiExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$25.00FEW
Striped HeadstanderAnostomus anostomusExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$20.00

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Black Ruby BarbPethia nigrofasciataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Checker BarbOliotius oligolepisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Cherry BarbPuntius titteyaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Drape Fin BarbOreichthys crenuchoidesSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Fire BarbEnteromius fasciolatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Glo-BarbPuntigrus tetrazaona “Red or Green”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00
Gold BarbBarbodes semifasciolatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Gold Clown BarbPethia geliusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00FEW
Lemon Fin BarbHypselobarbus jerdoni “India”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$12.00
Lined BarbStriuntius lineatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.00CE
Lined BarbStriuntius lineatusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$10.00
Narayani BarbPethia narayaniMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00
Odessa BarbPethia padamyaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$5.00
Panda BarbHaludaria fasciataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$6.00
Red Lipstick BarbPethia erythromycterExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00
Rhombo/Snakeskin BarbDesmopuntius rhomboocellatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.00
Rosy BarbPethia conchoniusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Siam Tiger BarbPuntigrus partipentazonaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.00
Six Banded BarbDesmopuntius hexazonaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.00
Tiger BarbPuntigrus tetrazonaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Green Tiger BarbPuntigrus tetrazonaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Tinfoil BarbBarbonymus schwanenfeldiiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$3.00
Tinfoil BarbBarbonymus schwanenfeldiiExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$18.00
Burmese Blood Tail Giant DanioDevario annandaleiLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$7.00
Burmese Gold Ring DanioDanio tinwiniExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$4.00
Celestial Pearl DanioDanio margaritatusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$6.00
Fire Line DanioDevario sondhiiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$5.00
Fire Ring DanioDanio kyathitSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$5.00
Giant DanioDevario aequipinnatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$4.00
Glowlight DanioDanio chopraeSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.00
Glo-FishDanio rerio “Assorted Colors”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Leopard DanioDanio frankeiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Orange Fin DanioDanio sp. “Kyathit”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$4.00FEW
Panther DanioDanio aesculapiiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Pearl DanioDanio albolineatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Rosy DanioDanio roseusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Royal Butterfly DanioOpsarius pulchellusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$10.005 ONLY
Spotted DanioDanio nigrofasciatusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$2.00
Yoma DanioDanio feegradeiLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$6.00
Zebra DanioDanio rerioSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$1.25
Zebra DanioDanio rerio “India”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$2.50
Burmese Gold Neon RasboraRasbora paucisqualisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.00
Cherry Spot RasboraRasbora rubrodorsalisExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00
Chili RasboraBoraras brigittaeExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00
Emerald Dwarf RasboraDanio erythromicronExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$4.00
Exclamation Point RasboraBoraras urophthalmoidesExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$2.00
Green RasboraMicrodevario kubotaiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$4.00
Harlequin RasboraTrigonostigma heteromorphaExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$3.00
Purple Harlequin RasboraTrigonostigma heteromorphaExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$3.00
Narrow Wedge RasboraTrigonostigma hengeliSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Neon Blue RasboraSundadanio goblinusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00
Neon Green RasboraSundadanio margaritionExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00
Phoenix RasboraBoraras merahExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00
Pork Chop RasboraTrigonostigma espeiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Pygmy Spotted RasboraBoraras maculatusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$1.50
Red Line RasboraTrigonopoma pauciperforatumSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Red Tail RasboraRasbora borapetensisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$2.00
Rummynose RasboraSawbwa resplendensSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00CE
Scissortail RasboraRasbora trilineataMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$3.00
Sarawak RasboraRasbora sarawakensisMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$5.00
Strawberry RasboraBoraras naevusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00
Yellow Scissortail RasboraRasbora rasboraLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$5.00
White CloudTanichthys albonubesSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$1.50
Gold White CloudTanichthys albonubesSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Long Fin White CloudTanichthys albonubesSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Vietnamese White CloudTanichthys micagemmaeSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Panda GarraGarra flavatraLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$13.00
Red Tail Burmese GarraGarra sp.Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$20.00
Bala SharkBalantiocheilos melanopterusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$4.00No Minimum
Bala SharkBalantiocheilos melanopterusExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$20.00
Calico SharkLabeo cyclorhynchusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$35.00
Rainbow SharkEpalzeorhynchos frenatumMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$4.00No Minimum
Albino Rainbow SharkEpalzeorhynchos frenatumMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$4.00No Minimum
Red Tail SharkEpalzeorhynchos bicolorMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$4.00No Minimum
Roseline SharkSahyadria denisoniiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$15.00
Siamese Algae EaterCrossocheilus oblongusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$4.00No Minimum
Fish Net Flying FoxCrossocheilus reticulatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$5.00No Minimum
Flying FoxEpalzeorhynchos kalopterumMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$5.00No Minimum

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Male BettaBetta splendensMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$4.00
Crowntail Male BettaBetta splendensMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Black Orchid Crowntail Male BettaBetta splendensMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$15.00
Half Moon Male BettaBetta splendensMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
Dumbo Half Moon Male BettaBetta splendensSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$15.00
Koi Plakat Male BettaBetta splendensMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$24.00
Koi Half Moon Male BettaBetta splendens “Unsexed”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$24.00
Plakat Male Betta “Show Grade”Betta splendensSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Female BettaBetta splendensSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Female Crown Tail BettaBetta splendensSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Female Half Moon BettaBetta splendensSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Female Koi BettaBetta splendensMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$12.00
Batman BettaBetta persephoneExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$16.002 ONLY
Blue Dream BettaBetta mahachaiensisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$24.00
Green Mask BettaBetta pugnaxLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$8.003 ONLY
Howong BettaBetta unimaculata “Sangatta”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$20.00
Pink Pearl BettaBetta smaragdinaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$8.00
Red Wine BettaBetta miniopinnaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$12.00
Burmese Mini Chocolate GouramiParasphaerichthys ocellatusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$5.00
Chocolate GouramiSphaerichthys osphromenoidesSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$6.00
Dwarf GouramiTrichogaster lalius “MALE”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$5.00
Red Flame Dwarf GouramiTrichogaster lalius “MALE”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Gold GouramiTrichopodus trichopterusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$4.00
Honey Dwarf GouramiTrichogaster chunaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Sunset Honey Dwarf GouramiTrichogaster chunaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Bukit Merah Licorice GouramiParosphromenus rubrimontisExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$10.00CE
Phoenix Licorice GouramiParosphromenus phoenicurusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$10.001 ONLY
Pink Kissing GouramiHelostoma temminckiiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$3.00
Opaline GouramiTrichopodus trichopterusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$4.00
Pearl GouramiTrichopodus leeriiLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$8.00
Powder Blue Dwarf GouramiTrichogaster lalius “MALE”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Powder Blue Dwarf GouramiTrichogaster lalius “FEMALE”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
Red Giant GouramiOsphronemus laticlaviusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$13.00
Sparkling GouramiTrichopsis pumilaExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$2.00Minimum 6
Giant Sparkling GouramiTrichopsis schalleriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Giant Banded GouramiTrichogaster fasciata “India”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$10.00
Snakeskin GouramiTrichopodus pectoralisExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$5.00
Vaillant Chocolate GouramiSphaerichthys vaillantiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$12.00
Black Tiger DarioDario sp. “Myanmar”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$6.00Minimum 3
Burmese Red Neon BadisBadis ruberMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.00
Scarlet BadisDario darioExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$6.00Minimum 3
Blue Paradise FishMacropodus opercularisLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$3.00
Spike Tail Paradise FishPseudosphromenus dayiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00
Banded BushfishMicroctenopoma fasciolatumLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$10.00
Leopard BushfishCtenopoma acutirostreSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Mottled CtenopomaCtenopoma weeksiiLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$15.00
Ornate CtenopomaMicroctenopoma ansorgiiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$8.00
Petherich’s BushfishCtenopoma pethericiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$10.00
Asian Leaf FishNandus nebulosusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$10.00
Indian Leaf FishNandus nandusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$10.00

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Boesemani RainbowMelanotaenia boesemaniMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$20.00PAIR
Celebes RainbowMarosatherina ladigesiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00CE
Duboulayi RainbowMelanotaenia duboulayi “Oyster Creek”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$12.00
Emerald RainbowGlossolepis wanamensisLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.00PAIR
Forktail Blue Eye RainbowPseudomugil furcatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Irian Red RainbowGlossolepis incisusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$8.00FEW
Kamaka RainbowMelanotaenia kamakaLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$12.00
Madagascar RainbowBedotia madagascariensisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Millenium Rainbow “Albino”Glossolepis pseudoincisusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.00PAIRCE
Neon Dwarf RainbowMelanotaenia praecoxSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
Red Laser RainbowMelanotaenia rubrivittataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Red Neon RainbowPseudomugil luminatusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$7.00
Thread Fin RainbowIriatherina werneriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
Trifasciata RainbowMelanotaenia trifasciata “Goyder River”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$12.00CE
Trifasciata RainbowMelanotaenia trifasciata “Goyder River”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$15.00
Turquoise RainbowMelanotaenia lacustrisMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00
Turquoise RainbowMelanotaenia lacustrisLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$12.00CE
Yellow RainbowMelanotaenia herbertaxelrodiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$20.00PAIR
Zig Zag RainbowGlossolepis dorityiLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.00PAIR
Amber Finned Lampeye KilliFoerschichthys flavipinnisExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$4.00CE
Bivittatum KilliAphyosemion bivittatum “Lagos”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$14.00PAIR
Cardinal LampeyeOryzias woworaeSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00Minimum 6
Chocolate Australe KilliAphyosemion australeSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$14.00PAIR
Clown KilliEpiplatys annulatusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$4.00Minimum 6
Eggersi KilliNothobranchius eggersiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$18.00PAIRCE
Gold Australe KilliAphyosemion australeMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$14.00PAIR
Guenther’s KilliNothobranchius guentheriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$18.00PAIRCE
Kisaki KilliNothobranchius flammicomantisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$18.00PAIRCE
Luxophthalmus KilliPoropanchax luxophthalmusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$4.00Minimum 6
Normani KilliPoropanchax normaniSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$2.50Minimum 6
Pearl KilliAustrolebias nigripinnisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$18.00PAIRCE
Rachovii Killi “Albino”Nothobranchius rachoviiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$22.00PAIRCE
Red Fin RicefishOryzias mekongensisExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00Minimum 6
Red Striped KilliAphyosemion striatumSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$16.00PAIR

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Blue Lyretail Male GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Blue Neon Male GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Blue Neon GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00PAIR (Min. 3)
Glowlight Male GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Glowlight GuppyPoecilia reticulataMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00PAIR (Min. 3)
Golden Snakeskin Male GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Green Lace Male GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Koi Tuxedo GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00PAIR (Min. 3)
Neon Red Dragon Male GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Neon Red Dragon GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00PAIR (Min. 3)
Panda GuppyPoecilia reticulataExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$10.00PAIR (Min. 3)
Red Bronze Male GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Red Bronze GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00PAIR (Min. 3)\
Red Snakeskin Male GuppyPoecilia reticulataMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$4.00
Red Snakeskin GuppyPoecilia reticulataMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00PAIR (Min. 3)
Blue Melanzona GuppyMicropoecilia paraeExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$7.00PAIR (Min. 3)CE
Red Picta GuppyMicropoecilia pictaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00PAIR (Min. 3)CE
Assorted Endler’s LivebearerPoecilia cf. wingeiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$5.00PAIR (Min. 3)
Black Green Snake Endler’s LivebearerPoecilia cf. wingeiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$7.00PAIR (Min. 3)
Blue Star Endler’s LivebearerPoecilia cf. wingeiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$7.00PAIR (Min. 3)CE
Flametail Endler’s LivebearerPoecilia cf. wingeiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$7.00PAIR (Min. 3)
Scarlet Endler’s LivebearerPoecilia cf. wingeiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$3.50Males Only
Silverado Endler’s LivebearerPoecilia cf. wingeiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$7.00PAIR (Min. 3)CE
Three Spot Endler’s LivebearerPoecilia cf. wingeiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$3.50Males Only
Black MollyPoecilia sphenopsMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$3.00
Cauca MollyPoecilia caucanaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Gold MollyPoecilia sphenopsSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Half Black Gold MollyPoecilia sphenopsMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$3.00
Blue Coral PlatyXiphophorus maculatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$2.00
Blue Tuxedo PlatyXiphophorus maculatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$2.00
Bumble Bee PlatyXiphophorus maculatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Calico PlatyXiphophorus maculatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Golden Leopard PlatyXiphophorus maculatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Red Tuxedo PlatyXiphophorus maculatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Red Wag PlatyXiphophorus maculatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Sunset Hi Fin VariatusXiphophorus variatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Albino Red SwordtailXiphophorus helleriMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$12.00TRIO (Min. 2)
Blue Marble SwordtailXiphophorus helleriiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$12.00TRIO (Min. 2)
Calico SwordtailXiphophorus helleriiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$5.00
Marigold SwordtailXiphophorus helleriiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00TRIO (Min. 2)
Neon SwordtailXiphophorus helleriiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00TRIO (Min. 2)
Pineapple SwordtailXiphophorus helleriiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00TRIO (Min. 2)
Red SwordtailXiphophorus helleriiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00TRIO (Min. 2)
Red Tuxedo SwordtailXiphophorus helleriiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00TRIO (Min. 2)
Red Wag SwordtailXiphophorus helleriiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00TRIO (Min. 2)
Three Spot HalfbeakHemirhamphodon pogonognathusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$8.00No Minimum
Crescent GambusiaGambusia hurtadoiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00Males OnlyCE
Cuban LimiaLimia vittataExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$4.00CE
Tiburon LimiaLimia tridensExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$4.00

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Amano ShrimpCaridina multidentataTinyWILD$3.00
Black Cherry Sakura ShrimpNeocaridina davidiSmallTR$5.00
Bloody Mary Sakura ShrimpNeocaridina davidiSmallTR$5.00
Blue Velvet ShrimpNeocaridina davidiSmallTR$5.00
Cherry Red Sakura ShrimpNeocaridina davidiSmallTR$5.00
Red Crystal ShrimpCaridina logemanniSmallTR$6.00
Giant Blue Wood ShrimpAtya gabonensisMediumWILD$13.00No Minimum
Singapore ShrimpAtyopsis moluccensisMediumWILD$8.00No Minimum
Assassin SnailClea helenaSmallTR$3.00
Bicolor SnailFaunus sp. “Bicolor”MediumWILD$5.00Minimum 3
Red Onion SnailVittina semiconicaSmallWILD$3.00
Zebra Nerite SnailNeritina natalensisSmallWILD$3.00

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
African Dwarf FrogHymenochirus boettgeriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00\
Burmese Zebra EelMacrognathus zebrinusExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$8.00
Fire EelMastacembelus erythrotaenia4-5″WILD$15.00
Indian Striped Peacock EelMacrognathus aralExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$12.00
Orange Spot EelAethiomastacembelus liberiensisExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$30.00
Starlight EelMastacembelus alboguttatus8-10″WILD$100.00
Zig Zag EelMacrognathus circumcinctusExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$10.00
Freshwater Clouded ArcherfishToxotes blythiiLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.00
Black Line PipefishDoryichthys martensiiExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$12.00
Blue Cobalt GobyStiphodon semoniMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$10.00
Blue Marble GobyLentipes sp. “Sumatra”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$10.00
Flaming Arrow GobySicyopus zosterophorusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$12.00FEW
Ornate Rainbow GobyStiphodon ornatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$10.00
White Cheek GobyRhinogobius cf. duospilusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$10.00CE
Empire GudgeonHypseleotris compressaMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$15.00CE
Peacock GudgeonTateurndina ocellicaudaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Thin Bar Gold Siamese Tiger FishDatnioides undecimradiatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$30.00
Thin Bar Gold Siamese Tiger FishDatnioides undecimradiatusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00CE
Black Ghost KnifeApteronotus albifronsLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$10.00
Brown Ghost KnifeApteronotus leptorhynchusExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$10.00
Clown KnifeChitala ornataExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$8.00
Gold Spotted KnifePapyrocranus aferExtra Extra Large (5″+)WILD$40.001 ONLY
Hairy PufferPao baileyiExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$100.00
South American Leaf FishMonocirrhus polyacanthusExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$20.00
Mbu PufferTetraodon mbuLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$150.00
Pea PufferCarinotetraodon travancoricusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$5.00
Spotted Congo PufferTetraodon schoutedeniLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$200.00
Ansorgii BichirPolypterus ansorgii8-10″WILD$150.00
Congicus BichirPolypterus congicus6-7″WILD$90.00
Congo Green BichirPolypterus retropinnisExtra Extra Large (5″+)WILD$50.00
Gold Dust BichirPolypterus buettikoferiExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$35.00
Koloton BichirPolypterus sp.12″WILD$150.00
Marbled BichirPolypterus palmas palmasExtra Extra Large (5″+)WILD$50.00
Ornate BichirPolypterus ornatipinnisExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$45.001 ONLY
Red BichirPolypterus endlicheri3-3.5″TR$25.00
Reticulated BichirPolypterus mokelembembeExtra Extra Large (5″+)WILD$100.00
Senegal BichirPolypterus senegalusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$8.00
Albino Senegal BichirPolypterus senegalusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$12.00
Speckled BichirPolypterus polliExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$55.00
Jardinii ArowanaScleropages jardinii5-6″WILD$130.00
Silver ArowanaOsteoglossum bicirrhosumExtra Extra Large (5″+)TR$50.00

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Black MoorCarassius auratusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Black MoorCarassius auratusExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$20.00
Black OrandaCarassius auratusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00
Blue OrandaCarassius auratusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Calico MoorCarassius auratusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Chocolate OrandaCarassius auratusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$8.00
Red Cap OrandaCarassius auratusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00
Red & White OrandaCarassius auratusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
ShubunkinCarassius auratusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$8.00
KoiCyprinus rubrofuscusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$10.00
Butterfly KoiCyprinus rubrofuscusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$13.00