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Species in bold font are available for purchase, but are located at our holding facility. To purchase these fish locally, please contact our Online Sales Department to schedule an in-store pick-up. Customers who are placing an online order may disregard bold font.

Scientific NameCommon NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Labidochromissp. “Perlmutt”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$7.00CE
Etropluscanarensis “Pearl Chromide”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$50.00FEWCE
HemichromisfrempongiLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$20.00CE
Mikrogeophagusaltispinosus “Bolivian Ram”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$15.00CE
Corydorasduplicareus “Duplicate Cory” “Brazil”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$15.00CE
Baryancistrusxanthellus “Gold Nugget Pleco” L081Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00CE
Scobinancistrusaureatus “Goldy Pleco” L014aLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$80.00CE
Acaciensis TetraHyphessobrycon sp. “Acaciensis”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00
Crystal TetraProtocheirodon pi “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$10.00CE
Pink Tail ChalceusChalceus macrolepidotusExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$15.00CE
Indian Striped Peacock EelMacrognathus aralExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$12.00CE
Crocodile Toothpick FishIndostomus crocodilusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$6.00CE

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Aulonocarabaenschi “Sunshine”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Aulonocarabaenschi “Sunshine”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$40.00MALES
Aulonocarasp. “Blue Neon Tanzania” “Undu Point”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$50.00
Aulonocarasp. “Chitande Type Masinje”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Aulonocarasp. “Chitande Type Masinje”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$25.00MALECE
Aulonocarasp. “Chitande Type Nkhomo”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Aulonocaraethelwynnae “Chitande”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Aulonocaraethelwynnae “Chitande”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$12.00CE
Aulonocaraethelwynnae “Chitande”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$40.00MALE
Aulonocarasp. “Eureka”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Aulonocarasp. “Eureka”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00
Aulonocaragertrudae “Jumbo Blue”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.006 ONLY
Aulonocaragertrudae “Jumbo Blue”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$10.00FEMALES ONLYCE
Aulonocarahansbaenschi “Red Shoulder”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$6.00
Aulonocarahansbaenschi “Red Shoulder”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$25.00FEMALESCE
Aulonocarahansbaenschi “Red Shoulder”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00MALES
Aulonocarajacobfreibergi “Hongi Island”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$25.00MALECE
Aulonocarajacobfreibergi “Makokola Reef”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00CE
Aulonocarajacobfreibergi “Makokola Reef”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$60.00TRIOCE
Aulonocarajacobfreibergi “Makokola Reef”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00MALE
Aulonocarajacobfreibergi “Otter Point”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$9.00
Aulonocarajacobfreibergi “Otter Point”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$100.001 M 3 FM ColonyCE
Aulonocarasp. “Lwanda”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Aulonocarasp. “Lwanda”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)F1$30.00MALE
Aulonocarasp. “Lwanda”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$60.00MALES
Aulonocarasp. “Maisoni” “Chitimba Bay”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$7.00
Aulonocarasp. “Maisoni” “Chitimba Bay”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)F1$30.00
Aulonocarasp. “Maleri” “Albino”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Aulonocarasp. “Maleri” “Chipoka”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$6.00
Aulonocarasp. “Maleri” “Maleri Island”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Aulonocarasp. “Maleri” “Maleri Island”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00MALES
Aulonocarasp. “Maleri” “Rubin Red”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Aulonocarasp. “Maleri” “Rubin Red”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$30.00MALES
Aulonocarasp. “Maleri” “Rubin Red”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$25.00FEMALESCE
Aulonocarasp. “Mamalela – Lemon Jake”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$60.00MALES
Aulonocarasp. “Maulana Bicolor”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Aulonocarasp. “Maulana Bicolor”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00
Aulonocaramaylandi “Sulfurhead”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00MALESCE
Aulonocarasp. “Orange Collar” “Tanzania”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Aulonocarasp. “Orange Collar” “Tanzania”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.00MALESCE
Aulonocarasp. “OB”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Aulonocarasp. “Sanga Bay”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00CE
Aulonocarasp. “Sanga Bay”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.00MALESCE
Aulonocarasaulosi “Greenface”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00FEW
Aulonocarasaulosi “Greenface” “Tanzania”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$50.00MALECE
Aulonocarastuartgranti “Chilumba”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Aulonocarastuartgranti “Ngara/Mdoka”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Aulonocarastuartgranti “Ngara/Mdoka”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00
Aulonocarasp. “Usisya Type Tanzania”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$6.00CE
Aulonocarasp. “Usisya Type Tanzania”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$50.00
Aulonocarasp. “Usisya” “Flavescent”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$6.00
Aulonocarasp. “Swallowtail”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Aulonocarasp. “Trematocranus Masinje”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)F1$50.00MALESCE
Aulonocarasp. “Yellow Collar” “Msasa”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$40.00MALE

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
AbactochromislabrosusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$18.00German Bred
Champsochromiscaeruleus “Trout Cichlid”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$12.00
ChilotilapiarhoadesiiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.001 ONLY
CopadichromisazureusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
CopadichromisazureusExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$50.00MALES
Copadichromissp. “Azureus White Blaze” “Undu Point”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$60.00CE
Copadichromisborleyi “Red Fin”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Copadichromistrewavasae “Mloto Likoma”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00CE
Copadichromistrewavasae “Mloto Likoma”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$40.00MALE
Cynotilapiasp. “Jalo” “Jalo Reef”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Cynotilapiasp. “Lion” “Lion’s Cove”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Cynotilapiasp. “White Top Hara/Gallireya”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Cynotilapiazebroides “Orange Back” “Cobue”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Cynotilapiazebroides “Orange Back” “Cobue”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$20.00CE
Cyrtocaramoorii “Blue Dolphin”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Cyrtocaramoorii “Blue Dolphin”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$40.00
DimidiochromiscompressicepsExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$30.00
DimidiochromiskiwingiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
DimidiochromisstrigatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
EclectochromisornatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
FossorochromisrostratusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00
HemitilapiaoxyrhynchusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
Iodotropheussprengerae “Rusty”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
Labidochromissp. “Hongi”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.002 ONLY
Labidochromis (Melanochromis)joanjohnsonae “Exasperatus”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Labidochromissp. “Mbamba”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Labidochromissp. “Perlmutt”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$7.00CE
Metriaclimasp. “Elongatus Chailosi “Chitande Island”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$6.00
Pseudotropheuscrabro “Bumble Bee”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$5.00
Pseudotropheuscyaneorhabdos “Maingano”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$7.00
PseudotropheusdemasoniSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Pseudotropheussp “Elongatus Yellow Tail” “Mbamba Bay”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)F1$8.00
Pseudotropheussp. “Elongatus Yellow Tail” “Mbamba Bay”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$25.00MALESCE
PseudotropheusflavusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
PseudotropheusflavusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.00MALESCE
Pseudotropheusgalanos “Mbenji”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.001 ONLY
PseudotropheusjohanniiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
PseudotropheuspolitSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Pseudotropheusperspicax “Red Top Ndumbi”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
PseudotropheussaulosiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$10.00FEW
PseudotropheussocolofiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$4.00
Pseudotropheussocolofi “Snow White”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Pseudotropheussp. “Williamsi North” “Makonde”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$11.00
Sciaenochromisfryeri “Electric Blue”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Sciaenochromisfryeri “Electric Blue”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$20.00MALESCE
Sciaenochromisfryeri “Electric Blue”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$40.00MALES
Sciaenochromisfryeri “Electric Blue”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$50.00
TramitichromisintermediusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Tropheopssp. “Olive” “Checked Mac”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
Tropheopssp. “Red Cheek”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Altolamprologuscalvus “Black”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
Altolamprologuscalvus “Ink Fin”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$25.00
Altolamprologuscalvus “White”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$14.00
Chalinochromisbrichardi “Masked”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Cyphotilapiafrontosa “Six Stripe”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$16.00
Cyprichromisleptosoma “Bicolor” Nkondwe”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$25.00
Cyprichromisleptosoma “Tri Color” “Chaitika”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$18.00
Cyprichromisleptosoma “Utinta”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$20.00
Cyprichromissp. “Leptosoma Jumbo” “Tricolor Blackfin”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$20.00
CyprichromiszonatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$18.00
Enantiopussp. “Kilesa”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$25.00
EnantiopusmelanogenysMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$20.00
JulidochromisdickfeldiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
JulidochromismarlieriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
JulidochromismarlieriLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$20.00CE
JulidochromisornatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$10.00
Julidochromisregani “Kipili”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
Julidochromisregani “Zambian”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Julidochromistranscriptus “Bemba”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
“Lamprologus”ocellatus “Gold”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$20.00CE
Lepidiolamprologusattenuatus “Yellow”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
Neolamprologusbrevis “Katabe”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
Neolamprologusbrevis “Sunspot”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$10.00
NeolamprologusbrichardiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
Neolamprologuscaudopunctatus “Red Fin”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
NeolamprologuscylindricusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
NeolamprologusleleupiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$9.00
NeolamprologusleleupiLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$12.00
Neolamprologuspulcher “Daffodil”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$8.00
Neolamprologussexfasciatus “Gold”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$15.00
NeolamprologussignatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$15.00
Neolamprologussplendens “Helianthus”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
NeolamprologustretocephalusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
Ophthalmotilapiaventralis “Chituta” “Powder Blue”Large (2″+ to 3″)F1$50.00MALES
Ophthalmotilapiaventralis “Longola Sunflower”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$24.00
Ophthalmotilapiaventralis “Mpimbwe” “Silver Streak”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)F1$24.00
TelmatochromisvittatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Tropheusbrichardi “Ulwile”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$20.00
Tropheusduboisi “Maswa”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$13.00
Tropheusmoorii “Chimba”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$20.00
Tropheusmoorii “Chipimbi”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$20.00
Tropheusmoorii “Ikola Kaiser”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$20.00
Tropheusmoorii “Orange Flame” “Bemba”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$20.00
VariabilichromismooriiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$10.00
Xenotilapiabathyphilus “Yellow Fin” “Kekese”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$20.00
Xenotilapiapapilio “Sunflower” “Zambian”Large (2″+ to 3″)F1$60.0012 ONLYCE
Tropheusmoorii “Chipimbi”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$20.00
Tropheusmoorii “Ikola Kaiser”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$20.00
Tropheusmoorii “Orange Flame” “Bemba”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$20.00
VariabilichromismooriiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$10.00
Xenotilapiabathyphilus “Yellow Fin” “Kekese”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$20.00
Xenotilapiapapilio “Sunflower” “Zambian”Large (2″+ to 3″)F1$60.0012 ONLYCE

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Anomalochromissp. “Guinea” “African Butterfly Cichlid”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00
Astatotilapialatifasciata “Zebra Obliquidens”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$15.00PAIR
ChromidotilapiaguntheriLarge (2″+ to 3″)F1$10.00
Chromidotilapiaguntheri “Albino”Large (2″+ to 3″)F1$10.00CE
ChromidotilapialinkeiLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$25.00FEMALESCE
CongochromisdimidiatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$15.004 ONLY
Congochromissabinae “Orange”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$45.00PAIRCE
Etropluscanarensis “Pearl Chromide”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$50.00FEWCE
Haplochromissp. “Kisuule”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00CE
HemichromisfrempongiLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$20.00CE
Hemichromissp. “Guinea I” “Limbun/Kolente Forest Jewel”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$16.002 ONLY
Hemichromissp. “Moanda”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$12.002 ONLY
Nanochromisparilus “Inga on the Congo River”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$12.00
NanochromissplendensSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$25.00
NanochromistransvestitusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$16.00
Neochromisomnicaeruleus “Tri Color Fulu”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
OrthochromisstormsiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$15.00
ParalabidochromischilotesExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$8.00
Paralabidochromissp. “Red Fin Piebald”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
ParananochromislongirostrisExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$50.00MALESCE
ParatilapiapolleniMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Pelvicachromiskribensis “Taeniatus Bova”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$45.00PAIR
Pelvicachromiskribensis “Taeniatus Makoure”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$40.00PAIR
Pelvicachromispulcher “Common Kribensis”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$8.00MALES ONLY
Pelvicachromisroloffi “Kolente”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$40.00PAIR
Pelvicachromissacrimontis “Giant Krib”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$13.00
Pelvicachromistaeniatus “Nigerian Red”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$40.00PAIR
Pseudocrenilabrusmulticolor victoriaeMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Ptyochromissp. “Hippo Point Salmon”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$20.00MALESCE
Steatocranustinanti “Slender Buffalo Head”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$12.00
Thoracochromisdemeusii “Inga on the Congo River”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)F1$3.00
Xystichromissp. “Ruby Green”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Amatitlaniasp. “Honduran Red Point”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
Amatitlaniananolutea “Gold Convict Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Amatitlaniasajica “T-Bar Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Chiapaherosgrammodes “Sieve Cichlid”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$7.00
Cincelichthysbocourti “Chisel Mouth Cichlid”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$15.00
CincelichthyspearseiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Cribroherosrobertsoni “Emerald Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
HerichthysbartoniSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Herichthyscarpintis “Green Texas Cichlid” “Escondido”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
HypsophrysnicaraguensisMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
HypsophrysnicaraguensisExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$40.001 ONLY
Maskaherosregani “Regan’s Cichlid”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
Nandopsishaitiensis “Black Nasty”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Nandopsistetracanthus “Cuban Cichlid”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Parachromisdovii “Wolf Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Parachromismanaguensis “Jaguar Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
Peteniasplendida “Red Bay Snook”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$30.00
Rociooctofasciata “Jack Dempsey Cichlid”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$3.00
Rociooctofasciata “Jack Dempsey Cichlid”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$20.00
TherapsirregularisMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$15.00
Thorichthysaureus “Gold”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Thorichthysmaculipinnis “Spot Cheek Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Thorichthysmeeki “Firemouth Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Thorichthyspasionis “Yellow Firemouth Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Trichromissalvini “Yellow Belly Cichlid”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$5.00
Viejamaculicauda “Black Belt”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$5.00

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Gold Marble AngelfishPterophyllum scalareSmallTR$5.00
Marble AngelfishPterophyllum scalareSmallTR$4.00
Silver AngelfishPterophyllum scalareSmallTR$4.00
Long Nose AngelfishPterophyllum leopoldi “Brazil”Md/Lg.WILD$25.00
WILD AngelfishPterophyllum scalare “Spotted” “Peru”Lg/Xlg.WILD$30.00
Acarichthysheckelii “Thread Fin Acara”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$12.00
Acarichthysheckelii “Thread Fin Acara”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$20.00
Andinoacaralatifrons “Colombia”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$10.00
Andinoacarasp. “Electric Blue Acara”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
Andinoacararivulatus “Green Terror”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.50
Andinoacararivulatus “Green Terror”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$7.00
Apistogrammaagassizi “Alenquer”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$35.00**Unsexed PairCE
Apistogrammaagassizi “Double Red”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$30.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammaagassizi “Fire Red”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$40.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammasp. “Apayaco” “Peru”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$25.00ONE MALE
Apistogrammabaenschi “Inka”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$35.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammabarlowi “Peru”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$50.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammabitaeniata “Tefe”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$45.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammaborellii “Blue”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$25.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammaborellii “Opal”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$25.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammacacatuoides “Super Red”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$30.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammacacatuoides “Orange Flash”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$30.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammaerythrura “Rio Mamore”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$40.00**Unsexed Pair
ApistogrammahongsloiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$40.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammamacmasteri “Red Neck” “Trade Viejita”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$30.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammamacmasteri “Red Neck” “Gold Form”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$40.00**Unsexed Pair
Apistogrammapanduro “Blue Panda Cichlid” “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$25.00**Unsexed Pair
ApistogrammatrifasciataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$25.00**Unsexed Pair
Astronotusocellatus “Albino Red Oscar”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$9.00
Astronotusocellatus “Red Oscar”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$6.001 ONLY
Astronotusocellatus “Oscar” “Colombia”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$9.00
Biotodomawavrini “Colombia”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$10.00
Biotodomawavrini “Colombia”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$20.003 ONLY
Bujurquinasp. “Tocache” PeruExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$25.00FEW
CaquetaiaspectabilisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$10.00
Cleithracaramaronii “Keyhole Cichlid”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Crenicichlasp. “Atabapo” “Red Pike” “Colombia”Extra Extra Large (5″+)WILD$60.00
Crenicichlasp. “Belly Crawler” “Colombia”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$7.00
Crenicichlasp. “Belly Crawler” “Colombia”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$15.001 ONLY
Crenicichlacompressiceps “Dwarf Green Pike” “Brazil”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$24.00
Crenicichlalenticulata “Spot Face Pike” “Colombia”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$50.00
Crenicichlasveni “Colombia”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$15.00
Crenicichlazebrina “Zebra Pike” “Colombia”12″WILD$400.004 ONLY
Dicrossusfilamentosus “Checkerboard Cichlid” “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$5.00
Dicrossusmaculatus “Spadetailed Checkerboard Cichlid” “Brazil”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$24.00CE
Geophagusabalios “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$8.00
GeophaguspellegriniSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$14.00
Geophagussp. “Red Head Tapajos”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00CE
Geophagussp. “Rio Aporema”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
Geophagussteindachneri “Red Hump” “Colombia”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$10.00
GeophagussveniSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$15.00
Geophagustaeniopareius “Cheek Stripe Eartheater” ColombiaLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$20.002 ONLY
GymnogeophagusaustralisMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
GymnogeophagusbalzaniiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Gymnogeophagussp. “Blue Neon”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Gymnogeophagusgymnogenys “Yerbalito”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00CE
GymnogeophagusmeridionalisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Gymnogeophagusterrapurpura “El Norte”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Herosefasciatus “Gold Severum”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Herosefasciatus “Gold Severum”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$20.00
Herosefasciatus “Green Severum”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$5.00
Herossp. “Iniridae” “Super Severum” “Colombia”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)F1$12.00
Herossp. “Iniridae” “Super Severum” “Colombia”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$30.00
Herosliberifer “Eye Spot Severum” “Colombia”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$25.00
Herossp. “Rotkeil” “Red Head Severum” “Peru”Extra Extra Large (5″+)WILD$50.00
Laetacaraaraguaiae “Buckelkopf” “Brazil”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$12.00CE
Mesoherosfestae “Red Terror”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Mesoherosfestae “Red Terror” “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$12.00CE
Mesoherosfestae “Red Terror” “Peru”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$20.00FEW
Mesonautaegregius “Festivum” “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$10.00
MesonautafestivusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$8.00
Mikrogeophagusaltispinosus “Bolivian Ram”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Mikrogeophagusaltispinosus “Bolivian Ram”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$15.00CE
Mikrogeophagusramirezi “German Blue Ram”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$9.00
Mikrogeophagusramirezi “German Gold Ram”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$9.00
Mikrogeophagusramirezi “Electric Blue Ram”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$20.00
Mikrogeophagusramirezi “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$6.00
Nannacaraanomala “Golden Dwarf Cichlid”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Satanopercadaemon “Colombia”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$9.00
Satanopercadaemon “Colombia”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$25.00
Satanopercalilith “Brazil”Extra Extra Large (5″+)WILD$80.00FEW
Satanopercajurupari “Colombia”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$20.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Blue Cobalt Discus”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$40.00
Symphysodonaequifasicatus “Blue Diamond Discus”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$40.00
Symphysodonaequifasicatus “Blue Diamond Discus”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$70.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Checkerboard Pigeon Blood Discus”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$40.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Checkerboard Pigeon Blood Discus”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$50.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Leopard Discus”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$50.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Leopard Discus”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$80.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Red Map Discus”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$40.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Red Melon Discus”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$40.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Red Melon Discus”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$70.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Red Snakeskin Discus”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$80.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Red Turquoise Discus”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$35.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Scorpion Snakeskin Discus”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$85.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Snakeskin Discus”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$50.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Snakeskin/Pigeon Blood Discus”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$40.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Tiger Turquoise Discus”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$50.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Yellow Melon Discus”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$40.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Yellow Melon Discus”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$70.00
Symphysodonaequifasciatus “Yellow White Discus”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$40.00
TaeniacaracandidiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$30.00**Unsexed Pair

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
BrochismultiradiatusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$20.00
Corydorassp. C003 “Decker” “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$7.00CE
Corydorassp. C020 “Skunk Cory” “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$6.00
Corydorasaeneus “Albino”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Corydorasaeneus “Bronze Cory”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Corydorascf. ambiacus “Colombia”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00
Corydorasaxelrodi “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$6.00
Corydorasdelphax “Piglet Cory” “Colombia”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$5.00
Corydorasduplicareus “Duplicate Cory” “Brazil”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$15.00CE
Corydoraseques “Horseman’s Cory”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$30.00CE
Corydorasgossei “Pale Spotted Cory”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$25.00
Corydorashabrosus “Dwarf Spotted Cory” “Colombia”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00
Corydorassp. “Laser Green” CW009Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$30.00
Corydorasleopardus “Leopard Cory”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.00
Corydorasmelanotaenia “Gold Green Cory” “Colombia”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$5.00
Corydorasmelini “False Bandit Cory” “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$7.00
Corydorasmetae “Bandit Cory” “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$6.00
Corydorasorcesi “Bonita Cory” “Peru”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$30.00
Corydoraspaleatus “Salt and Pepper Cory”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Corydoraspanda “Panda Cory”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$5.00
Corydoraspygmaeus “Pygmy Cory” “Colombia” (Minimum 6)Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$2.00
Corydorascf. semiaquilus “Peru Black”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$25.00
Corydorassterbai “Sterba’s Cory”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Corydorastrilineatus “Reticulated Julii”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
Corydorastrilineatus “Reticulated Julii” “Peru”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.00
Dianemaurostriatum “Flagtail Porthole Cats” “Brazil”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$14.004 ONLY
Hoplosternumlittorale “Common Hoplo Cat” “Colombia”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.00
Megalechisthoracata “Marble Hoplo”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$8.00
ScleromystaxbarbatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
ScleromystaxbarbatusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$30.00
ScleromystaxmacropterusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$50.00CE

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Ancistrussp. “Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Ancistrussp. “Bushynose Pleco”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$10.00
Ancistrussp. “Long Fin Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Ancistrussp. “Long Fin Bushynose Pleco”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$24.00
Ancistrussp. “Albino Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Ancistrussp. “Albino Bushynose Pleco”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$15.00
Ancistrussp. “Blue Eye Albino Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Ancistrussp. “Long Fin Blue Eye Albino Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$20.00
Ancistrussp. “Calico Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Ancistrussp. “Long Fin Calico Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$17.00
Ancistrussp. “Green Dragon Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Ancistrussp. “Long Fin Green Dragon Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$18.00
Ancistrusdolichopterus “Blue Seam Bushynose Pleco” L183Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$20.00
Ancistrusdolichopterus “Blue Seam Bushynose Pleco” L183Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$30.00
Ancistrusmacrophthalmus “Blue Medusa Pleco” LDA74Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$35.00CE
Ancistrusranunculus “Medusa Bushynose Pleco” L034Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$50.00
Ancistrussp. “Super Red Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$15.00
Ancistrussp. “Long Fin Super Red Bushynose Pleco”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$35.00
Baryancistrusbeggini “Blue Fin Panaque” L239Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00
Baryancistrusdemantoides “Hi-Fin Green Phantom Pleco” L200 HFLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$50.00
Baryancistrusxanthellus “Gold Nugget Pleco” L018Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$45.00
Baryancistrusxanthellus “Gold Nugget Pleco” L081Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00CE
Chaetostomaformosae “Rubber Lip Plecostomus” L444Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$5.00
Chaetostomaaff. milesi “Spotted Rubber Lip Plecostomus” L445Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$8.00
Chaetostomasp. “Pitbull” L457Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$40.00
Dekeyseriasp. “Atabapo Butterfly Pleco” L052Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$17.00
Dekeyseriabrachyura “Butterfly Pleco” L168Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$40.00
Farlowellavittata “Twig Cat” “Colombia”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$7.00
Hemiancistrussp. “Blue Phantom Pleco” L128Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00
Hemiancistrussp. “Blue Phantom Pleco” L128Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$50.00
Hemiancistrussp. “Blue Phantom Pleco” L128Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$60.00CE
Hemiancistrussubviridis “Green Phantom Pleco” L200Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$50.00
Hemiodontichthysacipenserinus “Pinocchio Whiptail Cat”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$25.00CE
Hypancistrusdebilittera “Colombian Zebra Pleco” L129Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$18.00
Hypancistrussp. “Gold Angelicus Pleco” L028Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00
Hypancistrussp. “Gurupa Pleco”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$50.002 ONLY
Hypancistrusinspector L102Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00
Hypancistrussp. “Orinoco Angel Pleco” L201Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$25.00CE
Hypancistrussp. “Queen Arabesque Pleco” L260Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$70.00
Lasiancistrustentaculatus “Head-Spot Delta Tail Pleco” L092Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$8.00
Leporacanthicuscf. galaxias “Vampire Pleco” L240Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00
Leporacanthicusheterodon “Golden Vampire Pleco” L172aLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$50.00
Leporacanthicustriactis “Three Beacon Pleco” L091Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00
Leporacanthicustriactis “Three Beacon Pleco” L091Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$60.00
Oligancistruszuanoni “Polka Dot Pleco” L020Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$35.001 ONLY
Otocinclusmacrospilus “Common Otocinclus” “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Panaquenigrolineatus “Royal Pleco” L190Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$24.00
Panaquenigrolineatus “Royal Pleco” L190Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.001 ONLY
Panaquecf. nigrolineatus “Spotted Royal Pleco” L330Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$50.00
Panaqolusalbivermis “Pinstripe Panaque” L204Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$45.00
Panaqolusalbivermis “Spotted Pinstripe Panaque” L204aExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$50.00
Panaqolusalbomaculatus “Galaxy Pleco” LDA31Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$40.00
Panaqoluschangae “iquitos Tiger Pleco” L226Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$25.001 ONLY
Panaqolussp. “Gold Tiger Pleco” LDA01Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$35.00
Panaqolussp. “Lyretail Clown Pleco” L425 PeruSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$35.00
Panaqolusmaccus “Clown Pleco” L104Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$6.00
Panaqolustankei “Tiger Stripe Pleco” L 398Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$40.00
Parotocincluseppleyi “Peppermint Otocinclus”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$10.00
Parotocinclussp. “Peru” “Bumble Bee Otocinclus”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$12.00
Peckoltiacf. braueri “Wormline Tiger Pleco” L135Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$45.00
Peckoltiabrevis “Spotted Tiger Pleco” LDA78Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$30.00
Peckoltiasp. L205Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$30.001 ONLY
Peckoltiaoligospila “Brown Dot Peckoltia” L006Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$30.00
Peckoltiasp. “Orange Seam Pleco” L076Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.001 ONLY
Peckoltiasabaji “Para Pleco” L075Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$45.00
Peckoltiasabaji “Colombian Para Pleco” L124Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$35.00
Peckoltiavittata “Tiger Peckoltia” L015Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$30.00
Pseudacanthicuscf. leopardus “Red Fin Sternella” L114Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$50.00
Pseudancistrusasurini “Lot Spot Pleco” L067Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00
Pseudohemiodonapithanos “True” “Colombia”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$75.00CE
Pseudolithoxusanthrax “Flat Flyer Pleco” L235Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$30.002 ONLY
Pterygoplichthysgibbiceps “Marble Sailfin Pleco”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$7.00
Pterygoplichthysgibbiceps “Marble Sailfin Pleco”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$15.00
Pterygoplichthysgibbiceps “Albino Marble Sailfin Pleco”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$12.00
Pterygoplichthysjoselimaianus “Spotted Sailfin Pleco” L001Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Pterygoplichthysjoselimaianus “Spotted Sailfin Pleco” L001Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$15.00
Pterygoplichthyspunctatus “Imperial Ranger Pleco”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$10.00
Rhadinoloricariamacromystax “Dragon Head Whiptail”Extra Extra Large (5″+)WILD$80.001 ONLY
Scobinancistrusaureatus “Goldy Pleco” L014aLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$80.00CE
Scobinancistrusaureatus “Goldy Pleco” L014aExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$125.002 ONLY
Scobinancistruscf. pariolispos “Golden Cloud Pleco” L048Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$60.00
Spectracanthicuspunctatissimus “Peppermint” L030Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00
Sturisomatichthysaureus “Royal Farlowella”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$35.00

GenusSpecies, Common NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Amphiliusplatychir “Kuhli Cat”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$15.00CE
Asterophysusbatrachus “Gulper Cat”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$50.00
Auchenoglanissp. “Giraffe Cat” “Congo”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$30.00CE
Auchenoglanissp. “Bouche”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$35.00
Batasiofluviatilis “Bengal Tiger Cat”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$15.003 ONLY
Brachyrhamdiameesi “Mees’ Antenna Cat”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$9.00
Bunocephaluscoracoideus “Banjo Cat” “Colombia”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$4.00
Erethistesjerdoni “Dwarf Anchor Cat”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$4.00
Goeldiellaeques “Horsehead Pimelodid”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$30.00
Hassarorestis “Black Top Mouse Catfish”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$40.00
Kryptopterusvitreolus “Glass Cat”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$6.00
Liosomadorasoncinus “Jaguar Cat”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$50.00CE
Microglanispoecilus “Bumble Bee Cat” “Colombia”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$4.00
Mystusbimaculatus “Sumatran Two Spot Cat”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.001 ONLY
Mystustengara “Golden Soldier Cat”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$7.00
Notoglanidiummacrostoma “Dwarf Giraffe Cat”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$15.00
Pareutropiusbuffei “African Glass Cat”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00
PimelodusornatusExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$35.00
PimelodusornatusExtra Extra Large (5″+)WILD$50.00
Pimeloduspictus “Pictus Cat” “Colombia”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$8.00
Platydorasarmatulus “Striped Raphael Cat”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$8.00
Platystacuscotylephorus “Whiptail Banjo Cat”Extra Extra Large (5″+)WILD$45.00
Pseudobagrustrilineatus “Three Line Cat”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$30.002 ONLY
Pseudomystussiamensis “Shovelnose Bee Cat”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$8.00
Pseudomystuscf. stenomus “Burmese Chocolate Bumble Bee Cat”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00
Pseudeutropiusbrachypopterus “Mini Shark Cat”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$6.00
Synodontisangelicus “Polka Dot Syno”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$50.00CE
Synodontisangelicus “Polka Dot Syno”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$60.001 ONLY\
Synodontisbatensoda “Giant Upside Down Cat”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$35.00
SynodontisbrichardiExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$40.003 ONLY
SynodontiscontractusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$25.00
Synodontiseupterus “Featherfin Squeaker Cat”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Synodontislucipinnis “Dwarf Petricola”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$12.00
Synodontisnigriventris “Upside-Down Cat”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.00
SynodontisocelliferLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$15.00
SynodontisorientalisLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00
SynodontisschoutedeniLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$25.00
SynodontissoloniExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$30.00
SynodontiswaterlottiLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$20.002 ONLY
TatiamusaicaMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$30.00CE
TrachelyopterusfisheriLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$9.00

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Batik/Zodiac LoachMesonoemacheilus triangularisLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$8.00
Black Line LoachAmbastaia nigrolineataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$13.00
Blyth’s LoachSyncrossus berdmoreiExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$12.00
Burma Border LoachBotia kubotaiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$8.00
Burmese Rosy LoachPetruichthys sp.Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$5.00
Chinese Kansu LoachSinibotia robustaLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$12.00
Clown LoachChromobotia macracanthusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$9.00
Clown LoachChromobotia macracanthusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$20.00
Crimson LoachSchistura nilgiriensis IndiaMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$12.002 ONLY
Dwarf Chain LoachAmbastaia sidthimunkiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$13.00
Golden Zebra LoachBotia histrionicaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$7.00
Half Banded LoachSchistura savonaMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$4.00
Horseface LoachAcantopsis dialuzonaLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$6.00FEW
Kuhli LoachPangio semicinctaLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$4.00
Black Kuhli LoachPangio oblongaLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$3.00FEW
Mekong Zebra LoachYasuhikotakia sp.Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$7.00
Peacock LoachLepidocephalichthys cf. annandaleiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00
Pygmy Multi Stripe LoachMicronemacheilus cruciatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$5.00
Queen LoachBotia darioLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$9.00
Red Tail LoachYasuhikotakia modestaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$6.00
Reticulated Hillstream LoachSewellia lineolataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$13.00
Serpent LoachSerpenticobitis octozonaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$10.00
Side Spot LoachMesonoemacheilus guentheriMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.001 ONLY
Skunk LoachYasuhikotakia morletiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Spiny LoachLepidocephalichthys thermalisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.00
Splendid BotiaYasuhikotakia splendidaMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$40.00
Sumo LoachSchistura balteataMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.00
Yo Yo LoachBotia lohachataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.00
Zebra LoachBotia striataMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$8.00

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Acaciensis TetraHyphessobrycon sp. “Acaciensis”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00
African Red Eye TetraArnoldichthys spilopterusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$8.00
Black Neon TetraHyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Black Phantom TetraHyphessobrycon megalopterusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Black Skirt TetraGymnocorymbus ternetziSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Bleeding Blue TetraHyphessobrycon margitae “Peru”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$8.00
Bleeding Heart TetraHyphessobrycon erythrostigma “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Blind Cave TetraAstyanax mexicanusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Bloodfin TetraAphyocharax anisitsiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$3.00
Blue Diamond Congo TetraAlestopetersius smykalaiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$10.00
Blue Emperor TetraInpaichthys kerriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Blue TetraKnodus borkiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$2.50
Blueberry TetraHyphessobrycon wadaiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$17.00
Blunt Nose TetraCeratobranchia obtusirostrisLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$10.003 ONLY
Broken Stripe TetraHemigrammus ulreyiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00CE
Bucktooth TetraExodon paradoxusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00
Cardinal TetraParacheirodon axelrodi (Extra Large)Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Cardinal TetraParacheirodon axelrodi “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Congo TetraPhenacogrammus interruptusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
Congo TetraPhenacogrammus interruptusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
Congo Tetra – AlbinoPhenacogrammus interruptusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$8.00
Costello TetraHemigrammus hyanuary “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Crystal TetraProtocheirodon pi “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$10.00CE
Darter TetraCharacidium sp. “Colombia”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$3.00
Diamond TetraMoenkhausia pittieriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Diamond TetraMoenkhausia pittieriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$5.00
Diamond Head Neon TetraParacheirodon innesiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Ember TetraHyphessobrycon amandaeExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$2.00
Emperor TetraNematobrycon palmeriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Fantastique Congo TetraPhenacogrammus sp.Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$30.00
Flame Back Bleeding Heart TetraHyphessobrycon pyrrhonotus “Brazil”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.00
Glass TetraXenagoniates bondiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$10.00CE
Glass Blood Fin TetraPrionobrama filigeraSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Glo SkirtGymnocorymbus ternetzi “Assorted Color”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00
Glowlight TetraHemigrammus erythrozonusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Gold TetraHemigrammus saizi “Colombia”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$2.00
Green Fire TetraAphyocharax rathbuniSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Green Neon TetraParacheirodon simulans “Colombia”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$2.00
Head & Tail Light TetraHemigrammus ocelliferSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Jelly Bean TetraLadigesia roloffiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.50
Kriegi TetraSerrapinnus kriegiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Kyburz TetraPseudochalceus kyburziLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$10.00
Lamp Eye Congo TetraPhenacogrammus aurantiacusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$25.00
Lemon TetraHyphessobrycon pulchripinnisExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$2.00
Major TetraPhenacogrammus cf. majorMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$18.00
Malinowski TetraSerrapinnus piaba ???Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.00
Montag’s TetraHyphessobrycon montagiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$17.004 ONLY
Neon TetraParacheirodon innesi (Small Size)Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$1.75
Nurse TetraBrycinus nurseExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$12.00
Obliqua Penguin TetraThayeria obliquaMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$5.00
Orange Flash Congo TetraAlestopetersius cf. nigropterusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$60.00TRIO
Ornate Glass TetraTrochilocharax ornatusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$7.00CE
Pantanal TetraHyphessobrycon sp.Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$10.00
Penguin TetraThayeria boehlkeiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Phoenix TetraHemigrammus filamentosusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$5.00
Pretty/Garnet TetraHemigrammus pulcherSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Purple Neon TetraHyphessobrycon metaeExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00
Rainbow Emperor TetraNematobrycon lacorteiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Red Cap Moon TetraBathyaethiops breuseghemiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$12.00
Red Eye TetraMoenkhausia sanctaefilomenaeSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Red Phantom TetraHyphessobrycon sweglesiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$2.00
Red Stripe TetraHemigrammus rubrostriatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.00
Red Tail TetraMoenkhausia copeiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$7.00CE
Ruby TetraAxelrodia riesei “Colombia”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$2.00
Rummynose TetraHemigrammus bleheriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Rummynose TetraHemigrammus bleheri “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Rummynose Tetra PeruPetitella georgiaeSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Serpae TetraHyphessobrycon equesExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$2.00
Silver Tip TetraHasemania nanaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Spot Tail CurimataCurimatopsis evelynaeSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$7.004 ONLY
Tucano TetraTucanoichthys tucanoExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$12.00
White Fin Tetra (Hy 511)Hyphessobrycon rosaceus “White Fin”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Marble Hatchet FishCarnegiella strigata “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Platinum Hatchet FishThoracocharax stellatus “Colombia”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Spotted Hatchet FishGasteropelecus maculatus “Colombia”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$7.00
Barred PencilfishNannostomus espei “Guyana”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$15.00
Beckford’s PencilfishNannostomus beckfordiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Dwarf PencilfishNannostomus marginatus “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Green Striped PencilfishNannostomus marilynae “Colombia”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$2.00
Red Arc PencilfishNannostomus mortenthaleri “Peru”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$12.00
Ansorg’s NeolebiasNeolebias ansorgiiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$5.00
Three Line NeolebiasNeolebias trilineatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$8.00
Trewavasae’s NeolebiasNeolebias trewavasaeSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$6.00
Pink Tail ChalceusChalceus macrolepidotusExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$15.00CE
Banded DistichodusDistichodus sexfasciatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$30.00
Dwarf DistichodusDistichodus decemmaculatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$30.003 ONLY
Green Dwarf DistichodusDistichodus teugelsiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$30.00
Long Nose DistichodusDistichodus lusossoMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$30.00
Watermelon DistichodusDistichodus sp. “Red & Black”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$40.00
Flagtail ProchilodusSemaprochilodus taeniurus “Colombia”Extra Extra Large (5″+)WILD$40.00
Silver DollarMetynnis hypsauchenMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.00
Banded/Tiger Stripe Silver DollarMetynnis fasciatusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$20.00
Black Banded Silver DollarMyleus schomburgkiiLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$20.002 ONLY
Red Hook Silver DollarMyloplus rubripinnis “Colombia”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$20.00
Four Spot HeadstanderPseudanos varii “Colombia”Extra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$25.00FEW
Striped HeadstanderAnostomus anostomusExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$20.00
Rocket GarCtenolucius hujetaLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$9.00

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Black Ruby BarbPethia nigrofasciataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Borneo Bonylipped BarbOsteochilus pentalineatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00
Borneo Tiger BarbPuntigrus anchisporusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$4.00
Cherry BarbPuntius titteyaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Drape Fin BarbOreichthys crenuchoidesSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Dwarf Amber BarbBarboides gracilis “Cameroon”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$5.00CE
Filament BarbDawkinsia filamentosaLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$7.00
Fire BarbEnteromius fasciolatus “Formerly bariliodes”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Glo-BarbPuntigrus tetrazaona “Red or Green”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00
Gold BarbBarbodes semifasciolatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Gold Clown BarbPethia geliusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00
Hi Fin Headstander BarbOreichthys cosuatisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00CE
Lemon Fin BarbHypselobarbus jerdoni “India”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$12.00
Lined BarbStriuntius lineatusExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$10.00
Martorelli BarbEnteromius martorelliLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$10.00
Mascara BarbDawkinsia assimilisLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$25.00CE
Narayani BarbPethia narayaniMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$7.00
Odessa BarbPethia padamyaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$5.00
Panda BarbHaludaria fasciataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$6.00
Red Lipstick BarbPethia erythromycterExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00CE
Rhombo/Snakeskin BarbDesmopuntius rhomboocellatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.00
Rohan’s Tear-Spot BarbDawkinsia rohaniLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$13.00
Rosy BarbPethia conchoniusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Siam Tiger BarbPuntigrus partipentazonaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.00
Six Banded BarbDesmopuntius hexazonaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.00
Spanner T BarbBarbodes lateristrigaLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$5.00
Thai Hi-Fin Headstander BarbOreichthys parvusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.00
Tiger BarbPuntigrus tetrazonaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Green Tiger BarbPuntigrus tetrazonaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Tinfoil BarbBarbonymus schwanenfeldiiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$3.00
Tinfoil BarbBarbonymus schwanenfeldiiExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$18.00
Burmese Gold Ring DanioDanio tinwiniExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$4.00
Celestial Pearl DanioDanio margaritatusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$6.00
Fire Line DanioDevario sondhiiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$5.00
Fire Ring DanioDanio kyathitSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$5.00
Glowlight DanioDanio chopraeSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.00
Glo-FishDanio rerio “Assorted Colors”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Hatchet Body DanioDevario devarioMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$5.00
Leopard DanioDanio frankeiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Orange Fin Hill TroutBarilius ardensMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$13.00
Panther DanioDanio aesculapiiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Pearl DanioDanio albolineatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Rosy DanioDanio roseusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Royal Trout DanioBarilius bakeriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$11.00
Royal Trout DanioBarilius bakeriLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$12.00FEW
Royal Butterfly DanioOpsarius pulchellusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$10.00
Royal Butterfly DanioOpsarius pulchellusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$15.00
Spotted DanioDanio nigrofasciatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$2.00
Translucent DanioDanionella sp. “India”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00Minimum 25CE
Zebra DanioDanio rerioSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$1.25
Zebra DanioDanio rerio “India”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$2.50
Orange DadioNeochela dadiburjoriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Brilliant RasboraRasbora einthoveniMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$4.00
Cardinal RasboraMicrorasbora rubescensSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.00
Cherry Spot RasboraRasbora rubrodorsalisExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00
Chili RasboraBoraras brigittaeExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00
Clown RasboraRasbora kalochromaMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$5.00FEW
Emerald Eye RasboraBrevibora dorsiocellataExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$2.00
Emerald Dwarf RasboraDanio erythromicronExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$4.00
Exclamation Point RasboraBoraras urophthalmoidesExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$2.00
Giant Emerald Eye RasboraBrevibora cheeyaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.004 ONLY
Green RasboraMicrodevario kubotaiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$4.00
Harlequin RasboraTrigonostigma heteromorphaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Purple Harlequin RasboraTrigonostigma heteromorphaExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$3.00
Narrow Wedge RasboraTrigonostigma hengeliSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Neon Green RasboraSundadanio margarition “Axelrodi Green Form”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00
Neon Blue RasboraSundadanio goblinus “Axelrodi Blue Form”Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00CE
Phoenix RasboraBoraras merahExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00
Pork Chop RasboraTrigonostigma espeiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Pygmy Spotted RasboraBoraras maculatusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$1.50
Red Line RasboraTrigonopoma pauciperforatumSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Rummynose / Naked RasboraSawbwa resplendensSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00CE
Sarawak RasboraRasbora sarawakensisMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$5.00
Somphong’s RasboraTrigonostigma somphongsiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$5.00
Strawberry RasboraBoraras naevusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$3.00
Yellow Scissortail RasboraRasbora rasboraLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$5.00
White CloudTanichthys albonubesSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$1.50
Gold White CloudTanichthys albonubesSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Long Fin White CloudTanichthys albonubesSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Vietnamese White CloudTanichthys micagemmaeSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$3.00
Panda GarraGarra flavatraLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$13.00
Spotted GarraGarra spilotaLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$12.00
Bala SharkBalantiocheilos melanopterusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$4.00
Bala SharkBalantiocheilos melanopterusExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$20.00
Rainbow SharkEpalzeorhynchos frenatumMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$4.00
Red Tail SharkEpalzeorhynchos bicolorMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$4.00
Roseline SharkSahyadria denisoniiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$15.00
Roseline SharkSahyadria denisoniiLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$20.00
Siamese Algae EaterCrossocheilus oblongusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Siamese Algae EaterCrossocheilus oblongus VietnamMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$6.00
Fish Net Flying FoxCrossocheilus reticulatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$5.00
Flying FoxEpalzeorhynchos kalopterumMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$5.00

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Male BettaBetta splendensMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$4.00
Crowntail Male BettaBetta splendensMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Half Moon Male BettaBetta splendensMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
Koi Male Betta “Show Grade”Betta splendensSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$24.00
Plakat Male Betta “Show Grade”Betta splendensSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00
Female BettaBetta splendensSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Female Crown Tail BettaBetta splendensSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Female Half Moon BettaBetta splendensSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Blue Band BettaBetta enisaeMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$12.00
Green Dragon BettaBetta simorumLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$8.00
Green Mask BettaBetta pugnaxLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$8.00
Howong BettaBetta unimaculata “Sangatta”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$20.00CE
Howong BettaBetta unimaculata “Sangatta”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$24.00
Jet Red BettaBetta dennisyongiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$30.00
Peacock BettaBetta imbellisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$6.00CE
Pumpkin BettaBetta simplexMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$10.00
Red Skirt BettaBetta falxMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$13.001 ONLY
Red Wine BettaBetta miniopinnaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$12.00
Scarlet BettaBetta coccinaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$6.00
Blue GouramiTrichopodus trichopterusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$5.00
Burmese Mini Chocolate GouramiParasphaerichthys ocellatusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$5.00
Chocolate GouramiSphaerichthys osphromenoidesSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$6.00
Dwarf GouramiTrichogaster lalius “MALES ONLY”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$5.00
Dwarf GouramiTrichogaster lalius “FEMALES ONLY”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
Red Flame Dwarf GouramiTrichogaster lalius “MALES ONLY”Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Red Flame Dwarf GouramiTrichogaster lalius “FEMALES ONLY”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Giant GouramiOsphronemus goramyLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$8.00
Gold GouramiTrichopodus trichopterusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$4.00
Honey Dwarf GouramiTrichogaster chunaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Sunset Honey Dwarf GouramiTrichogaster chunaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Phoenix Licorice GouramiParosphromenus phoenicurusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$10.00CE
Opaline GouramiTrichopodus trichopterusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$4.00
Pearl GouramiTrichopodus leeriiLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$8.00
Powder Blue Dwarf GouramiTrichogaster lalius MALES ONLYMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$7.00
Powder Blue Dwarf GouramiTrichogaster lalius FEMALES ONLYSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
Red Giant GouramiOsphronemus laticlaviusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$13.00
Sparkling GouramiTrichopsis pumila (Minimum 6)Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$2.00
Giant Banded GouramiTrichogaster fasciata “India”Large (2″+ to 3″)WILD$10.00
Scarlet BadisDario darioExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$6.00
Blue Paradise FishMacropodus opercularisLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$3.00
Albino Paradise FishMacropodus opercularisMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$5.001 ONLY
Brown Tail Spiketail Paradise FishPseudosphromenus cupanusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$5.003 ONLY
Banded BushfishMicroctenopoma fasciolatumLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$10.00
Leopard BushfishCtenopoma acutirostreSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Mottled CtenopomaCtenopoma weeksiiLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$15.00
Asian Leaf FishNandus nebulosusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$10.00

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Boesemani RainbowMelanotaenia boesemaniMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$20.00PAIR
Celebes RainbowMarosatherina ladigesiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00CE
Emerald RainbowGlossolepis wanamensisLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.00PAIR
Forktail Blue Eye RainbowPseudomugil furcatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Gertrudae RainbowPseudomugil gertrudae (Minimum 6)Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$6.00
Irian Red RainbowGlossolepis incisusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$8.00
Ivantsoff’s RainbowPseudomugil ivantsoffiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$7.00CE
Kamaka RainbowMelanotaenia kamakaLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$12.00
Maccullochi RainbowMelanotaenia maccullochiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Madagascar RainbowBedotia madagascariensisMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Millenium RainbowGlossolepis pseudoincisus “Albino”Large (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.00
Neon Blue Eye RainbowPseudomugil cyanodorsalis Brackish WaterSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00CE
Neon Dwarf RainbowMelanotaenia praecoxSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
Red Neon RainbowPseudomugil luminatus (Formerly cf. paskai)Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$7.00
Southern Blue Eye RainbowPseudomugil signiferSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Thread Fin RainbowIriatherina werneriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
Turquoise RainbowMelanotaenia lacustrisMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00
Yellow RainbowMelanotaenia herbertaxelrodiLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$20.00PAIR
Zig Zag RainbowGlossolepis dorityiLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$30.00PAIR
Bivittatum KilliAphyosemion bivittatum “Lagos”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$14.00PAIR
Cardinal LampeyeOryzias woworaeExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$7.00
Chocolate Australe KilliAphyosemion australeSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$14.00PAIRCE
Clown KilliEpiplatys annulatus (Minimum 6)Small (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Florida Flag FishJordanella floridaeMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$6.00
Foersch’s KilliNothobranchius foerschiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$18.00PAIRCE
Fuscotaeniatus KilliNothobranchius fuscotaeniatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$18.00PAIRCE
Gold Australe KilliAphyosemion australeMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$14.00PAIR
Gardneri KilliFundulopanchax gardneri P82Medium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$15.00PAIRCE
Guenther’s KilliNothobranchius guentheriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$18.00PAIRCE
Kisaki KilliNothobranchius flammicomantisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$18.00PAIRCE
Normani KilliPoropanchax normani (Minimum 6)Extra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$2.50
Pearl KilliAustrolebias nigripinnisSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$18.00PAIRCE
Rachovii KilliNothobranchius rachoviiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$18.00PAIRCE
Red Striped KilliAphyosemion striatumSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$16.00PAIRCE
Similis KilliProcatopus similis “Kumba”Small (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$12.001 ONLY

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Blue Neon Male GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Glowlight Male GuppyPoecilia reticulataMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$4.00
Green Lace Male GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Koi Tuxedo GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$10.00PAIR (Min. 3)
Neon Red Dragon Male GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Platinum Blue Male GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Red Bronze Male GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Red Snakeskin Male GuppyPoecilia reticulataMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$4.00
Yellow Ceremonial Male GuppyPoecilia reticulataSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$4.00
Assorted Endler’s LivebearerPoecilia cf. wingeiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$5.00PAIR (Min. 3)
Black Green Snake Endler’s LivebearerPoecilia cf. wingeiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$7.00PAIR (Min. 3)CE
Blue Star Endler’s LivebearerPoecilia cf. wingeiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$7.00PAIR (Min. 3)CE
El Tigre Endler’s LivebearerPoecilia cf. wingeiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$7.00PAIR (Min. 3)CE
Flametail Endler’s LivebearerPoecilia cf. wingeiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$7.00PAIR (Min. 3)
Green Snake Endler’s LivebearerPoecilia cf. wingeiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$7.00PAIR (Min. 3)CE
Lime Green Endler’s LivebearerPoecilia cf. wingeiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$7.00PAIR (Min. 3)CE
Three Spot Endler’s LivebearerPoecilia cf. wingeiExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)TR$7.00PAIR (Min. 3)CE
Black MollyPoecilia sphenopsMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$3.00
Gold MollyPoecilia sphenopsSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Half Black Gold MollyPoecilia sphenopsMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$3.00
Red Lyretail MollyPoecilia sphenopsMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$3.00
Blue Coral PlatyXiphophorus maculatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$2.00
Blue Tuxedo PlatyXiphophorus maculatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$2.00
Bumble Bee PlatyXiphophorus maculatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00
Golden Leopard PlatyXiphophorus maculatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Red PlatyXiphophorus maculatusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$2.00
Red Tuxedo PlatyXiphophorus maculatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Red Wag PlatyXiphophorus maculatusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$2.00
Berlin SwordtailXiphophorus helleriiLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$9.00TRIO
Calico SwordtailXiphophorus helleriiSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$5.00
Kallmani SwordtailXiphophorus kallmaniSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$7.00
Marigold SwordtailXiphophorus helleriiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00TRIO
Pineapple SwordtailXiphophorus helleriiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00TRIO
Red SwordtailXiphophorus helleriiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00TRIO
Red Tuxedo SwordtailXiphophorus helleriiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00TRIO
Red Wag SwordtailXiphophorus helleriiMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00TRIO
Three Spot HalfbeakHemirhamphodon pogonognathusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$8.00CE
Platinum Wrestling HalfbeakDermogenys pusillusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$4.00FEW

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Amano ShrimpCaridina multidentataTinyWILD$3.00Minimum 6
Bloody Mary Sakura ShrimpNeocaridina davidiSmallTR$5.00Minimum 6
Blue Carbon Rili ShrimpNeocaridina davidiSmallTR$5.00Minimum 6
Blue Pearl Sakura ShrimpNeocaridina davidiSmallTR$5.00Minimum 6
Blue Velvet ShrimpNeocaridina davidiSmallTR$5.00Minimum 6
Cherry Red Sakura ShrimpNeocaridina davidiSmallTR$5.00Minimum 6
Golden Crystal ShrimpCaridina logemanniSmallTR$6.00Minimum 6
Orange Fire Sakura ShrimpNeocaridina davidiSmallTR$4.00Minimum 6
Red Crystal ShrimpCaridina logemanniSmallTR$6.00Minimum 6
Yellow Fire Sakura ShrimpNeocaridina davidiSmallTR$6.00Minimum 6
Giant Blue Wood ShrimpAtya gabonensisMediumWILD$13.00No Minimum
Singapore ShrimpAtyopsis moluccensisMediumWILD$8.00No Minimum
Assassin SnailClea helenaSmallTR$3.00Minimum 6
Bicolor SnailFaunus sp. “Bicolor”MediumWILD$5.00Minimum 3
Military Helmet SnailNeritina Sp.SmallTR$3.00Minimum 6
Olive Nerite SnailNeritina sp.SmallTR$2.00Minimum 6
Red Onion SnailVittina semiconicaSmallWILD$3.00Minimum 6
Yellow Rabbit SnailTylomelania sarasinorumMediumWILD$5.00Minimum 3
Zebra Nerite SnailNeritina natalensisSmallWILD$3.00Minimum 6

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
African Dwarf FrogHymenochirus boettgeriSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$3.00\
African Butterfly FishPantodon buchholziLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$12.00
Fire EelMastacembelus erythrotaeniaExtra Extra Large (5″+)WILD$20.00
Indian Striped Peacock EelMacrognathus aralExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$12.00CE
Tire Track EelMastacembelus armatusExtra Extra Large (5″+)WILD$12.00
Tire Track EelMastacembelus armatus Vietnam10″WILD$25.001 ONLY
Yellow Tail Spiny EelMacrognathus pancalusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$8.00
Zig Zag EelMacrognathus circumcinctusLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$10.00CE
Elephant NoseGnathonemus petersiiExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$20.00
Indian Royal Green PipefishMicrophis deocataMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)F1$10.00CE
Indian Royal Green PipefishMicrophis deocataExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$20.001 ONLY
Black Line PipefishDoryichthys martensiExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$12.00
Crocodile Toothpick FishIndostomus crocodilusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$6.00CE
African Tiger ScatScatophagus tetracanthusSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)WILD$100.004 ONLYCE
Peacock GudgeonTateurndina ocellicaudaSmall (1″+ to 1.5″)TR$8.00
Humphead Glass FishParambassis pulcinellaLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$22.00
Black Ghost KnifeApteronotus albifronsLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$10.00
Brown Ghost KnifeApteronotus leptorhynchusExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$10.00
Arrowhead/Pig-Nose PufferPao (Tetraodon) suvattiiExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$50.00
Cutcutia PufferLeiodon cutcutiaMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$25.00
Dragon PufferPao (Tetraodon) palembangensisExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$35.00
Palustris PufferPao palustrisLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$30.00
Pea PufferCarinotetraodon travancoricusExtra Small (.5″ to 1″)WILD$5.00
Spotted Congo PufferTetraodon schoutedeniLarge (2″+ to 3″)WILD$200.00
Sumatran Red Eye PufferCarinotetraodon irrubescoMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)WILD$15.00
Fat Head BichirPolypterus weeksiiExtra Extra Large (5″+)WILD$55.00
Gold Dust BichirPolypterus buettikoferiExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$35.00
Gold Dust BichirPolypterus buettikoferi8″WILD$60.00
Marbled BichirPolypterus palmas palmasExtra Extra Large (5″+)WILD$50.00
Nile BichirPolypterus bichir bichir10-12″WILD$180.002 ONLY
Ornate BichirPolypterus ornatipinnisLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$35.00
Red BichirPolypterus endlicheriLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$25.00
Senegal BichirPolypterus senegalusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$8.00
Albino Senegal BichirPolypterus senegalusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$12.00
Speckled BichirPolypterus polliExtra Extra Large (5″+)WILD$55.00
Jardinii ArowanaScleropages jardiniiExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)WILD$130.00
Silver ArowanaOsteoglossum bicirrhosumExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$35.00

Common NameScientific NameSizeOriginPriceNotesImage
Black MoorCarassius auratusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Black MoorCarassius auratusExtra Large (3″+ to 5″)TR$20.00
Blue OrandaCarassius auratusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Bubble Eye – RedCarassius auratusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00
Calico OrandaCarassius auratusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00
Calico MoorCarassius auratusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Calico RyukinCarassius auratusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Ranchu – Red & WhiteCarassius auratusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$9.00
Red OrandaCarassius auratusLarge (2″+ to 3″)TR$8.00
Red Cap OrandaCarassius auratusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Red & Black OrandaCarassius auratusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$10.00
Red & White OrandaCarassius auratusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00
Red & White RyukinCarassius auratusMedium (1.5″+ to 2″)TR$8.00