Aquatic Plants – Current Stock

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Common NameScientific NameTypePriceLightingImage
Anubias frazeri Anubias frazeriPot$6.99Low
Alternanthera rosanervigAlternanthera rosanervigStem Bundle$3.99High
Ammannia senegalensisAmmannia senegalensisStem Bundle$3.99High
Anubias nana ‘Petite’Anubias nana ‘Petite’Pot$6.99Low
Anubias nana ‘Round Leaf’Anubias nana ‘Round Leaf’Pot$6.99Low
Anubias nana ‘Gold Coin Leaf’Anubias nana ‘Gold Round Leaf’Pot$6.99Low
Anubias coffefoliaAnubias coffefoliaPot$8.99Low
Anubias nanconAnubias nanconPot$6.99Low
Anubias nangiAnubias nangiPot$6.99Low
Anubias Nana Petite WhiteAnubias nana ‘Petite White’Rhizome$36.99Medium/High
Anubias Congensis Anubias congensis individual $5.99Low
Aponogeton boivinianus Aponogeton boivinianus Bulb$9.99Low
Aponogeton ulvaceus Aponogeton ulvaceus Bulb$8.99Low
Aponogeton crispusAponogeton crispusLoose$8.99Low
Banana Plant Nymphoides aquatica Rhizome$5.99Low
Green Cabomba Cabomba caroliniana Stem Bundle$3.99Low
Purple Cabomba Cabomba pulcherrima Stem Bundle$3.99Low
Cryptocoryne lutea Cryptocoryne lutea Pot$4.99Low
Crinum calamistratumCrinum calamistratumBulb$9.99Med
Cryptocoryne undulata Cryptocoryne undulata Pot$4.99Low
Cryptocoryne Bronze Cryptocoryne wendtii bronze Pot$4.99Low
Cryptocoryne Red Cryptocoryne wendtii redPot$4.99Low
Cryptocoryne usterianaCryptocoryne usteriana loose$8.99Low
GlossostigmaGLossostigma elatinoides Pot$4.99Medium
Hydrocotyle Japan Hydrocotyle tripartita japan Pot$4.99Medium
Hygrophila KompactHygrophila corymbosa var. KompactPot$4.99Low
Micro Sword Lilaeopsis Novae-ZelandiaePot$4.99Low
Dwarf Lily Nymphea rubra Bulb $4.99Low
Lemon BacopaBacopa carolinianaStem Bundle$3.99Low
Limnophila aromanticaLimnophila aromantica Stem Bundle$3.99Med-High
Hygrophila angustifolia Hygrophila angustifolia Stem Bundle$3.99Low
Narrow Leaf Temple PlantHygrophila corymbosa var. Siamensis Stem Bundle$3.99Low
Pogostemon erectus Pogostemon erectusStem Bundle$3.99High
Mermaid weedProserpinaca palustrisStem Bundle$3.99Medium
Wisteria Hygrophila difformis Stem Bundle$3.99Low
Water Sprite Ceratopteris ThalictroidesIndevidual $3.99Low
Trident Java Fern Single Microsorum pteropus var. Trident Individual $5.99Low
Java Fern Single Microsorum pteropus Indevidual $5.99Low
Glossostigma Mat Glossostigma elatinoides Mat$12.99Medium
Hyydrocotyle MatHydrocotyle tripartita japan Mat$12.99Medium
Java Fern on Lava Rock Microsorum pteropus Plant on Rock$14.99Low
Medium Marimo Moss BallAegagropila linnaeiBall$6.99Low
HornwortCeratophyllum demersumStem Bundle$3.99Low
Sagittaria chilensisSagittaria chilensisStem Bundle$3.99Medium
Spider OnionCrinum calamistratumIndividual $9.99Low
Compact Amazon Sword Echinodorus bleheri var. Compact Individual $4.99Low
Large Amazon SwordEchinodorus bleheri sp.Individual$12.99Low
Saint Elmos Fire Sword SMEchinodorus “Saint Elmos”Individual $8.99Low
MD Melon Sword Echinodorus osiris Individual $8.99Low
MD Marble Queen Sword Echinodorus radican var. Marble QueenIndividual $8.99Medium
Corkscrew ValVallisneria tortaIndividual$3.99Low
Ludwigia BroadLudwigia repens ‘Broad’Stem Bundle$3.99Low
Super Red LudwigiaLudwigia natans ‘Super Red’Stem Bundle$3.99Low
Narrow Leaf LudwigiaLudwigia palustrisStem Bundle$3.99Medium
Filigree Myrio Myriophyllum filigree Stem Bundle$3.99Low
Rotala rotundifolia Rotala rotundifolia Stem Bundle$3.99Medium
Rotala rotundifolia ‘Orange Juice’Rotala rotundifolia ‘Orange Juice’Stem Bundle$3.99Medium
Rotala wallichi ‘Green’Rotala wallichi ‘Green’Pot$4.99Medium
Anubias on WoodAnubias sp.On Media$19.99low
Fissidens MatFissidens nobilisMat$16.99low
DuckweedLemnaceaeFloating Portion$1.00Low/Medium/High
Water LettucePistiaFloating Portion$3.99High
Salvinia minimaSalvinia minimaFloating Portion$3.99Medium/High
Salvinia natansSalvinia natansFloating Portion$3.99Medium/High
Mother PotAnubias sp.XL Pot$29.99Low
Anubias nana ‘Pinto’Anubias barteri sp. ‘Nana Pinto White’pot$27.99HIgh
Brownie PhoenixBucephalandra sp ‘Brownie Phoenix’Pot$14.99Low
Pink Lady BuceBucephalandra sp ‘Pink Lady’Pot$21.99low
Dark Skeleton King BuceBucephalandra sp ‘Dark Skeleton King’Pot$21.99Low
Godzilla Bucephalandra sp. ‘Godzilla’Pot$8.99Low
Godzilla Bucephalandra sp. ‘Godzilla’Rhizome$8.99Low
Red Mini BuceBucephalandra ‘Red Mini’ Rhizome $8.99Low
Red MiniBucephalandra sp. ‘Red Mini’Pot$8.99Low
Velvet BuceBucephalandra sp ‘Velvet’Rhizome$11.99Low
Velvet Buce Bucephalandra sp ‘Velvet’Pot$17.99low
Bucephalandra Black PearlBucephalandra sp ‘Black Pearl’Pot$23.99Low
Rotala vietnamRotala vietnamTissue Culture$12.99High
Riccia fluitansRiccia fluitansTissue Culture$10.99Low
Pygmy SundewDrosera leucoblasta “Brookton”Potted$8.99Medium/High
PinguiculaPinguicula aphroditePotted$8.99Medium/High
AirplantTillandsia assortedXS Single$1.99Medium/High
AirplantTillandsia assortedSmall Single$3.99Medium/High
AirplantTillandsia assortedMedium Single$6.99Medium/High
AirplantTillandsia assortedLarge Single$10.99Medium/High