Aquatic Plants – Current Stock

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Common NameScientific NameTypePriceLightingImage
Golden AmmanniaAmmannia pedicellata ‘Golden’stem Bundle$3.99medium
Anubias Coffeefolia Anubias barteri var ‘Coffeefolia’Potted$8.99Low
Anubias MinimaAnubias nana. var. ‘Minima’Potted$6.99Low
Anubias ChiliAnubias barterii var. nana ‘Chili’Potted $89.99Low
Anubias Round LeafAnubias barteri var. ‘Round Leaf’Potted$6.99Low
Anubias PetiteAnubias bareteri var. nana ‘Petite’Potted$9.99Low
Anubias hastifoliaAnubias hastifolia Potted$6.99Low
Anubias NangiAnubias sp. ‘Nangi’ (Nana x gilletii)Potted$6.99Low
Anubias NanconAnubias sp. ‘Nancon’ (Nana x Congensis)Potted$6.99Low
Anubias Round CoinAnubias barteri var. ‘Round Coin’Potted$6.99Low
Anubias Thick LeafAnubias nana var. ‘Thick Leaf’Potted$6.99Low
Pink Lady BuceBucephalandra sp. ‘Pink Lady’Potted$21.99Low
Theia’ Type BuceBucephalandra sp. ‘Theia’ Potted$12.99Low
Mini Kedagang BuceBucephalandra kedagang ‘Round’Potted$19.99Low
Brownie Series ‘Blue’Bucephalandra brownie ‘Blue’Potted$22.99Low
Brownie Series ‘Jade’Bucephalandra brownie ‘Jade’Potted$10.99Low
Brownie Series ‘Jade’Bucephalandra brownie ‘Jade’Mat$35.99low
Brownie Series ‘Jade’Bucephalandra brownie ‘Jade’Ledge / W Suction Cup$8.99low
Black Pearl BuceBucephalandra sp. ‘Black Pearl’Potted$23.99Low
Lemon BacopaBacopa carolinianaStem Bundle$3.99Medium
Varigated BacopaBacopa monnieri var. ‘Varigatus’Stem Bundle$3.99Medium
Bacopa AraguaiaBacopa salzmaniiStem Bundle$3.99Medium
Crypt HudoroiCryptocoryne sp. ‘Hudroi’Potted$6.99Low
Crypt UndulataCryptocoryns undulataPotted$4.99Low
Lg Amazon SwordEchinodorus bleheriBare Root$12.99Low
Rose Sword Echinodorus sp. ‘Rose’Bare Root$8.99Low
Limophila AromanticaLimnophila aromantica Bare Root$3.99High
Super Red LudwigiaLudwigia natans ‘Super Red’Bare Root$3.99Medium
Diamond Leaf LudwigiaLudwidia glandulosa ‘Diamond’Bare Root$3.99Medium
Dwarf Onion PlantZephyranthes candidaBare Root$3.99Low
Aponogeton crispus Aponogeton crispusBare Root$8.99Medium
Mermaid’s TailProserpinaca palustrisStem Bundle$3.99High
Dwarf Baby TearsHemianthus callitrichoidesPot$4.99High
Dwarf Hair GrassEleocharis acicularisPot$4.99Medium
Amazon Sword Echinodorus bleheri “Amazon”LG. Bare Root$12.99Low
Ozelot SwordEchinodorus sp. ‘Ozelot’Md. Bare Root$8.99Low
Anubias on WoodAnubias sp. On Wood$18.99Low
Lucky BambooDracaena sanderiana Md. Bare Root$5.99
Giant HairgrassEleocharis montevidensisPot$4.99High
Utricularia blanchetiiUtricularia blanchetiiPotted$5.99
Nepenthes ventricosaNepenthes ventricosaPotted$16.99
Drosera adelae ‘Giant’Drosera adelae ‘Giant’Potted$12.99
Drosera capensis ‘Red’Drosera capensis ‘Red’Potted$8.99
Drosera capensis ‘Red’Drosera capensis ‘Red’Small Pot$5.99
Pinguicula x AphroditePinguicula x AphroditeSmall Pot$3.99
Drosera capensis ‘Alba’Drosera capensis ‘Alba’Small Pot$3.99
Drosera capensis ‘Alba’Drosera capensis ‘Alba’Large Pot$10.99
Nepenthes x VentrataNepenthes x VentrataLarge Pot$16.99
Airplant Small SizeTillandsia sp.Small Plant$3.99
Airplant Medium SizeTillandsia sp.Medium Plant$6.99
Airplant Large SizeTillandsia sp.Large Plant$10.99
Airplant XL Size Tillandsia sp.XL Plant$16.99
Airplant XLL SizeTillandsia sp.XLL Plant$19.99
XerographicaTillandisa xerographicaXL Plant$24.99
Tectorum ‘Peru’Tillandsia tectorum ‘Peru’XLL Plant$49.99
Tectorum ‘Peru’Tillandsia tectorum ‘Peru’XL Plant$38.99
Tectorum ‘Ecuador’Tillandsia tectorum ‘Ecuador’Small Plant$12.99
Xerographica x brachycaulosTillandsia xerographica x brachycaulosXLL Plant$39.99

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