Aquatic Plants – Current Stock

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Common NameScientific NameTypePriceLightingImage
Anubias FrazeriAnubias barteri var. nana ‘Frazeri’POT$7.99LOW
Anubias MinimaAnubias barteri var. nana’ Minima’POT$7.99LOW
Lemon BacopaBacopa carolinianaBAREROOT$4.99MEDIUM
Bolbitis AsiaticaBolbitis asiaticaBAREROOT$7.99LOW
Cabomba Caroliniana Cabomba carolinianaBAREROOT$4.99LOW
Cryptocoryne Pondeterifolia Cryptocoryne pondeterifolia BAREROOT$4.99LOW
Cryptocoryne Parva Cryptocoryne parva POT$5.99LOW
Cryptocoryne BeckettiCryptocoryne beckettiPOT$5.99LOW
Cryptocoryne Spiralis Cryptocoryne spiralis var. ‘Spiralis’POT$5.99LOW
Cryptocoryne LuteaCryptocoryne lutea POT$5.99LOW
Cryptocoryne Undulata Cryptocoryne undulata POT$5.99LOW
Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Red’Cryptocoryne wendtii var ‘red’POT$5.99LOW
Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Bronze’Cryptocoryne wendtii var. ‘Bronze’POT$5.99LOW
Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Green’Cryptocoryne wendtii var. ‘Green’POT$5.99LOW
Horn WortCeratophyllum demmersumBAREROOT$4.99LOW
Mini Hair GrassEleocharis accicularis ‘Mini’POT$5.99LOW
Altlandburg SwordEchinodorus altlandsburg BAREROOT$8.99LOW
Compact Amazon SwordEchinodorus bleheri var. ‘Compact’BAREROOT$7.99LOW
Gold Melon SwordEchinodorus osiris var. ‘Gold’BAREROOT$8.99LOW
Ozelot SwordEchinodorus ozelotBAREROOT$8.99LOW
Ozelot Sword PottedEchinodorus ozelotPOT$8.99LOW
Amazon Sword SMEchinodorus bleheri BAREROOT$7.99LOW
Amazon Sword LGEchinodorus bleheri BAREROOT$12.99LOW
Echinodorus ‘Indian Red’Echinodorus sp. ‘Indian Red’BAREROOT$8.99LOW
Echinodorus ‘Rossete’Echinodorus sp. ‘”Rossete’BAREROOT$8.99LOW
Echinodorus ‘Marble Queen’Echinodorus radican var. ‘Marble Queen’BAREROOT$8.99LOW
Echinodorus ‘Ozelot’ PotEchinodorus ozelot POT$8.99LOW
Echinodorus ‘Kleiner Prinze’Echinodorus sp. ‘Kleiner Prinz’BAREROOT$8.99LOW
Wisteria Hygrophila difformis BAreROOT$4.99LOW
Hygrophila AngustifoliaHygrophila angustifolia BAREROOT$4.99LOW
Hygrophila ‘Kompact’Hygrophila corymbosa ‘Kompact’POT$5.99MEDIUM
Narrow Leaf Micro SwordLilaeopsis mauritianaPOT$5.99MEDIUM
Narrow Leaf Ludwigia Ludwigia palustris BAREROOT$4.99MEDIUM
Ludwigia RepensLudwigia repensBAREROOT$4.99MEDIUM
Limnophila AromanticaLimnophila hippuroides var. ‘Aromantica’BAREROOT$4.99MEDIUM
Filigree MyrioMyriophyllum simulans BAREROOT$4.99LOW
Mayaca FluviatilisMayaca FluviatilisBAREROOT$4.99MEDIUM
Rotala Magenta Rotala macrandra var. ‘Magenta’BAREROOT$4.99HIGH
Rotala Rotundifolia Rotala rotundifolia BAREROOT$4.99LOW
Sagittaria Chilensis Sagittaria chilensis BAREROOT$4.99LOW
Dwarf SagittariaSagittaria subulata BAREROOT$4.99LOW
Dwarf SagittariaSagittaria subulata POT$5.99LOW
GlossostigmaGlossostigma elatinoidesTC$11.99MEDIUM
Monte CarloMicranthemum tweediiTC$12.99MEDIUM
Pogostemon HelferiPogostemon helferiTC$11.99MEDIUM
Cryptocoryne LucensCryptocoryne lucensTC$11.99LOW
Cryptocoryne Green GeckoCryptocoryne wendtii var. ‘Green Gecko’TC$14.99LOW
Broad Leaf Chain SwordEchinodorus tenellus TC$11.99LOW
Hygrophila araguaya ‘Sharp Leaf’Hygrophila lancea araguayaTC$10.99MEDIUM
Staurogyne RepensStaurogyne repensTC$12.99LOW
Ludwigia ‘Super Red’Ludwigia natans var. ‘Super Red’TC$11.99LOW
Ludwigia peruensis Ludwigia glandulosa TC$10.99LOW
Rotala Macrandra ‘Green’Rotala macrandra var. ‘Green’TC$11.99MEDIUM
Bucephalandra sp. ‘Sintang’Bucephalandra sp. ‘Sintang’TC$14.99LOW
Cryptocoryne ‘Pink Panther’Cryptocoryne wendtii var. ‘Pink Panther’TC$29.99LOW/MEDIUM/HIGH
Hygrophila sp. ‘Chai’ RAREHygrophila lancea araguaya ‘Chai’TC$39.99MEDIUM/HIGH
Peacock MossTaxihyllum sp. ‘Peacock’TC$12.99MEDIUM

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