If You Give a Fish a Home

Here at The Wet Spot Tropical Fish®, we believe that every fish deserves a home!

When it comes to the importation of fish, we will sometimes receive imperfect fish in a shipment; this typically will exclusively occur with tank raised fish. In most cases, these fish are collected and shipped in bulk and as such, any imperfect fish are not isolated and removed from the shipment.

We do not believe in euthanasia of perfectly healthy fish and as a result, we will separate these fish from our sellable stock and care for them at our offsite facility. While we absolutely love having our little buddies around, our staff here can all agree that they deserve a place to call their forever home.

Through compassion for our sweet finned friends, If You Give a Fish a Home was born. This program makes it possible for our customers to adopt our imperfect fish and share in the joy they bring our staff daily! While we don’t allow customers to pick and choose specific fish (our inventory, especially on our adoptable fish, is constantly changing, making it extremely difficult to accommodate any specific requests), we will always provide healthy specimens appropriate for your tank needs!

Due to the sensitive nature of most of these fish, none of our adoptable fish are eligible under our live arrival guarantee. Please also note that some imperfections can potentially impact the lifespan of the fish (such as being short-bodied), however, this is relatively uncommon.

You can find all of our adoptable fish available for purchase below!

All proceeds go to the continued maintenance and care for our adoptable fish.