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New fish in this week at The Wet Spot...

The following is our fish retail pricelist, which we update once a week on Friday, and  should give you an…

Company History

How we came to be...from a young man in persuit of the most exotic African Cichlids....

One of the most unique freshwater aquarium fish stores you will ever encounter! Blending a hobbyist passion and an entrepreneurial…


New plants are in for this week...

At The Wet Spot we carry a wide range of aquatic plants. Low light to high light plant types, with something…

Fish Spotlight Blog

This week some unique and rare highlights...

October 17, 2014 Happy Friday! I thought that this week I would focus on just one genus of fish –…

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Interested in some of the fish you see on the list but live too far to come to the store?

Our Online Sales Manager and Sales Representatives would love to set up an order for you! You can contact them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or by telephone at (503)-719-7003.

Online Sales Department Hours: M-F 8-5 PST

Purchase Minimum is $24.00 for all fish to be shipped.

We ship all over the United States with combined shipping available, including Alaska and Hawaii (*Hawaii with import permit).

Puerto Rico is available via UPS Next Day Air.

Some further shipping information & pricing:

  • USPS Priority starts at $15 (not available if daytime lows are below 50° or above 9, and ONLY if we feel the fish will survive with this method)
  • UPS Next Day Air starts at $35 (Recommended)
  • Air Cargo starts at $65 (Only available if orders are more than one box)
  • Combined Shipping Rates Available On All Orders
  • Pick-up available in Portland, OR. during regular store hours (Fish will be pre-packed and waiting)

We guarantee live arrival on all same day and overnight shipments as long as they are delivered within the specified time frame.  If package is late, you must claim losses with the carrier.  DOA claims will be credited to you on the next order.  No refunds.  Shipping charges are not covered by the DOA Policy. Photo is required.

If you’d like to be added to our weekly newsletter and stock list or if you have questions about any of these points, please don’t hesitate to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Anthony Perry

Online Sales Manager


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Lead Online Sales Representative

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Chelsea Walery

Online Sales Representative

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Gabe Skutt

Online Sales Associate


The Wet Spot Tropical Fish

4310 NE Hancock St.

Portland, OR. 97213

Online Sales Department Telephone: (503) 719-7003

Online Sales Department Hours: M-F 8-5 PST

If you leave a message over the weekend or after hours we will happily return your call as soon as possible.

At The Wet Spot we carry a wide range of aquatic plants. Low light to high light plant types, with something for almost any tank. Our stock levels change daily, so please feel free to call us at 503-287-3339, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or stop on by the store to find out our current availability.

Plant list updated: July 21, 2014

Common   Name & Category Scientific Name Lighting
Congensis Pot Anubias afzelii Moderate
Barteri (Round Leaf) Anubias barteri Low
Bonsai Anubias barteri var. bonsai Low
Nana 'Petite' LG Anubias barteri var. nana 'Petite' Low
Narrow Leaf Nana Pot Anubias barteri var. nana Low
Nana 'Gold' Anubias barteri var. nana gold Low
Narrow Leaf Nana Mother Pot Anubias barteri var. nana Low
Coffeefolia Anubias coffeefolia Low
Frazeri Pot Anubias frazeri Low to Moderate
Hastifolia Pot Anubias hastifolia Low to Moderate
Lanceolata Anubias lanceolata Low
Nana on Drift Wood Anubias nana Low
Amazon Sword SM, MD,LRG Echinodorus bleheri Moderate
Vesuvius MD Echinodorus angustifolia Moderate
Amazon Compacta Sword MD Echinodorus bleheri 'Compacta' Moderate
Red Melon Sword MD Echinodorus barthii Moderate
Narrow Leaf Chain Sword Echinodorus tenellus Moderate
Red Flame Sword MD Echinodorus 'Red Flame' Moderate to High
Ruffle Sword MD Echinodorus martii Low to Moderate
Stem Plants
Moneywort Bacopa monnieri Moderate to High
Green Cabomba Cabomba caroliniana High
Purple Cabomba Cabomba pulcherrima High
Cardamine Cardamine lyrata Moderate
Hornwort Ceratophyllum demersum Moderate to High
Brazilian Pennywort Hydrocotyle leucocep Moderate
Willow Hygrophila Hygrophila corymbosa 'Angustifolia' Moderate
Water Wisteria Hygrophila difformis Moderate
Broad Leaf Ludwigia Ludwigia repens Moderate
Myrio-Green Myriophyllum pinnatum Moderate
Red Nesaea Nesaea sp. 'Red' High
Rotala Wallichii Rotala wallichii Moderate
Rotala Indica Rotala roundifolia Moderate to High
Jungle Vallisneria (corkscrew) Vallisneria americana Low
Italian Vallisneria Vallisneria spiralis Moderate
Giant Corkscrew Val Vallisneria asiatica 'contortion' Moderate
Potted Plants
Water Sprite Pot Ceratopteris thalictroides Low to Moderate
Pygmy Chain Sword Pot Echinodorus tenellus Moderate
Dwarf Hairgrass Pot Eleocharis acicularis Moderate
Giant Hairgrass Pot Eleocharis montevidensis Moderate
Glossostigma Pot Glossostigma elantinoides High
Dwarf Baby Tears Pot Hemianthus callitrichoides High
Hygrophila 'Compact' Pot Hygrophila corymbosa Moderate
Water Wisteria Pot Hygrophila difformis Moderate
Brazilian Micro Sword Pot Lilaeopsis brasiliensis Moderate
Giant Micro Sword Pot Lalaeopsis carolinensis Moderate
Narrow Micro Sword Pot Lilaeopsis mauritiana Moderate
Four Leaf Clover Pot Marsilea quadrifolia High
Pogostemon Erectus Pot Pogostemon erectus Moderate to High
Dwarf Sagittaria Pot Sagittaria subulata Moderate
Cryptocoryne Lutea Pot Cryptocoryne lutea Moderate
Cryptocoryne Parva Pot Cryptocoryne parva Moderate
Cryptocoryne Spiralis Pot Cryptocoryne spiralis Moderate
Cryptocoryne Undulata Pot Cryptocoryne undulata Moderate
Crypt Wendtii 'Bronze' Pot Cryptocoryne wendtii var. 'Bronze' Moderate
Crypt Wendtii 'Red' Pot Cryptocoryne wendtii var. 'Red' Low to Moderate
Crypt Wendtii 'Green' Pot Cryptocoryne wendtii var. 'Green' Moderate
  Bare-Root Crypts  
Cyptocoryne pontederifolia Cryptocoryne pontederifolia Moderate
Cryptocoryne spiralis Cryptocoryne spiralis Low to Moderate
African Water Fern MD Bolbitis heudelotii Low
Water Sprite Indian Fern LRG Ceratopteris cornuta Moderate
Water Sprite Lace Leaf Fern   LRG Ceratopteris siliquosa Moderate to High
Java Fern Microsorum pteropus Very Low
Java Fern 'Trident' Microsorum pteropus 'trident' Low
Lace Java Fern Microsorium pteropus 'Windelov' Low
Apongeton Crispus MD Aponogeton crispus Moderate
Apongeton Undulatus Aponogeton undulatus Moderate
Aponogeton Boivinianus MD Aponogeton boivinianus Moderate
Madagascar Lace MD Aponogeton madagascariensis High
Ulvaceus SM, MD Aponogeton ulvaceus Moderate
Blyxa Aubertii Blyxa aubertii Moderate to High
Blyxa Japonica Blyxa japonica Moderate
Crinum Calamistratum Crinum calamistratum High
Moss Balls/Marimo Balls Cladophora aegagropila Moderate
Cyperus Helferi MD Cyperus helferi Moderate
Red Indian Dwarf Lily Nymphaea rubra Moderate to High
Banana Plant Nymphoides aquatica Moderate
Staurogyne Portion Staurogyne repens High
Mini Rose Moss Blepharostoma trichophyllum  
Flame Moss Taxihyllum sp. Low to High
North American moss Fissidens Fontanus  
Mini Pellia Riccardia chamedryfolia Medium
Christmas Moss Vesicularia montagnei Low to High
Mondo Grass Ophiopogon japonica Moderate
Mat Form
Dwarf Pennywort on MAT Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides Moderate
Java Fern 1/2 MAT Microsorum pteropus Very Low
Java Fern MAT Microsorum pteropus Very Low
Crystalwort on MAT Riccia fluitans High
Water Velvet Salvinia rotundifolia minima Low to High